Course Outline

Sliding Scale Pricing – $75 – $200 per class

Orientation: Friday, March 18th, 6-8 pm
Orientation and first class considered “one class” for payment purposes
In this two hour orientation, it will be an exploration of the teaching space, meet and greet with the instructor and fellow students. After an hour of getting to know each other, a basic outline of “things to expect” will be presented, as well as a Question and Answer Session towards the end.

Part 1: Foundations

Class 1: March 19th
The Basics of Living Well
For those that feel like “focusing on the positive” is not enough, we present basic energy body hygiene practices, tips and techniques that will support the student throughout this 9 month program. Exercises and resources will be given to help with the integration of these new skills. Learn how to clear your emotional body and release triggers in a way that allows you to respond in the moment from your True Self instead of your wounds.

Class 2: April 23rd
Restoring Your Birthright
Many of us legitimately do not have access to certain parts of ourselves. They may be completely gone due to soul loss. We might possibly have ailments that modern medicine can’t quite touch. If the root of our ailment lies in the Spiritual realm (which most Indigenous Cultures believe is the root source of dis-ease), then conventional means to approach a wound sometimes change the surface of things, but underneath still feels hollow. We learn the basic principles of Shamanic Healing, how to be a good receptacle of it and will experience at least 2-3 group Healing Ceremonies this day.

Class 3: May 21st
Shamanic Tools and Techniques: Navigating altered states
The first portion of the course we will learn about integration and talk about our experiences of the previous class. We will lend support to those that need it, and learn how to engage with others in community without interfering with their process. In the afternoon, we will begin engaging with many traditional forms of altered states of consciousness, including Shamanic Journeying, Embodiment states, Walking Journeys, and Divination. Through our newly learned skills we will either discover or solidify our main helping spirit.

Class 4: June 18th
Your Bodies Toolkit: Honing psychic skills with clarity and discernment
Your body carries the innate wisdom of how to live well in the world. You were born into this body for a reason, and if you listen it can teach you about what you were meant to come into this world to do. Find the unconscious contracts you have with some of your energy body senses and renegotiate them. Turn up or down your senses so they can be of service to you and your life’s true purpose, not a distraction.

Part 2: Coming Home

Class 5: July 23rd
Relationship with the body
With our new tools in our pocket, we shall do some ceremonies centered around our relationship with our body, and how to come into right relationship with it. Many people think that they can work in altered states and leaving the body behind. We shall address how being embodied is the best sense of protection, even when it hurts. This is how we navigate the heartbreak of our time, hold each other as a community, and move forward with our truth cord intact so we can live what we came here to express with our gifts.

Class 6: August 20th
Relationship with humanity
One of the biggest things I am witnessing in this “self help” era, as well as in this new age contemporary culture, is that we are bypassing our humanity to dive straight into our divinity. How can we acknowledge the heartbreak of what is happening right now, without dissolving into a puddle of love and light? We shall explore that dynamic in class, and do a ceremony to honor our humanity in all its messiness. Learn how to bypass spiritual bypass! Then we will celebrate in some juicy embodiment dances!

Class 7: September 17th
Relationship with the land
My firm belief is that we, as humanity, were a dream dreamed by the great spirits of the land to be stewards. This class explores what it means to be in relationship with the local spirits of the land, as well as the Great Spirits of the Lands. We will also discuss and explore some of the other energies one might encounter as we go back to nature, growing our own food, and what it means to be in a reciprocal relationship with these beautiful beings. We will go over shrines, altars, and honoring spirits of place through our daily actions.

Class 8: October 15th
Relationship with our dreams
How have we come so far from our original dream as human beings? When did we start dreaming against our true nature? This class explores what it means to be in alignment with our dreams, thoughts and actions so we can become people of integrity. This will help us dive into our authenticity in a way where we can hold space for others without feeling the need arise to get involved in their process. We will also speak of ancient dream walking practices and how to harness our dreams to inform our waking self.

Class 9: November 19th
Relationship with the Ancestors
The last class will focus on our roots and where we came from. In a Shamanic Cosmology, we came from the big dream, or the oneness. However, we have had ancestors that have been disconnected from that oneness due to trauma, manipulation, or sheer broken heartedness. Because of this, that trauma could be passed down from generation to generation in order to get to you. Learn how to connect with True Ancestral Helping Spirits. Find out the difference between a true Ancestral Helping Spirit and a ghost, and why it matters. We have so many unresolved issues due to the ghosts in our family line that these patterns have started to embed into the Land Spirits themselves. Learn basic communication skills and how to tend an altar or shrine to continue forging this relationship in a deeper way.

A good resource if you are anxious to get started is through the free, listener supported podcast, Why Shamanism Now. There are over 400 archived hours, and a teaser to what is available both within this course and beyond. A great place to start is the Basics of Living Well series and the specific podcasts below:

An excellent book which talks about this process mentioned so often in this course is by Langston Kahn called, “Deep Liberation: Shamanic Teachings for Reclaiming Wholeness in a Culture of Trauma“. Highly recommended.

If you would like an in-depth resource, there is an online course by the Last Mask Center called Energy Body Mastery. We cover similar things in the Soul Compass Path, but for a more in depth exploration, we highly recommend the course.

Other material to get you started that is on this website:

You also have access to the archived recordings of the Bi-Weekly Shamanic Journey Groups.

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