Recorded Ceremonies

Picture of the travel altar I took with me across country

To begin with, if you are not familiar with the intention behind ceremonies, please read the blog post, “What is Ceremony and why does it matter?” It will help provide a background as to why one would want to participate in it.

For those who are ready to go, below are links to previously recorded Ceremonies. We used to record our Ancestral Healing Ceremonies and many other things that we’ve done. You can still visit the Journey Group Archives for previously recorded suggested journey topics. This page will gradually get updated as more at home Ceremonies get crafted.

  • Ceremonies to do at home
  • Shamanism Without Borders recorded Ceremonies
  • Recorded Ceremonies from the 2018 US Tour 
    (These are the ceremonies that were of good quality that we recorded. All others were done on the spur of the moment or in bad spots where I couldn’t record)
    -Includes the link to the Water Blessing Ceremonies! Where you can still travel back in time and add your energy to the water that went across the US, going coast to coast!

These Ceremonies are open for download, and are welcome to be shared. There is no fee, it is freely offered as a gift to the great web of life. If these Ceremonies have moved you in any way, feel free either PayPal (eagletherapiesevents@gmail.com) or Venmo (@Stephanie-Seger-1) a donation. I support and follow Charles Eisenstein and his model of the gifting process. To learn more about Sacred Economics, you can download a free copy of his book.

If you would like support from listening to any of these recorded Ceremonies, feel free to come to our events either digitally or in person. You can feel free to join our newsletter for a once monthly update, or follow us on Facebook or Meetup. Facebook tends to also have the virtual Ceremonies as well.