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Ancestral Healing Circles

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img_0524There are three different groups that Eagle Therapies runs/moderates. The Ancestral Healing Circle was founded on Samhain of 2016. The purpose of this group is to come together to honor the lives of the people who have lived and died before us. Our Ancestors helped shape this world by the way they lived, and in a Shamanic way, we can journey to them to ask them their advice on real challenges presented to us at this time. Keep an eye out on our Ancestral Healing Circle Facebook group, Eagle Therapies Facebook page, Meetup group, or sign up for our Newsletter to stay connected with events.

This is for both the beginner and advanced ceremonialist. The beauty of working in a group is to be able to lean on other people’s experiences so we can figure out things together. We are all apart of the same human race, and the best thing that our culture creates is diversity. Let’s work together in ceremony so we can get down to the root of our fears, be in gratitude, and connect with the land in a healthy way. These events are consciously held around the New Moon. New moons are wonderful for seeing in the dark. We can examine what the underlying themes going on are, so that we can fly in the night.

If you are unable to attend in person, you can join us at a distanceahcThe topics of the Ancestral Healing Ceremony will be presented on the Facebook group, as well as in the event listing itself. These events are now associated with the Shamanism Without Borders program, and there will soon be a blog post that explains what exactly that means. We abide by the ethics and code of the Society of Shamanic Practice, and we will only perform healings/prayers/blessings for people/animals/land that we have the consent of. This is one of the reasons why we do the diagnostic journey in the beginning of the ceremony.

Shamanic Journeying is a helpful pre-requisite. There are monthly journeying classes held at the Intuitive Wellness Center as well as several courses offered through Sounds True, the Shift Network and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. The monthly classes are listed in the monthly Newsletters. As well as on the Facebook or Meetup pages. For a link to the old archives of Newsletters, click here.

There is Shamanic Healing that happens, but please do not be alarmed if you have never done it before. Sometimes just singing or holding space is healing in and of itself, so please trust the process and participate with your whole heart, not halfheartedly because you don’t trust yourself (or are scared/nervous). Just trust that you are in the right place at the right time. Please arrive on time, after ceremony begins, no entrance is permitted into the space. Here’s how the structure will go:

6:00 – We gather, set up the ancestral altar together, and mingle. It’s good to know who we are doing ceremony with, so please open up and get to know each other.
6:30 – Ceremony begins and the circle is cast. No late admittance after this point. This is where we honor the spirit of the circle, as well as the ancestors themselves. Let it be known that we drum loud, sing hard, and sometimes dance the dance of bones.
6:45 – Discussion begins. Why are we here? Why are we interested in this? Here is where we discuss some of the major themes that we are seeing, and talk about how they impact us.
7:00 – Diagnostic journey: This is a quick journey which gives us insight from Spirit about what is really “going on” with the topic at hand, and how we are personally affected by this. The beautiful thing about working with a group is that when we all journey on the same topic, we bring our own unique perspectives to the table. Sometimes it works like puzzle pieces and each one will have a vision that completes what the other had. This is where we discuss and put everything together
7:15 – Plan. Well, not as much planning as coordinating. Some people will feel really called to help hold the space, while others will feel called to do healing work. Some will focus on personal connection with ancestors and healing aspects within themselves, others will feel called to help with working with archetypes and larger modules. Whatever is meant to happen will happen, all that is required is to be open to what is in the moment and be present.
7:30 – Then we sing, dance, call up our power and get to working!! It will last however long it lasts (usually 30 mins) and then we will talk about it after.
When all is said and done, and everyone feels the work is complete, we open circle. Sometimes we don’t always “end” at 7:00pm, so please keep that in mind when planning. Sometimes it’s not up to us what time this ends, but we will definitely be done by 7:30pm.

This work will seem very uncanny, like a lot of things will happen in a flow. This is how true healing works 🙂 if there are any questions, feel free to post them here, on the Facebook group, or message me privately. We will have the right amount of people come, and everyone who can make it will be exactly the people meant to show up. If interested, there is a Facebook Group that you can join so we can discuss these things and future topics.

-Journal and something to write with
-(optional) rattle, drum, or musical instruments for when we drum up our power
-Something to put on the communal altar (helps to add personal energy to the circle)
-A lite snack or some food to help with grounding after the ceremony. There are people with dietary restrictions in the group, please bring an ingredient list.
-Your true self and sense of fun/adventure 🙂
-Suggested donation of $20-$40. This flows with the concept of Ayni, and sacred reciprocity. This work will be intense, and to hold the space takes a lot of time/energy. Give back to the circle and the community where you can.
Move forward in a good way, and hopefully will see you at an event!

Directory of Posts

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This page is meant to be a directory to all of the main things on this website (since people have told me they get lost since there’s so much information here now).

If you’re interested in keeping up to date on the latest information, please sign up for our newsletter, or view the newsletter archive for past newsletters, follow us on Facebook or join the Journey Group Facebook Group or the Heart Centered Sound Circle Facebook Group.

The amount of posts that are on this website have been growing slowly over time. These are some of the main posts and I often refer clients or new people in general to some of the “main” blog posts.

Journey Track Outlines
Brief summary: The most popular thing that I teach is Shamanic Journeying. I hold a Shamanic Journeying course when the demand is high, and many people have approached me that they would like to begin journeying on their own at home. This post is meant to help guide and walks you through the first steps of learning how to Journey, and then goes through all the next parts that will help expand your own inner world.
Words: 2,500 words (but if you’re a beginner, just start with the first 500 words)
Average read time: 9 minutes (for the whole article)

Strengthening our connection to Spirit Guides
Brief summary: The core principle of Shamanism centers around our Helping Spirits. When we dive into a superficial layer of acknowledgement with our Spirit Guides, we tend to fall into a false sense of security. This article is geared toward people who are a little more serious in wanting to deepen their connection to their Helping Spirits.
Words: 2,600 words
Average read time: 9 minutes

Transformative and useful articles recommended to anyone browsing this site:

What is Energetic Health
Brief summary: For those interested in starting to learn about maintaining and cultivating their energy body hygiene. We take showers for our physical body, what type of support do we offer our mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies?
Words: 1,700 words
Average read time: 6 minutes

Energy Bucket Meditations
Brief Summary: Follow up to Energy Body Hygiene. In case people want to apply the knowledge of the energetic health to their every day practice.
Words: 250 words
Average Read: 1 minute

Change and Transformation
Brief Summary: Many people don’t grasp the fundamental difference between change and transformation. A lot of people seek transformation, but when they don’t see the immediate gratification of their choices, they resort back to the way they used to be. With change, you can always change back. Transform, and you can’t fathom being the same person again. This is the basis of getting started on our path in terms of healing our self.
Words: 2,400 words
Average read time: 9 minutes

Creating a Container for Transformation
Brief Summary: After one takes the step of acknowledging the difference between change and transformation, one often ponders, “Well how do I transform? And what are the steps to do that?” In this blog post we explore the ingredients to making a transformation happen, as well as the spontenaiety it needs in order to be successful.
Words: 2,600 words
Average read time: 10 minutes

Shamanic Healing for Veterans
Brief Summary: We give great gratitude to those who have served in the armed forces. They help ensure our freedom/national security. Often when they come back from a war zone, they often will be diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is something that is very serious, and integrating back into normal every day reality can be a hard adjustment. This article raises a question and offers support and hope for those that are being affected by PTSD.
Words: 1,400 words
Average read time: 5 minutes

Walk With Buffalo
Brief Summary: I had a near death experience in February of 2017. This is a detailed account as well as some insights from being so close to the veil. It’s about the reasons why I chose to stay, because I was given a choice if I wanted to stay here in this world, or to continue to pass on.
Words: 2,400 words
Average read time: 9 minutes

Purity and the Elements 2016
Brief Summary: A brief look at a cosmology based around elements and how they can metaphorically echo our lives.
Words: 1,600 words
Average read time: 6 minutes

Purity and the Elements 2017
Brief Summary: Updated version of the topics we will be exploring for the first half of 2017.
Words: 1,900 words
Average read time: 7 minutes

Earth as a Teacher
Brief Summary: Expansion on Purity and the Elements. Goes into what the earth element represents as well as how it can be a useful introspective tool which helps us clarify our boundaries, stability, and ability to flourish
Words: 2,100 words
Average read time: 8 minutes

Inspiration and Air
Brief Summary: Expansion on Purity and the Elements. Many people are in excess of this element, and dive too much into their mental wisdom body. This leaves people prone to anxiety, headaches, and even migraines. Learn how to come into good relationship with this element.
Words: 1,800 words
Average read time: 7 minutes

Fire and Passion
Brief Summary: Expansion on Purity and the Elements. Explains the inter-connectedness of all of the elements, and why paying attention to all four wisdom bodies makes a difference.
Words: 2,100 words
Average read time: 8 minutes

Labyrinth Walking
Brief Summary: Ever wonder why walking a labyrinth can be very therapeutic? Here I share my insight on why I find labyrinth walking helpful, and how it differs from other meditations.
Words: 950 words
Average read time: 5 minutes

Personal Anecdotes

These are articles that I have written that are from a personal standpoint in regards to my own life and how I apply these principles directly to how I live.

Growing Jan 28th, 2021
Brief Summary: Why I’ve gone silent over this winter, and some reflections of being in the stillness.
Words: 1,200 words
Average read time: 5 minutes

Balls of Clay March 25th, 2020
Brief Summary: Small reflections of personalities while I went to go install solar panels on the reservations in 2020.
Words: 750 words
Average read time: 3 minutes

Living Energy Lights January 7th, 2020
Brief Summary: A brief announcement about what trouble I’ve gotten myself into while living in an intentional community.
Words: 1,100 words
Average read time: 4 minutes

Dandelion Seed October 11th, 2019
Brief Summary: A challenging time in my life offers beautiful messages from the natural world around me to help me cope.
Words: 750 words
Average read time: 4 minutes

Standing RockNov 19th, 2016
Brief Summary: The Standing Rock movement has been very near and dear to my heart. I have attended the protests in DC, and many people ask me why I stand with Standing Rock. This blog post is the reason why, among many other personal reasons.
Words: 2,500 words
Average read time: 14 minutes

Travel to Standing RockMarch 2nd 2017
Brief Summary: These list the reasons why I went to Standing Rock, as well as a brief update on what is going on over there, as well as an asking for donations.
Words: 1,200 words
Average read time: 4 minutes

Synopsis of Standing Rock – April 1st, 2017
Brief Summary: This is actually written by my teacher, but I also put in my two cents here and there of what happened.
Words: 2,200 words
Average read time: 8 minutes

Little Bear Chronicles
The Little Bear Chronicles are a series of blog posts that I have written because people were interested in how I raise my son. His first power animal that came to him was a Bear, and since then he has been named my Little Bear, even though (as with all children) their power animals change/grow over time with them. This is the link to the directory of those posts and my experience with raising a child with a more Shamanic upbringing/way of looking at life.

Washing the Dishes
Brief Summary: A basic look at energy work and how it can be integrated into every day life.
Words: 800 words
Average read time: 4 minutes

I did publish an article for the Society of Shamanic Practice, and if you’re interested you can see my overall scope of working with my son in a shamanic way.

Words: 2,700 Reading time: 9-10 mins

These are the tales of Little Bear that are on this website:

The introduction, and difference of listening with your heart instead of your head.

Words: 700      Average reading time: 4 minutes

The importance of maintaining relationships, and how if these relationships are not fostered they are not as strong. It can appear as though we “Get Lost” at times.

Words: 750          Average reading time: 4-5 minutes

A beautiful little story about appreciating the things that we have, and what that feels like from the perspective of a 7 year old.

Words: 600          Average reading time: 3-4 minutes

Lessons about being in the moment, and how sometimes “sorry” doesn’t fix things. Realizations on my own behalf as my role as a parent in his learning development.

Words: 1200          Average reading time: 7-8 minutes

How a few months away from living a spiritual path can affect a wee one, as well as how they choose to come back when they’re ready.

Words: 1200     Average read time: 7-8 minutes

  • April 22nd, 2019 – Stacking Rocks
  • A short snippet of when we went hiking. A beautiful little read about how when we slow down we can listen to nature around us.
  • Words: 500 Average read time: 2 minutes

Feel free to email or text/call 571.306.3197

Winter Dreaming Ceremony

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Winter has its own magic. It’s a time when nature turns in, and everything slows down. Plants go deep inside their roots, animals hibernate. Life takes on a different form- it turns within to dream. The winter moons (starting November 21 and completing March 21) provide us with an opportunity to become quiet, slow down, and turn our awareness inwards. This winter dreaming ceremony will connect you with the natural cycle of the turning in of winter.

This ceremony weekend will provide you with the opportunity to acknowledge your past year, and all the opportunities, events, and people that have influenced your growth. Winter Ceremony is a way of emptying yourself and preparing for the New Year, shedding your leaves for the winter so in the spring you may begin anew.

Join us January 28th (6pm) – Sunday, Jan 29 (9am), if you are interested in attending an all-night ceremony of reflection, emptying, and dreaming.

Four unique ceremony guides unite to hold space for a powerful Winter Dreaming Ceremony that will connect you to the natural cycle and rhythm of winter, empowering you to harvest the lessons of the previous year and dream yourself anew in 2017.

Receive a special 15% discount, exclusively for the Eagle Therapies LLC community members, by entering the PROMOCODE: EAGLE at checkout.


Check out the Facebook event to see who else you might know will be joining us! Or are interested in the event!


The evening will consist of 4 ceremonial spaces:

  1. Guides will burn a Sacred Fire all night so that you can converse with Great Spirit/God, life, all that is and reflect on your past year.
  2. A Cacao ceremony will be offered to ignite the journey — this is an ancient Mayan ritual to stimulate divination and lucid dreaming. Various teas and crystal bowl sound healings will continue to be offered in this space throughout the night.
  3. A vision board station will be offered so that you can harvest the gems you have collected from 2016
  4. A prayer bundle station will give you the opportunity to plant your prayers or dream seeds for the coming new year

On Sunday morning, participants will have an opportunity to nap, join a sound healing session, or wake up with a gentle Asana yoga practice. Breakfast will be served to the group and space for reflection and discussion will be available.

Meet the Ceremonialists leading this retreat:

Natalie Orozco

Find out more about Natalie

Natalie Orozco is a spiritual empowerment coach, ceremony guide, blogger, and education researcher. She currently resides in Washington, D.C. She is sanctioned to teach medicine wheels and guide ceremonies by the Keeper of the Delicate Lodge Teachings, a tradition that has its roots in pre-Mayan times. She does this through group or one-on-one ceremonial experiences and coaching programs. She is committed to supporting others in their life journeys towards balance and wholeness and personal growth. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz and an Ed.M. in Human Development and Psychology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She will be the Ceremony lead.

Stephanie Segerstephphoto

Ha. Shameless plug time. Stephanie is an eclectic ceremonialist, participating and leading ceremonies in the Virginia/Maryland/DC area for close to 10 years. She helps awaken and transform people to step into their power, helping them realize their own potential. She is the founder of Eagle Therapies, a community that supports alternative therapies, spiritual exploration and empowerment so that people can make their own choices to leading healthier lifestyles. Click here if you would like to visit the “About” section to learn more about Stephanie and her path. She will be the sacred firekeeper for this ceremony.

Atticus Mooney

Visit her website here

As a catalyst for the cacao spirit; a practitioner of yoga and shamanic arts; an avid dancer; and a carrier of ancient Mayan wisdom. Atticus strives to connect the many threads of life that weave individual experiences into the collective fabric of this reality. She is the co-founder of Source Cacao, which currently imports Guatemalan ceremonial Cacao exclusively. She is passionate about the spiritual and physical energies of cacao spirit and is called to share its essence through connective activities such as dance, yoga, meditation and arts.

danielleDanielle Waldman

A Personal Development and Empowerment coaching currently residing in Washington, DC., Danielle works with individuals that are in a place of transition, dealing with resistance and defining who they are. She is an avid explorer and traveler. Her true craft in life is to empower those around her to live in a world where it’s okay to be you. Danielle will point beauty and altars for the ceremony.

Learn more about her through her website


The cost is $150.00 per person.

Saturday night Dinner, Cacao, all-night soup and snacks, Sunday breakfast, lodging, and materials are provided.

We have intentionally kept our price low to make this ceremony accessible to any dreamer or soul seeker that feels called to attend. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. If you feel called to discuss an exchange (ceremony helpers needed) or an alternative payment plan, email the Ceremony lead Natalie at or me at with your request.

Limited helper and attendee spots available. Registration closes January 20, 2017.

Lodging & Accommodations

The ceremony will take place at RockWood Manor in Potomac Maryland. A bed will be assigned to you when you arrive to the ceremony so that you can have a designated personal space to rest throughout the evening. Linens and towels will be provided for your convenience.

Contact Info

Contact Natalie by emailing or sending a message through the contact me tab to schedule a time to discuss any questions or accommodations you may need. To reach Stephanie, feel free to call/text 571.306.3197 or email