Heart Centered Sound Circles

What is a heart centered sound circle you say?

Heart Centered sound circles are different then regular drum circles. With drum circles there is generally just drumming – and the drumming can overpower the strength of the voice (which isn’t a bad thing if that’s what you’re looking for). At heart centered sound circles, there is more of a focus on vocal, sound, and drums as a whole. Bring your rattles! Bring your shakers! Bring your clackers! All are welcome!

Generally at these events, there is a good mixture of people with a variety of experience in the musical field. There are different songs and chants that like to be sung, and at the big events we have song sheets so we don’t have to worry about memorization (unless someone wants to share a new one at the group!) No one is forced to sing and we honor all expressions of sound, as long as it adds to the whole. Even if someone wants to overlay the current chant with another chant they know, or even single word phrases – that’s okay! It adds to the beauty of the experience. The main purpose of the Sound Circle is to shift our consciousness from our heads down to our hearts. All too often we get wrapped up in what we have to do next, or think about the things that we’ve done and how we can do them better. At the Sound Circles we tend to drop all of those thoughts and just be in the moment. It’s a fun experience, and children are welcome.

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For a list of the songs we sing at this event, feel free to visit the sing along page.


Creating music is actually a wonderful way to be grounded within your body. A lot of people in Western Society tend to be predisposed to the fast paced lifestyle with mental over stimulation. With creating music, it moves that center from your head down into your heart. Being able to be within your body and feeling yourself firmly rooted within yourself is the key process to awakening to yourself and who you are.

The music itself will have it’s own heartbeat – it’s up to us to listen to it and change with the flow and the ebb. Dancing is obviously welcome, because it’s whatever moves you in the heart. This is a place to explore that without fear or judgement. Even if you feel you “do not have musical talents” (which everyone does) then feel free to just come as a participant who just shakes a rattle. Sometimes being a witness and feeling apart of something is all that’s needed 🙂

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For community building, you can connect through meetup or the Heart Centered Sound Circle facebook group. The facebook group is where we share links and lyrics to chants or music that has popped up during the sound circle.