No, this is not hypnosis (I know hypnotherapists if you’re interested in that). It is simply a way to quiet your mind in order to get more in touch with yourself.

Normally, we are in the Beta brainwave state, thinking, walking around, engaging in normal every day activities. When we relax or “take our mind off” of things, we start or begin to enter into the Alpha brainwave state.  This is where intuition comes easily to us. Sometimes, we might need help or guidance in order to achieve the brain wave state. The easiest way to achieve this state is by doing something that takes our “monkey mind” offline. The Alpha brainwave state is therapeutic, and can help reduce stress. The next brain wave state is Theta. This is deep trance, journeying, or that in-between state between awake and dreaming (more commonly known as lucid dreaming). We can purposefully put ourselves in this state of altered consciousness WITHOUT the use of hallucinogens, alcohol, or other mind altering substances. Yes, these are ways to reach that state, but there is a beauty of being able to go in and out of that state at will, and with preparation. The fourth level of consciousness is Delta, but Delta brainwaves are usually associated with deep sleep. This is what our body needs at night in order to get the restorative state it needs to replenish the resources/energy used throughout the day. This article helps break it down if you want a little more detail.

When we enter into meditative stances, there is a decreased level of cortisol in our body. Cortisol is secreted when we are feeling stressed, and there are clinical studies that are ongoing that show that meditating contributes to helping detoxify yourself and reducing the levels of cortisol in the body.

Yes, altered states of consciousness can be achieved through plants, alcohol and drugs. However, meditation/journeying differs from those methods because there is no residual chemical buildup in the body and brain. The “high” feeling we get of ingesting such items usually comes from shutting off parts of the brain, or blocking receptors in order to give us that elevated feeling. Some might argue that they cannot achieve a deep level of relaxation without the drugs or alcohol, but training your mind and body takes a while, and sometimes we just need help and guidance in order to feel confident with our own abilities. It’s like a muscle, it needs to get exercised or else it atrophies.

Generally speaking, the left brain is the analytical, problem solving part of the brain, and when we’re trying to access some of the other brain waves at will, we begin the process of shutting down the left brain to open up to the right brain (more intuitive, emotional, and feeling side of the brain connected with art). Some ways altered states could be achieved include guided meditation, repetitive action (poi, knitting, cloud gazing), sensory deprivation, and walking a labyrinth. There are of course several other modalities, but the trick is finding one that works for you. Sometimes we just need to busy the body in order to get more clarity with the mind (such as walking a labyrinth or hula hooping). Other times we need to be in a quiet, safe, relaxed space and the modalities of music will help us achieve that state. Sound therapy is a very safe and effective way to turn your brain off, because with live music, you get the deep thrums of the drum and can literally feel that in your body. Some might even say that they feel the vibration of it in their cells. Your choice of relaxation is all dependent on your preferences.

Aromatherapy is great for helping us get to that altered state of consciousness, and different scents or smells can have different effects of where we want the healing directed. For example, if there were to be some work done on relaxation and calming, chamomile or lavender would be perfect in accompaniment with a soothing guided meditation. For a releasing or detoxifying effect, we could couple lemon or ginger with a releasing guided meditation. A lot of these healing modalities can be combined for a synergistic effect.


We are not Doctors, and we cannot give medical advice. Consult with your physician if you wish to try an alternative treatment. We are not telling you to stop your medications, but instead seek methods which help compliment your Doctors. The goal we are trying to help with is prevention, not treatment. If aim for preventing illnesses before they start by reducing stress and helping improve the immune system.

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