Sliding Scale $75-$200 per class

Payment due at time of class. Venmo (@ChenchiraSeger), PayPal ( or in person Credit Card, Cash and Check accepted. You can choose to pay ahead of time (before class) or in large installments to cover multiple months. All intentions must be negotiated clearly at time of payment (preferably in the notes section when you send it with Venmo or PayPal).

There is a reason why things are sliding scale here at Eagle Therapies. What might be a comfortable set of finances for one person might be a large sacrifice to another. Is $100 a night on the town, buying movie tickets and a couple of drinks while dancing? If so, then $100 is not a sacrifice, it is a simple commodity and the level of depth with engagement starts off on a foot not grounded with integrity.

The Spirit world understands the language of sacrifice, and it is up to you to decide what is the right price to pay within your own heart. Use your intuition and measure it with your own sense of truth. It is possible that one month you can pay towards the higher end of the fee, while others it is the lower end. It is also possible that money is no issue at all and $200 per class does not cover the value of what is within the course material itself for you. The right price to pay is between you and Spirit. This program is merely a vessel to deliver the groundwork for personal transformation.

*reworded, but basic concept of language attributed to Christina Pratt

If you feel very drawn to this course but do not think you can commit to the full 9 month program, then you can choose to participate one class at a time with no commitment. You can drop the course at any time since payment is due before each class you attend. If finances are a challenge, there is always delving deeper into the material already learned and then hopping on to the program next year. Once you take the class, the materials and resources from that class will be shared with you, and you can still choose to communicate with your fellow classmates.

A good resource if you are anxious to get started is through the free, listener supported podcast, Why Shamanism Now. There are over 400 archived hours, and a teaser to what is available both within this course and beyond. A great place to start is the Basics of Living Well series and the specific podcasts below:

If you would like an in-depth resource, there is an online course by the Last Mask Center called Energy Body Mastery. We cover similar things in the Soul Compass Path, but for a more in depth exploration, we highly recommend the course.

Other material to get you started that is on this website:

You also have access to the archived recordings of the Bi-Weekly Shamanic Journey Groups.