Dates for 2018

Sliding Scale Pricing – $75 – $200 per class
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Orientation: August 18th, 6-8pm
Orientation and first class considered “one class” for payment purposes

All classes will be from 9:30am to 4:30 pm Eastern time. If more people from the West Coast join, can renegotiate start time.

Class 1: August 19th
The Basics of Living Well

Class 2: September 23rd
Restoring Your Birthright

Class 3: October 21st
Shamanic Tools and Techniques: Navigating altered states

Class 4: November 18th
Your Bodies Toolkit: Honing psychic skills with clarity and discernment

Class 5: December 16th
Realm of the South: Death and Life as a Teacher

Class 6: January 19th
Realm of the West: Navigating our Emotional Realm

Class 7: February 16th
Realm of the North: Trickster and the Web of Life

Class 8: March 16th
Realm of the East: Vision and Truth Seeking

Class 9: April 13th
The Ones Who Walked Before Us: Ancestors, Descendants and Land Spirits

If you are interested in pursuing the Souls Compass Path, please note that attendance is mandatory at the open house/orientation as well as all 9 meetings (either in person or distance). Unless a true family emergency comes up, an absence will dictate being dropped from the course. If you are participating from a distance, you will be expected to accommodate to the full learning day. This program is meant for people dedicated to their own self healing so that they can truly peel away the layers to eventually reveal their authentic self and step into their gifts and power with sovereignty and integrity.

If you take a look at the dates listed above and you cannot accommodate due to a life event (like a child’s graduation, wedding, or some other event), then you must prioritize what is more important: Dedicating this time to yourself or choosing to attend that life event. Neither answer is wrong, but if you would choose to attend the life event, then this program is not for you at this time. There is a reason why all of the dates are listed now, so you can plan to take the time to not schedule something else and choose to prioritize yourself first.

Souls Compass Path