Month: November 2022

Moon Water Collective Introduction and Events

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Hello everyone!

It has been quite the refreshing season the past few weeks! As some may know, my work with Southern Exposure Seed Exchange has kept me busy during our fall shipping season. Now that it is winding down, I have successfully reached out to many networks and have saved many rootlets of both goldenseal and ginseng from going to the compost. If you happen to be viewing this blog post in time, that will be the topic of tomorrow’s journey group!

I just wanted to post a brief little schedule since it’s been a while since I sent out a newsletter. Things have been moving so fast paced that I completely forgot to update my list serve that two of my favorite people and I are starting a feminine centered group for women presenting, gender fluid, and non-binary people called the Moon Water Collective. You can find out more information here. It will be taking up the empty slot between the bi-weekly journey groups.

Without further ado, here is the schedule for the remainder of November and December in Eastern Standard Time:

All events are accessible via Zoom, but if you would like to attend in person, just message!