Month: October 2018

SJG: Exploring our relationship with Grief

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Thank you to all who attended this past weeks Journey Group. It was a lovely suggested journey topic about our relationship with grief and some suggestions about how we can deepen our relationship with this particular expression of emotion. Below you will find the link to the group and discussion about this suggested journey topic.

Please post your comment if you wish to share what you received in journey space. If you would like to join this discussion on Facebook, join our Journey Group on Facebook.

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SJG: Difference between ghosts and Ancestors

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Thank you to all those who participated last night. It was a very rich discussion as we dived in and shared a deep journey. It is recommended that before you take this journey seriously that you have an established relationship with a trusted helping spirit before diving in. But the suggested journey topic is good to keep the mind flowing!

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Have an awesome day everyone! May your day be blessed <3