The Soul Compass Path


The Soul Compass Path

This is the landing page for the Soul Compass Path: A two part, 9 month, once monthly training program for people interested in learning basic shamanic skills. This is for both the seasoned practitioner as well as the beginner. Distance participation available via Zoom.

The Shamanic path is not for everyone, but for those who feel called to it, their life feels empty without it. Shamanism has the ability to enrich our lives and most importantly – peel off the layers of conditioning that prevent us from accessing our authentic selves.

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If you are interested in pursuing the Soul Compass Path, please note that attendance is mandatory at the orientation. If you are participating from a distance, you will be expected to accommodate to the full learning day. This program is meant for people dedicated to their own self healing so that they can truly peel away the layers to eventually reveal their authentic self and step into their gifts and power with sovereignty and integrity.

This course will have a socially distant, mask on, in person option, but will factor in where people are coming from before deciding on a space to host the classes. A majority of the time, we will be hosting them out of our future office in Richmond, VA. Dates are outlined above, and are flexible to change. Communication with the instructor must be handled if one cannot make it to class, otherwise it will be considered a drop from the course. If you choose to participate in the course knowing that you cannot complete it, you can choose to drop out at any time and you will still have access to the course material up until the drop out date. You can choose to retake any classes that you have already taken the next year it will be offered, and you can choose to jump back in where you left off.

There will be at least one Shamanic Healing Ceremony per meeting (except at the Orientation). There are many wounds that surround our culture, and these wounds have impacted us as individuals. Some wounds run too deep that a solo practitioner (no matter how good) cannot scratch the surface of. Community wounds need to be addressed in a community setting. There will be group healing sessions to address these community wounds of alienation, soul loss, marginalization and separation. The beautiful thing about this program is that it is a closed group of students who are going through the same healing process. Learn to develop intimacy (and not in a romantic way) with other people that are dedicated to putting themselves and their life’s purpose first. It is through this trust that true healing begins.

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