Red Tent Community Steams

For those that have been following my story, I’m about to enter into the third year of a four year shamanic training program. The whole second year of this program is about exploring our shadow, and actively engaging with these patterns in a grounded and practical way. We track these patterns in our life and find the ways we self sabotage or inhibit our own power/potential.

It was a shock for me to realize that three out of the four shadow parts I pulled out of the shadow closet were parts of my womb. No WONDER my manifestation abilities always ended up going sideways no matter how direct I tried to be. This is part of my path in unfolding the cultural conditioning of what it means to be a woman, to shut up and do what I’m told, and to play small because feminine power is wild/unruly.

As I unfold what it means to integrate these big changes into my life, I’m finding that the most empowering thing for me is to spend time with other women who have similar patterns, and empower each other to break them. Women circles have been very healing for me and my process, and the Red Tent Community Steams are an honest offering to help create community about healing the bonds that hold us back from stepping into our true feminine power.

I have been partnering with Laura Durbin of The Belly Woman and April Rameé of Antler Alchemy to bring these Red Tent Community Steams to fruition in the heart of Washington DC. It’s been an amazing journey, and the women that have shown up have taught me so much about myself! Now we are venturing outside of DC to provide these Steams in Northern VA and Maryland.

The history of the Red Tent is about how women come together during their time of the month to bleed together. This is a natural purification and detoxification process that the woman’s body does. Often, in many indigenous traditions, women would gather to vision together during this potent time of the month. It is a natural time of honoring and respect for the women to honor their own body and the potential for creating life. Over many generations, we have lost this ability to vision and come together to support this collective feminine wisdom. But it’s coming back! Eagle Therapies is choosing to support this Red Tent movement and support women and female identifying individuals to reclaiming the Sacred and Divine Feminine in their lives!

This is also NOT a sweat lodge or a traditional Inipi. We use a contemporary shamanic cosmology to create the sacred space. This is indoors and we use a tent with electric pots of boiling water to steam herbs. Many traditions across the world do saunas, and the herbs in this particular style are from traditional Thai folk medicine.

If you’re interested in visually seeing what it is that we do, or would like a video introduction, click here!

If you’re interested in joining us, you can join this Facebook group to find out our latest posts about what the RTCS topics will be about.

Upcoming topic:

  • July 21st – Being hosted in Alexandria, VA. Topic to be announced.

Previous Sacred Sweat topics:

  • June 21st – At the Summer Solstice Retreat in Maryland. The topic was releasing trauma through breath work.
  • May 26th – Honoring the feminine body. How can we as women really ground ourselves in our physical wisdom body? We talked about proper period care, and what an ideal period looks like. How can we honor ourselves during this most sacred time of the month?
  • April 14th – Visioning and coming into right relationship with our own personal dreams. How many times have you supported someone else’s dreams instead of supporting your own dreams?
  • March 31st – Our womb as a magnet. How do we attract invisibility in our lives and where do we not feel seen?
  • February 24th – Releasing our smallness. Playing Small. We as women discovered how we choose to limit ourselves and our actions in the world because we are afraid of stepping on other people.

Come join us and our circle of beautiful women who also strive to heal the divine feminine by healing ourselves first!