List of Services

There are two different ways to take advantage of the services offered through Eagle Therapies. There are group classes/events, and there are private sessions.

Email to schedule private healing sessions. It is possible that I’m not the right person for you to come to. Due to increased demand for my time/attention, there is now a charge for phone consultations. The suggested payment is $1 per minute and can be paid after the scheduled consult. IF, and we can mutually decide if we are a good fit for each other. If one of us senses we are not a good fit, there are a network of healers that I would be more then happy to refer clients to. The main thing that I want to get across is the education for people to help empower themselves.

Payment is based on a sliding scale. In a traditional indigenous culture, a person would gift a “sacrifice” in exchange for their healing. For some, $50 is really hard to come by, meanwhile others could easily spend $200 on dinner and drinks for a Friday night. What is your sacrifice to Spirit? The healer is the conduit through which you receive the healing, and your sacrifice ensures the continuing education, livelihood and improved skills for your practitioner to grow and develop.

Languaging adopted from Christina Pratt for sliding scale approach

Healing can be done at a distance, further information will be provided upon inquiry.

Visit the Donation Page to pay a deposit for your healing services

(Please note that Stephanie is my middle name, but I am choosing to go by Chenchira. The PayPal won’t let me change the name)

Shamanic Healing Session

  • Each session is done in ceremony, because we will be touching some of the more intimate pieces of a persons energy. This is done with utmost care and respect, by honoring the individual and the connections they have with the world around them.
  • Aligning chakra’s, aura cleansing, chakra balancing, clearing the subtle body and relieves stress, etc. 
  • Sessions include (but not limited to) soul retrieval, extraction work, curse unraveling, compassionate depossession (Betsy Bergstrom technique) and generational healing.
  • Discover the root cause of different “ailments” that have manifested in the physical body

$100 – $200 per hour

Shamanic Journeying Session

  • Traditional Shamanic Journeying includes a session with a steady monotonous drum beat between 205 to 220 beats per minute. Scientists have done research that proves that the rapid and steady drum beat induces a theta trance state in the human brain.
  • Half hour includes discussing the origins of the problem/situation, actual journey, and interpretation. PDF of findings sent via email after session.
  • If done at a distance (option available) then a 30 minute phone conversation.

$30 – $70 per half hour

Divination Session

  • For those that are new or skeptical to the more intuitive side of life, a divination session helps see the underlying motivations of the surrounding situation to see the possible outcomes based off of the choices available. No, I can’t “predict your future” because you have the ability to forge your own destiny, but if you would like some introspective reflection – this is the perfect session for you.
  • Modalities include tarot cards, rock divination, smoke divination, water divination, fire divination, and animal chakra disks.
  • PDF of highlighted information can be provided, but optional (please let know ahead of time)

$30 – $60 per half hour

Power Animal Retrieval

  • Feel lost and without a guide? Have the gift of knowing one of your helping spirits by having this connection awakened for you
  • Get support on how to maintain this connection even after the session
  • Individualized art work can be done, separate price in association

$40 – $70 per hour

House Cleansing/Blessing Consultation

  • One of the things I feel very passionately about is helping the land and the people co-habitate with each other
  • Does your house feel haunted or do you get the feeling you are being watched in the privacy of your own home? More then likely you might have an energetic house guest. The most common thing seen is children having night terrors, restlessness or irritability when trying to relax, or just the feeling that someone else is there even though you know no one physically is.
  • Deposit fee can be paid here, price discussed in person or over the phone after pictures have been emailed.

$25 deposit fee, price based off of house size

Fire Healing Session

  • Fire is the element that is most used to break down things. If you are feeling very stuck, you can be in the center of a firey inferno to help clear and open yourself energetically. Stephanie will lead you through a guided meditation while spinning fire around you in order to fully harness the healing properties of fire. Safety precautions are always taken into consideration.
  • If safety precautions are not taken seriously, or if there is a lack of respect for fire, then you will be asked to leave the property.

$75 – $100 per session

Labyrinth Walk Facilitator

  • Have a traditional 7 circuit labyrinth laid out on your property with hydrated lime or bird seed
  • Perfect addition to any event that would like to have a walk able labyrinth for a few days
    • Fire labyrinth is an additional option. Burn lasts anywhere from 5-10 minutes.
  • Fee includes hour set up, materials, travel time as well as facilitation and holding of sacred space for one evening
    • If Fire labyrinth option is chosen, will include materials as well as safety waivers, class before walk to ensure safety, fire spinning equipment, and first aid equipment

$300 for Labyrinth building and facilitation

$500 for the day if Fire Labyrinth option is chosen