Behind the scenes at Kama’Aina Meadows in preparation for an Ancestral Healing Circle

Eagle Therapies hosts a variety of different events. You can either follow our events on Facebook or Meetup. Really want to stay in touch? There’s a monthly newsletter that gets sent out somewhere in the beginning of the month.

Shenanigans after a Ceremony in Washington DC

We really do believe that connecting to the Spiritual doesn’t have to be so serious, and there is room for a little bit of sacred silliness as we develop intimacy with ourselves.

We are proud of the Bi-Weekly Journey Group, which has been a standing group since 2014. Even while we traveled across the country we were doing it in different locations every two weeks! If you would like to visit our Journey Group Archives, you can see our most recent experimentation grow, so people can now participate at home.

The biggest thing we cater to are the needs of the land, and the current time. We are releasing Ceremonies and Soul Retrieval Clinics that have themes that are journeyed about. Sometimes these are recorded, and sometimes not. The recorded ones end up on the Ceremony Landing Page. And our newest edition are the “Do it yourself” downloadable Ceremonies at home. These are free to download, but feel free to share or donate as you feel called.

Interested in some of the songs we sing at our circles? View our sing along page or visit the Inked Eagle album now available through Bandcamp!

Hope to see you at some of the events! And if you’re photogenic you’ll end up on our Facebook or Instagram page!