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I’ve been behind the ball with announcing this, but I managed to post about it on social media! Life has been very busy, but I’m blessed to take a moment to shamelessly self-promote this sing-along album that is now available on Spotify, Amazon Music, and Bandcamp.

This album was a humble offering that isn’t meant to be anything flashy, it was born out of a place where I wanted to play certain songs in playlists for dance parties but they weren’t recorded yet. The original album I put up on Bandcamp, and I was able to separate out the songs from the stories that introduced the song. I love the songs, but I feel it gives a different quality of depth to also express the stories behind the songs.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep that same level of integrity when moving to the other platforms. My recording label advised it was best to separate out the albums, so that’s why there’s a Songs and Stories album, and a plain album with just the songs by themselves. The CD cover you see above is the one for just the songs, and the Songs and Stories album has some grass below the buffalo with the subtitle “Songs and Stories Album”. Each song on the Stories album has the track name with a – Story label so that you can tell the difference between the two songs. My favorite two stories are the Irritable Owl Syndrome story and the Crazy Woman cupcake story.

As an additional note, I fully expect that I will not become super popular on Spotify because this really is a niche in repetitive, altered state of consciousness chanting kind of music that’s meant to be sung along to. And let’s be realistic, Spotify pays artists $0.001 per play, so in order for me to even make $1, the songs would need to be played at least 1000 times. If you do love this album, or find yourself singing the songs, consider buying a song from Bandcamp because that’s where the money really goes into the artists hands. Please consider this for all of your musical friends, and support artists when you can. Thankfully I have other jobs so I’m not stressing about making this a primary form of income, but think about it for the artist friends that you know. Let’s keep meaningful heart filled expressions of art in the world.

Some have already asked, “Why didn’t you include the story about how you got hit by lightning?!” And my answer is because Buffalo is already on this album, and this album is dedicated to him, and the rest of the buffalo nation. One near death experience per album. The lightning will be for the next album, haha!

So until then, you have this album to enjoy! Thank you all for your support!

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