Month: April 2019

LBC: Stacking Rocks

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Last week I went off the grid for about a week. This is a practice that I wish to normalize because I would like to distance myself from technology and go back to the nature more and more as a teacher.

There is no WiFi in the forest, but I assure you will find more connection 😉

My favorite moment from this past week is of sharing this week with my son. Little bear and I are hiking in the Shenendoahs and I’m building cairns everywhere because the rocks are so happy. After about the 5th one, he goes, “Wow, Mom, some of the ones you build look pretty impossible”.

I reply, “They’re not. You just have to listen to the stone people and they will show you how they want to be stacked. It’s an act of joy and love to stack rocks, and it’s fun for them. When you breathe and share joy in your actions, it becomes a prayer to share that joy in the world”.

I remind him that he used to do it too when he was younger, but his perfectionistic tendencies kicked in and he became discouraged because he kept comparing himself to me instead of focusing on the fun.

There was this magical moment where he sat next to one of the fresh cairns I built and decided to try again. He breathed and picked up a stone, then without even trying goes, “I feel like the stone wants to stand up on its side” and effortlessly places it on top of the big rock next to another one I put on its side.

With surprise and excitement his big eyes turn to me and he goes, “Mommy!! I did it! I talked to the stone people! I just had to slow down because I was moving too fast to hear them!! Maybe I should slow down in ALL areas of my life!!!”

And thus began my tears of gratitude, for this is an ancestral pattern I’ve been working on healing in my own life. It’s amazing how without even trying, he’s feeling the grace and ease of the work I’m doing and just follows suit because it’s natural.

If you continue working on your work, the next generation feels your work naturally. There is a need to heal ourselves so we can pause and listen to the natural voices all around us again. Do things that make you feel connected and slow down. The ones who are coming will thank you, because they will feel that ease as you embody it.

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about Little Bear. It’s because he honestly did drift away from me and my practices. But all paths of love, you sometimes need to let them go and just walking your path of truth and if it fits them they will walk back with you for a short time. If you’re interested in this, you can catch up on the Little Bear Chronicles in the archives.

SJG: Battin’ down the hatches!

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The suggested journey topic for today is “Batten down the hatches!!!” The element of air corresponds with out mental body, our thoughts, truth, and communication. What happens in this time of excess air? And is it a true excess of wind or just a symptom of something deeper? Sometimes in elemental medicine, one element is out of balance because there’s something else that’s happening beneath the surface. If you are being affected by the excess wind that’s in the air, what can you do to batten down the hatches within your own internal landscape to be a person of power and navigate this time of chaos?

Please post your comment if you wish to share what you received in journey space. If you would like to join this discussion on Facebook, join our Journey Group on Facebook.

Some helpful references:

SJG Hatches

Visioning and our Capacity for Dreams

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I am very excited to participate and cocreate with the beautiful Laura Durbin of The Belly Woman and April Rameé of Antler Alchemy to bring you the Red Tent Sacred Sweats! These events have been getting increasingly popular, and I’m so blessed by the community that is beginning to form around it. It’s a beautiful way for female identifying Goddesses to gather in circle and begin healing the wounds of marginalization, alienation, and separation.

The next topic for our April 14th Red Tent event is around the concept of Visioning. So often has the female spirit been so nurturing and care taking that we have been taught by our culture to take care of others besides ourself. Where have we been seduced by the dreams of others and have supported other people reaching their dreams at the sacrifice of our own dreams? This particular Red Tent Sacred Sweat, we will consciously sweat out those patterns and release the need to people please so we can chase our own dreams.

Join us for 4 hours of Ceremony and Prayer on April 14th, as we sing, sweat, and share in community. Share as little or as much as you feel like sharing, because this will be a group of safe women that you can share with.

This is also NOT a sweat lodge or a traditional Inipi. We use a contemporary shamanic cosmology to create the sacred space. This is indoors and we use a tent with electric pots of boiling water to steam herbs. Many traditions across the world do saunas, and the herbs in this particular style are from traditional Thai folk medicine. The herbs are specially formulated to make you sweat, hence why they are called “sacred sweats”.

Other details about the event:

We are offering a community space for women to connect and heal. This is a full body sensory spa experience from a Traditional Thai herbal steam sauna, to self massage, to herbal tea, to handmade traditional medicinal oils.

How Does a Full Body Herbal Steam Sauna Work?

There will be pots of medicinal boiling herbs inside the sauna tent. The aromatic medicinal herbs are transformed into the subtle medium of steam, opening up the pores and delivering the therapeutic benefit of the herbs into your entire body. This whole body treatment is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. The sauna combined with the herbs are wonderful for general health, pain relief, cleansing of the skin, soft tissue injuries, detoxification, melting away knots and tension, releasing fascia, fatigue, headaches, colds, respiratory complaints, emotional distress, deep ailment, and postpartum care.

What Can I expect?

You can expect to:

  • Experience a full body herbal sauna and learn how to do this for yourself at home.
  • A sacred ceremony space.
  • Tea will be served.

Traditional Thai Oils will be available for putting on your body before entering the sauna and inside the sauna.

The opportunity for 2 sauna rounds of 20 minutes each. And 2 rest rounds of 20 minutes each. Your rest rounds can be used for journaling, stretching, self massage, breathing, and rest.

A sacred space for getting in touch with your body and emotions

Connecting in community with other women.

What should I bring?

  • Bathing suit (optional)
  • 2 towels ( you will sweat a lot!)
  • Water Bottle
  • Snacks
  • Journal and pen
  • Warm clothes, scarves, and hats for the journey home
  • Mug or travel mug for tea

Full Body Steam Sauna Contraindications:

  • Pregnancy
  • Fever
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Heart Disease


  • Immediately dry off.
  • Shower the next day to allow the herbs to continue to sink into your skin.
  • If you can, allow some rest and integration time following this event. Your body will thank you.
  • Go home bundled up with scarves and hats. ♥

Event Details:

  • Event located in Washington DC at a private home
  • Tickets are sliding scale ($70-$150)
  • 13 tickets available
  • You MUST pre-purchase a ticket.
  • MAKE PAYMENTS to VENMO ( Laura-Durbin-2) or to PAYPAL (
  • Tickets are nonrefundable.


Due to flow of the evening, safety, and keeping a safe and sacred space doors will close at 4:30. Latecomers will not be able to enter the event so please arrive early or on time.

You must fill out a waiver if you would like to attend.

Address will be given to those who fill out the intake form and purchase a ticket.

Interested in future events? Join our Red Tent Sacred Sweats Facebook group.

Completion and Congratulations!!!

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I am so proud of these beautiful people that have stuck through thick and thin with the first iteration of the Soul Compass Path! We just finished the last workshop in a 9 month workshop series about learning and using basic shamanic skills to navigate your everyday life. Unfortunately we were a bit spaced out and we weren’t able to catch everyone before they went out the door, but this is the majority of people who just graduated this weekend ❤️

Are you interested in learning the basics to living well? Even if you are an experienced shamanic practitioner, this 9 month program will help you deepen your relationship with your guides and help hone your skills of discernment in a group setting so you can hold yourself accountable to a transformational process.

Yes, we accept distance participation. Yes, we do sliding scale. And yes, we welcome you even if you’re a beginner and don’t know a lick about anything but are willing to explore.

I’m excited for preparing for the new wave of students beginning in June!! If you’re interested, subscribe to the website blog or join the newsletter for the announcements ❤️

I also would like to acknowledge that I wouldn’t be here offering this today if it weren’t for the powerful community resources and teachers that have shaped me into the person who I’ve become.

The biggest things that really helped me were the Energy Body Hygiene and Advanced Energy Clearing courses offered by the Last Mask Center.

The other powerful resource that I have access to is the Cycle of Transformation and the Last Mask Community.

And last but not least, the beautiful teachers that gave me access to this information and opened the shamanic doorway of self empowerment for me. Christina Pratt, and Mary Tyrtle Rooker have been a wealth of knowledge and wisdom on my path, and I honestly wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them. Such deep and profound gratitude.

May the Ancestors be healed by the work we do by healing ourselves. May those who are coming benefit from us as individuals living our medicine now.

Embracing Wholeness while honoring Destruction

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This post is inspired by an article I read a week or so ago. It’s written from the perspective that men can embody Shiva and woman Kali without as much crossover or wholeness:

Lots of Warrior Goddess sisters are reclaiming their Kali energy, and it’s a very strong, intimidating energy. Many people when they have gotten to know me, easily see that side of me.

Let me be clear. That’s not the only part of me. I am a multifaceted human being, and to peg me in that category without seeing the wholeness of who I am doesn’t do me justice. We do this all the time to people where we refuse to see the wholeness and beauty of a person, and just mark it off as, “Oh that’s just them”. The time of that is over, and it’s time we saw and embraced each other for the wholeness of a human being instead of just putting people in a box like that’s all they are.

The (horrifically simplified) myth of Kali is about how she raged and went on a killing spree. The other God/desses tried to beg her to stop, but that made her rage grow. When they rose against her to try and stop her, her anger grew even more then that. It wasn’t until Shiva laid down in front of her with compassion that she let it all out in a productive way and stood on top of him, calm and peaceful. This union represents many things, and is an expression of life itself.

Kali is not just a destroyer Goddess. She’s this wildness – a fierce, protective energy that rises in all of us. Human kind has fallen out of right relationship with the true meaning of chaos, and a majority only know the overwhelming self induced chaos that we create ourselves. That’s not Kali. And just as with Kali, she is not a destruction Goddess 100% of the time, but that’s what people peg her as. They choose not to know the chaos of being the eye of the storm, or the ecstatic dance of a thunderbolt. Or the fierce love a Mother has for their child.

Just as the myths are stories for our psyches, they offer many different translations and I choose not to argue. My interpretation of the most famous of Kali myths? There’s this wildness that we have caged or not let out, and it’s getting angrier the more that it’s caged. When we finally find it within ourselves, it can be explosive and extremely dangerous/toxic. But the response of either falling at its knees and begging for mercy, or fighting against it will only anger it more. WE were the ones that caged this powerful part of ourselves, and it takes that fierce compassion of surrender in order to allow that transformation through love. Yes, it’s scary, but it’s the only way to break that particular cycle and satiate that pure, volcanic energy. Be in the uncomfortable and surrender to it. Don’t try to control it.

So do me a favor. Next time you look at another human, don’t label them and put them in a box. Just like I have many faces, the divine and how they show up for us take on many faces. It’s this balance of Kali and Shiva within ourselves that helps humanity out of this rut we’re currently breaking free from. Chaos is needed in this dire time of change, and we can’t do it by begging it to stop or fighting against it. It takes understanding, compassion, and that fierce, tender heart that this energy is protecting. If we run away from it, it’s still going to happen and you’re just turning a blind eye to it.

What does this look like practically? If you tell me I’m wrong and come at me with aggression, I’ll advocate for myself and hold space while you yell at me. Because I know it’s not me you’re *really* mad at. If you grovel at my feet and beg for the chaos in your life to stop, I’ll help you find the wilderness in your heart and teach you to surrender to it. It’s a long road ahead, but it doesn’t mean that we tear eachother down in the process. It’s about coming together and supporting each other in times of need. We NEED to see each other in our wholeness, and not just for one of the gifts we bring into this world. We need you. All of you.

From my fierce, wild heart to yours.