Moon Water Collective

What is the Moon Water Collective?

The Moon Water Collective is the conjoined effort between three powerful space holders to co-create a space for feminine presenting, gender fluid or non-binary individuals. In combination with Chenchira of Eagle Therapies, there is Trudy from Truly Sacred Circles and Elle from Spirit Life who will be co-creating this wonderful event.

There is a specific energy that is cultivated between those that have an energy body that is more attuned to the moon then the sun. Historically when women presenting folks gathered, it was around menstrual flow, full moon, or new moon. However, with today’s fast paced world, it’s hard to continuously meet during those times with flexibility and make every event. This group has a “every other week” spaciousness where we encourage each other to lean into our empowered feminine, support each other in structured self care, and diving into the deep together.

We have already successfully kickstarted this series of events and have a great collective of beautiful human beings. If you are interested in attending, you can look at the Eagle Therapies Meetup and either RSVP there or on Eventbrite (which is linked in the meetup event). If you would like to be kept informed on event details, these are the two options (and you can even be included on both!)

  • Google Group – Since some of us are choosing not to participate on Social media, we are keeping in contact with a google group email list. This is where we can share whatever comes up for us in our process, a friendly hello or connection point, or even an applicable meme!
  • Bi-Weekly Newsletter – We specifically divine the ritual either that same week or very close to the date of the next ceremony because we want to tap in as fresh as possible to the “current reality” soup of both astrology and current events. This newsletter will include a list of suggested items to bring as well as overarching themes we will cover.

If you are interested in either of the above, feel free to fill out this google form so that we can get to know our participants a bit better.

We are choosing not to post the themes publicly unless there’s a special exception (like the Thanksgiving one), or you have RSVP’d either on Meetup or Eventbrite because we wish to keep this group tight knit and to respect privacy. We have also chosen not to record the events due to the nature of our ceremonies, and how they are specifically divined for the energies present. We are choosing to participate live with each other, being in that space and allowing it to express however it needs to be expressed.

The bi-weekly meetings are typically hosted on the second and fourth Wednesday’s of the month, for 2 hours. The first hour is all about our check in and connecting, while the second hour is less predictable. We switch up the kind of ceremony we will be offering based off of what is present astrologically, as well as what the leadership divines through shamanic journeying. The schedule may vary, but feel free to stay connected to the Eagle Therapies meetup for a concrete “next session” if you don’t want to sign up for the newsletters. There’s also the Eagle Therapies newsletter (which rarely gets sent out anymore… but aims to be sent out once a quarter)

Thank you for choosing to read and engage thus far! Don’t forget that you are a powerful force in this world and the earth is calling for your medicine.