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I am so proud of these beautiful people that have stuck through thick and thin with the first iteration of the Soul Compass Path! We just finished the last workshop in a 9 month workshop series about learning and using basic shamanic skills to navigate your everyday life. Unfortunately we were a bit spaced out and we weren’t able to catch everyone before they went out the door, but this is the majority of people who just graduated this weekend ❤️

Are you interested in learning the basics to living well? Even if you are an experienced shamanic practitioner, this 9 month program will help you deepen your relationship with your guides and help hone your skills of discernment in a group setting so you can hold yourself accountable to a transformational process.

Yes, we accept distance participation. Yes, we do sliding scale. And yes, we welcome you even if you’re a beginner and don’t know a lick about anything but are willing to explore.

I’m excited for preparing for the new wave of students beginning in June!! If you’re interested, subscribe to the website blog or join the newsletter for the announcements ❤️

I also would like to acknowledge that I wouldn’t be here offering this today if it weren’t for the powerful community resources and teachers that have shaped me into the person who I’ve become.

The biggest things that really helped me were the Energy Body Hygiene and Advanced Energy Clearing courses offered by the Last Mask Center.

The other powerful resource that I have access to is the Cycle of Transformation and the Last Mask Community.

And last but not least, the beautiful teachers that gave me access to this information and opened the shamanic doorway of self empowerment for me. Christina Pratt, and Mary Tyrtle Rooker have been a wealth of knowledge and wisdom on my path, and I honestly wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them. Such deep and profound gratitude.

May the Ancestors be healed by the work we do by healing ourselves. May those who are coming benefit from us as individuals living our medicine now.

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