Soul Compass Path Community

Why hello everyone!

You have gained access to this webpage because you’re officially apart of the Soul Compass Path Community!

Here is where you can interact with other people who are either in or have already graduated from the Soul Compass Path. The email will also be used for announcements of private events, dance ceremonies, or full/new moon events that are not public on the Eagle Therapies Meetup or Facebook. We would also be open to hosting potlucks if there is enough interest.

If you guys want to contact each other, use the email and if you want to look at the forum, click here.

Here are the lists of people organized by location, and then alphabetized by last name:


  • Beaudoin, Sheila – Upper Marlboro, MD –
  • Boudica, Rowanne – Lanham, MD –
  • Cabrera, Bessy – College Park, MD –
  • Hirshorn, Robin – Frederick, MD –
  • Padron, Ron – Greenbelt, MD –
  • Ryan, Mike – Rockville, MD –
  • Yellowtail, Dove – Greenbelt, MD –


  • Xuan-Hong –


  • Brewster, Lisa – Alexandria, VA –
  • Holzer, Peter – Alexandria, VA –
  • LeTellier, Nicole – Fairfax, VA –
  • Lucas, Susan – Springfield, VA –
  • McConnel, Katie – Fairfax, VA –



  • Grace –

People with journeying skills:

  • Bessy –
  • Katie –
  • Mike –
  • Peter –
  • Robin –
  • Rowanne –
  • Ron –
  • Sheila –
  • Susan –
  • Xuan-Hong –

People willing to mentor or offer up clearing skills:

  • Robin –
  • Rowanne –
  • Ron –
  • Sheila –
  • Susan –
  • Xuan-Hong –

And then of course, I’m always here for shamanic healings! If I happen to not be available, some other people you could reach out to for shamanic healing help would be:

Some distance practitioners that I know from the Cycle of Transformation, and that I trust as practitioners:

  • April Davis – Austin, TX –
    • This woman is also in my cohort in the Cycle Teachings. She knows Soul Retrieval, minor ancestral healing and mild curse unraveling. She’s also great at journeys because she has clear sight. Reach out to her for advice if you need it!
  • Christina Pratt – Portland, Oregon –
    • Christina tends to be pretty busy, but she’s really great at answering questions. You can email if you would like to set up a phone consult with her. Her wait list to receive a shamanic healing is about 2-3 months.
  • Langston Kahn – New York, New York –
    • Langston is less busy then Christina, but his turn around for shamanic healings is about a month and a half to two months.
  • Leslie Fleming – Portland, OR –
    • She’s got her own thing going on, but I’ve received a healing from her and she’s amaze-balls. She’s currently in the healing forms cohort, so she already received shamanic healing training before studying/training with Christina Pratt. She and Langston have also gone through all 5 years of the cycle training.