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It’s that time again! This will be third round of Energy Body Mastery for Eagle Therapies. After this, we will be switching to offering this incredible class through Restore Forward. Already know you want to sign up? Save a scroll to the bottom and click here.

What is Energy Body Mastery?

It is a 7-week course designed to help you navigate the challenges of living in our everyday contemporary lives. The first 4 weeks are all about gathering the tools and learning the components of the system, and weeks 5-7 are about putting the pieces together to explore our inner landscape. Most people are aware of some of these tools, like grounding and boundaries, but the application of these tools can fall short of us living our life’s purpose. Most often people settle for “just enough” in our Western, contemporary, life. But what if we could have our energy body flow in a way that supports our unique genius in the world? This is a class that builds on a basic foundation in a common language that we can share/understand and start applying these techniques that grows our mastery of these skills. These teachings come from the Last Mask Center and if you would like a further explanation you can feel free to read this in depth course material page.

Let’s take boundaries as an example

Almost everyone knows they need better boundaries but few people know how to actually, energetically create them. You can learn the language and mindset and you also need to actually energetically take daily steps to create them.

The problem with a purely psychological approach is that it’s mental. We learn rationally what we’re supposed to do to create healthy boundaries in our relationships, but the underlying stories and energetic patterns are still unaddressed.

And unaddressed, the oldest story wins. We tend to feel either boundaryless and at the mercy of others’ emotions and moods or stuck in rigid hard inflexible boundaries that keep us feeling isolated and brittle.

We need to address the energetic patterns at the root of our choices if we want to sustainably and consistently make new choices. We need to:

  • cultivate the energy that healthy, flexible, boundaries need.
  • learn what intelligent, nuanced boundaries look like.
  • craft and transform the boundaries we have into the boundaries we need.
  • discern what new choices we need to make in our life to support these boundaries.
  • Imagine enjoying boundaries that allow you to truly be open to whatever life brings you throughout your day.

Here are some questions that can start opening up your own exploration of your boundaries:

  • Do you feel you have a right to take up space and be big regardless of your environment and the people you are with?
  • Is it easy for you to say a strong yes and strong no?
  • Are you able to ask for what you need clearly and proactively in any given situation?
  • Do you generally feel safe and protected?
  • Do you feel you can trust your instincts?
  • Are you comfortable standing in conflict compassionately, whether the conflict is internal or external with others?

Come join us!

This event will be scheduled for an hour and a half with a short amount of time for question and answer. They will be on Tuesdays, starting at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern time. You can feel free to join us live on zoom (it tends to be better that way), or you can watch the recordings and send in email check ins. The schedule is as follows:

Week 1: Grounding – April 11th

Week 2: Truth Cord – April 18th

Week 3: Boundaries – April 25th

Week 4: Inner Landscape – May 2nd

Week 5: Sovereignty – May 16th

Week 6: Basic Clearing – May 23rd

Week 7: Embracing our authenticity – May 30th

Payment and Sign Up

In the spirit of Eagle Therapies, this course will be offered in the sliding scale model. It can be all at once or broken up into payments to honor the economic needs of different social groups. When the class is offered through Last Mask Center, the ticket price is $300. The suggested donation price is $100, but if you are still interested then please email for accommodations. If you identify as BIPOC or another marginalized group, feel free to adjust your price accordingly based off of what feels right in your heart. If you are white presenting, able bodied, or have more access to monetary funds, consider giving on the higher end of the scale.

There will be an introductory webinar that will be hosted on zoom on April 10th to go into more detail about what this course is all about. If you are interested, you can either sign up through meetup, eventbrite, or with this sign up form.

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