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What is Sacred

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All of these experiences on the US Tour are happening because of readers like you! This is a donation funded trip, and all donors receive a special shout out at a sacred site. Feel called to support this sacred pilgrimage? You can either donate through Venmo (preferred) to @Stephanie-Seger-1 or PayPal to All donors will receive a special gift from this trip, so be sure to include an address!

What is sacred?

I had a sinking feeling when I first started this US Tour that it wasn’t what I was originally conceiving. When I had originally received the message to visit Sacred Sites all across the United States and do Ceremony at them, I was concerned about the general public and how these ceremonies would be perceived. I was excited about what the Spirits of the Land would say, but concerned about the human counterparts.

This has proven true time and time again. I write this on the day after my Ceremony at Mount Rainier, where the Mountain himself was upset that people have lost touch with the sacred within the Mountain. Many people go to visit Mount Rainier for its aesthetic features, taking in only the surface value of what the Mountain has to offer. They go because of the stunning views, the waterfalls, and the inspiration from which they see. It stirs a deep part of themselves, but yet they ignore it. Just like they ignore the spirit of the mountain.

As an exercise, the Mountain suggested I offer tobacco to people. An easy way to give gratitude. It was obvious that my small crew and I were doing Ceremony. There were several people walking by that stopped and watched, and about 3 people who filmed us singing and praying. When the Ceremony was complete, I stepped out onto the crowded path as person after person walked by me. Many ignored me as I tried to offer tobacco blessings, and several avoided me. Out of the 8 people who I had face to face interaction with, only 2 people took a pinch of tobacco. And I felt that it wasn’t because they wanted to, but because they would feel rude if they didn’t take the offer. Especially because I mentioned the word praying, most likely evoking an age old guilt of something that was ground into them as children to do, but didn’t end up doing as adults.

I tried to stop early because it felt awkward. It seemed as though people were fine with watching, but interacting was so alien. However, the Mountain was insistent that I feel that alienation and that feeling of being ignored. In that moment the Mountain and I had a shared kinship. We were there offering gratitude and beauty, but most humans were too absorbed in their own nature to reach out to “the other”. I understood the message, and felt it deep in my bones. Most people just don’t care. They would rather just see the superficial instead of the deeper nature. They would rather feel comfortable in the known instead of risk being uncomfortable to talk to a stranger about what he/she might be doing.

Contrast to doing the Ceremony at Serpent Mound. I had no one show up that signed up for event tickets, however after the Ceremony I offered tobacco blessings, and every person I offered it to were eager to learn more about praying from the heart and how to offer prayers to the world around them. Most people come to Serpent Mound because the essence of the Sacred has been tended there for generations by a people with traditions. At Mount Rainier, the overwhelming numbers of tourists far outweigh the people who used to see and value the Mountain for what it meant to the people. The sacred has not been tended there, and thus the Mountain has become fickle, sharing her intimacies with the few that choose to honor the Mountain. To Mount Tahoma (Native name given to the mountain), people are insignificant and are just like ants. A minor nuisance and nothing more. He was there before humans and will continue to be there long after.

There was a beautiful moment when I was doing Ceremony at the Devils Tower in Wyoming. The sacredness has been tended by generations, and I felt it as I stepped onto the property. It was interesting being an outsider and giving gifts from another Shamanic Lineage. However, the Spirit of the Land understood the gifting process and I was not able to tap into the essence of the sacred until after I had given my humble gift. It was a private moment that made me cry, even though it was in view of the public. The sacred knows how to protect itself, but gifts given from the heart (especially after an introduction) will always be well received. It is about the honor, the acknowledgement, the respect from one living being to another, and it is about being apart of the gifting process.

Once we dig past the superficial nature of interacting with the world around us, we can find a deeper connection and interrelatedness that helps us feel more whole. Most people can’t put a finger on why they feel so disconnected or why they might feel like something is “missing” from their lives even though they feel they’re doing everything right. You know, the job, the house, the car, the 1.5 kids, etc. From my perspective, I didn’t start feeling truly whole until I touched into the innate sacred all around me. Of course it took a few soul retrieval’s and some personal work to get here because I wasn’t fully present enough in my body due to past trauma. I was legitimately missing parts of myself that could understand the meaning of the word “Sacred” and to tap into the sacred all around. I even had trouble conceiving that the sacred could even be found within myself because I had such little self esteem, and felt so disconnected from “all that is” or the universe/God, whatever you want to call it. When we want to find more meaning in our life, we will start our spiritual path down the road to connect more with the sacred in our daily lives. It’s about tending it within ourselves and acknowledging it, and giving gratitude to it outside of ourselves.

The truth is, that it’s a basic human right to have access to the sacred. But it takes work to be able to feel it viscerally within ourselves. Us humans come by it earnestly because we have had the sacred disconnected by how we were raised, society, and our mainstream culture (well, I can only speak for America). Instead, children get brought up with materialism and consumerism because it’s addictive. They lose sense of what is sacred because if something breaks – it’s replaceable. However, the divine cannot be replaced. If the rivers get polluted with fracking or oil spills, how can we “get a new river”? The mentality most have adopted is non-sustainable. It’s consumer based and not based in a reality that is sustainable.

The sacred is that deep sense of feeling or connection that you cannot put a finger on describing. It’s that feeling of feeling like a kid, looking up at the night sky with wonder and awe. It’s watching a waterfall and going, “Wow!” in appreciation. It’s about standing in that space where there is this unknown or mystery sense about things. That place of not knowing. This place of not knowing is where the magic happens, and where miracles take place. Miracles or the unexplained don’t happen that often because we don’t leave room for it. By tending and honoring the sacred within our own lives, we can connect to that profound depth of sacredness that is within nature all around us. Nature was here before us humans, and by giving gratitude to that which came before us, we honor the circle of life and awaken that seed of true love within ourselves.

Interested in joining us at a public ceremony? Follow our events on Facebook or Meetup. All of our events are free to come to and are run off of donation. If you missed us in your local area, you can view our recorded video excerpts on Facebook, YouTube or the forums. As of right now, Facebook will be your best bet because I haven’t got that great of internet reception to upload onto YouTube or the Forums quite yet.

These Ceremonies and interactions are run off of donation. I have taken a chance and have opened myself up to receiving the kindness of strangers. If you feel called to donate, you can either Venmo (preferred) to @stephanie-seger-1 or paypal Every dollar matters and helps ensure that these Ceremonies continue in a blessed and reciprocal way.

Many blessings to you and yours! Fly high and find the sacred within YOUR life!

Introducing the Soul Compass Path

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Souls Compass Path

We live in a time that is challenging. How do we become the people who can create a sustainable change and transformation in this world? Join Eagle Therapies starting in the fall of 2018 on a 9 day program stretched across 9 months.

This program was specifically crafted and co-created with Spirit to help bring people the basic foundational Shamanic Skills necessary to engage with the world around them in a good way. It doesn’t matter if you are new to this path or have been down the road of several spiritual traditions for decades. Using ancient Shamanic techniques and honoring the ancestors of the worlds traditions, we will engage with Spirit in an age old fashion that has been specifically crafted for this time. This cosmology and teachings are based off of the Cycle Teachings and the Last Mask Community, an authentic and contemporary cosmology which honors the way our ancestors have done it without taking their rituals, ceremonies and culturally appropriating them.

Stephanie Seger has graduated from Mary Tyrtle Rookers 2 year Shamanic Training program and is a current student of Christina Pratt, Shaman, Author, creator of the Why Shamanism Now podcast and Director for the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing. Through Stephanie’s vast life experiences and training, she strives to bring her best to giving her all to this program.

The Soul Compass Path is 6 hours once monthly stretching over 9 months. This program delivers a practical set of tools, techniques, and a way to engage with the more intimate aspects of yourself. If you are new to any type of spiritual exploration, this will hand you the basics. For the more seasoned practitioner, it will provide the framework to deepen your connection with your guidance and allow yourself to hear the song of your soul ever more clearly. This program is dedicated to helping one get out of their own way and step into their power with authenticity, integrity and sovereignty. Learn how to find your own life’s purpose and be able to live it in the world.

Payment is based on sliding scale, negotiated between your own heart and Spirit. Eagle Therapies is just the vessel to deliver this program of self transformation. What is the sacrifice you are willing to make? Suggested sliding scale pricing is $75-$200 per class. Payment due at time of class. Orientation and first class considered “one class”.

What might be a comfortable set of finances for one person might be a large sacrifice to another. Is $100 a night on the town, buying movie tickets and a couple of drinks while dancing? If so, then $100 is not a sacrifice, it is a simple commodity. This is an opportunity to put meaning to the monetary exchange and intentionalize it, not blankly pay with a consumerist mind.

The Spirit world understands the language of sacrifice, and it is up to you to decide what is the right price to pay within your own heart. Use your intuition and measure it with your own truth. It is possible that one month you can pay towards the higher end of the fee, while others it is the lower end. It is also possible that money is no issue at all and $200 per class does not cover the value of what is within the course material itself for you.

*reworded, but basic concept of language attributed to Christina Pratt

For those that prepay for the first class as a deposit before July 31st will receive a personalized Shamanic Healing as a gift. Can be redeemed at a distance. Your own healing starts when the commitment to your own personal healing is made.

We, as a culture, have large wounds around the exchange of money. If you would like more guidance in this arena, a lovely book you can download for free is “Sacred Economics” by Charles Eisenstein. Once you read the book and you feel compelled to gift back, then you can choose to pay for it. The Non-Local Shamanic Community that Stephanie participates in is currently doing a community wide transformation around Love and Money, and obviously it has a large impact on what she is offering to the world. If you want to change something in the world, start with yourself first. Change comes from within.

If you feel very drawn to this course but do not think you can commit to the full 9 month program, then you can choose to save up for at least the first two meetings. It is fine to pay month by month. If finances are a challenge, there is always delving deeper into the material learned and then hopping on to the program next year (yes, we are planning for this to be a repeating yearly program). Once you take the class, the materials and resources from that class will be shared with you, and you can still choose to communicate with your fellow classmates.

Is this program right for you? Read more about it on the Soul Compass Path landing page to check out dates, the syllabus, and other tidbits you might find interesting.

Already feel that this resonates within your bones to take this course? Fill out our application form!

A good resource if you are anxious to get started is through the free, listener supported podcast, Why Shamanism Now. There are over 400 archived hours, and a teaser to what is available both within this course and beyond. A great place to start is the Basics of Living Well series and the specific podcasts below:

You also have access to the archived recordings of the Ancestral Healing Circles and Bi-Weekly Shamanic Journey Groups through the forums.

The song of your soul is calling you.


The world is waiting for your gifts.

Water Blessing Ceremony – Part 1 of 3

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Wow! I am so blessed by the open community that is forming around this US Tour. There has been an interest generated that I am humbled to witness/be apart of. Here is the first of a 3 part Ceremony series called the Water Blessing Ceremony – Coast to Coast Series.

It’s not too late! This Ceremony was recorded for a reason, and the way it was energetically set up means that people can participate at any time as long as they have heart and meaning when they participate. Feel free to pass this Ceremony along to friends or family that might be interested in putting their prayers energetically into that bottle of water that currently holds water from the Potomac River. It’s short, simple and only 30 minutes. Not a lot of “woo woo”, so even people that are new to Ceremony don’t have to be intimidated. It’s as simple as saying why we are grateful for water, and all of the lovely things that water does. Apologies for the airplanes in the background! Will bring the microphone next time so the wind blowing doesn’t affect the sound quality and it will be easier to hear the speaker.

This blog post is the space for the recording, however if you would like to participate in a discussion, feel free to hop on over to the forums.

Interested in more?

Why Go Across the United States for the US Tour?

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As my son and I prepare for our last week in town, the last weekend in town we hosted 3 events. The Eagle Therapies US Tour – Crucible of Transformation happened on Saturday. It was my heartfelt explanation for why I felt called to go across the United States, exposing a little bit more of my personal story. Towards the end I pose some big questions and as a group we discussed what that means for us as a small community – connecting in with larger communities. Feel free to engage in the discussion on the forums.

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