Fire Healing

“Radiant Circuits serve as inner wells of joy, supporting a vibrancy and a harmony throughout the entire energy system. Charging your radiant circuits can change your future, orienting the psyche towards happiness rather than despair. When charged they help us overcome self-sabotage and negative thinking. They sustain us in a more constant state of happiness.”  – Donna Eden

Have you ever wondered what fire healing is? There are several types of fire healing, and some which apply to fire massage with special types of equipment. However, the specific fire healing we are going to talk about today is in accompaniment with a guided meditation.

First let’s begin with a little history. Poi is an ancient art that has been practiced by the Maori tribe of New Zealand. Poi can come in DSC_5823several different forms, but the premise is that there is a wick attached to either chains, staff, or hula hoop. These wicks are then soaked in accelerant and set on fire. The size of the wick determines how long the burn is, but the average burn depending on accelerant and wick size is anywhere from 2-5 minutes. Poi is going to be the most common form of fire dancing. Fire dancing itself originated from Samoa (a stones throw away from New Zealand), and there have been traces of it in other cultures. The Aztecs had a fire dance in honor of their fire God Xiuhtecuhtli. Since then it has been developed as a performance art.

Now how do we turn performance art into a meditation?

Simply stated – all forms of performance art are meditation because it is about focusing your mind to one thing and clearing your thoughts of everything else. How deeply you focus creates your meditative stance. The premise of Fire Healing is that an experienced person with fire (who is akin to safety standards and regulations) will be using fire paraphernalia or tools to spin around the receiver who wants to undergo the fire healing. At this point, the receiver is lead through a meditation, and at the right moment the paraphernalia (such as staff, hoop, or poi) are lit and spun around the person to create a synergistic and powerful end to the meditation.

Why does this work? Because sometimes when we are in such a state of stress or are going through a really rough time in our lives, DSC_5889we experience a stagnation. We have several bodies, and sometimes these stresses that we experience can place energetic blocks in our emotional or spiritual bodies. Occasionally those blocks can trickle down to the physical and give us physical pain, manifest in blockages in creativity, finances, or emotional healing. The element of fire is very powerful at removing these blockages, because archetypically fire is a symbol of destruction. This destruction is universally neutral, but can be harnessed to be either positive or negative. When fire is controlled and utilized a specific way, it can help break those energetic blocks and create a freedom that we can express to connect to our higher spiritual divine. Connection to Spirit can help us feel whole and give us a greater sense of purpose.

Fire is not a quiet healer. When experiencing a guided meditation, this can be very powerful in and of itself because you can clear out those energetic blockages and feel great afterward. When accompanied with the WHOOSH of the fire right next to your ear and in your auric field – you experience a cleansing fire as you feel the heat of it next to your skin. The vibrations and tingles can be felt in your core – and with it comes a more potent consecration as you come out of this meditation. The physical aspect helps seal in the metaphysical and all in all comes out with a more potent meditation.

This is not a meditation for the weak, or light of heart. It is a great way to experience the gift of fire in a controlled setting, and a wonderful tool to be utilized if used properly. May this light the fires of your own creativity.


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