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Living a Life Lead by Spirit

This post isn’t coming from a place of trying to justify what it is that I’m trying to do. It’s a simple act of transparency to let people know where I am at. It has been encouraged of me to do because there needs to be more transparency about the process of personal development in the world. I am accepting this challenge. Not saying there’s already great work out there – but adding my own flavor to the mixture of how one can find a path to truly becoming “awake” as a fully functioning spiritual adult.


Throughout the recent years, I’ve received a lot of great compliments about how I’ve really changed foundationally as a person. People can actually feel that I’ve changed a lot, and I admit I’ve been constantly burning up like a phoenix in many aspects of my life. Even though many people have said those things about me to my face – they’re only seeing the result of blood, sweat and tears instead of the process. In the past, I have chosen not to share the dramatics about my processing because it is sacred to me. I choose to share my experiences with those that I love and trust, those that I know have gone through something similar to me. Even though the above meme made me laugh until I cried when I first saw it – it’s true. Western Contemporary culture has this big glamour over being “spiritually awake”, but what our culture is prone to is spiritual bypass. Using new age techniques to clear the upset in the moment and not finding the deep motivations behind having those triggers in the first place. I have to admit, I’m proud of the tribe that I have surrounded myself with. When I first started going through my own spiritual awakenings, I felt alone. Strong, sturdy relationships were falling apart around me, home life being shaken up, experiencing being homeless, working my heiney off with 3 different jobs 70-80 working hours a week and have ended up hospitalized because of it (not directly, but the stress of it, in my opinion, was a contributing factor). Amidst all of this chaos, what I found is that when I took the time to focus on myself, new relationships were popping up around me. I just had to slow down in order to appreciate it.  The new relationships were people who have been through the same thing and have cultivated similar wisdom from these life experiences. It’s similar to that feeling as a child where you tell yourself the story, “If I don’t have this – I will DIE!”. Well it’s true. In the journey of the awakened spiritual adult, a part of us does have to die in order to give birth to a new truth within us. To stay within that realm of allowing the fear of death to motivate us, keeps us trapped in a state where we cannot move forward.

SpiritualAwakeningWhat I have noticed personally as I have become more aware, is that there’s a spectrum of people learning from experiences. One side is represented by those that go from experience to experience without cultivating the wisdom learned in that experience. They blow past that experience and move right into the next big high that makes them feel something. The other end of the spectrum are those that take the time to slow down, detach from the drama, and begin to see the reflection of the world around them within themselves and their own personal experience. As I stated above, I fill my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feed up with people that are actively going through this work. I make sure that what I take in inspires me, and to also know that there are other people out there making this journey with me. We don’t have to feel disconnected as we go through this work, and this is part of the medicine that I bring, and that I have distilled from my past. Yes, I’ve made horrible decisions in my life. But I didn’t realize that the biggest “mistakes” turned into my biggest blessings. So here is where I actively start sharing my journey, and I am excited you are reading this.

Stories have a lot of power, and the stories we tell ourselves can either rob you of power, or fill you with power. One of the reasons why I didn’t share a lot in my past is because I would have shared from my old perspective of being the victim. I wasn’t ready for the raw versions to come out quite yet. I have been actively pulling back those stories that make me feel smaller, that legitimized my specific role as a lesbian, single, white-looking woman. Each one of those “labels” put me in a certain role and it’s hard to break those roles and have people see me as who I really am. The stories I was telling before fed into those labels and reinforced some of those very labels that I’m trying to break. Even being a cis-female and owning it has been a journey – to break gender roles and to have people just see “me” instead of those labels. But now I’m polishing up my story telling abilities and being brave about where my path is leading me.

Moana from the Disney Movie

Once the art of story telling is explained, I get to explain the difference of “power of” and “power over”. Charles Eisenstein is a brilliant writer and visionary who speaks to the difference between the Old Story and the New Story. The old story of “power over” is in essence the story of being motivated by fear. In essence, it is manipulating, shaming, or guilting people into doing something because you’re anchoring yourself on external motivations. Most of us (generationally speaking) have grown up with this, having this way of life handed to us at birth. We don’t honestly know any other way. A “new story” that is emerging is one of “power of”. We, as a culture, are beginning to recognize and heal the stories that keep us separated, alienated, and manipulated. We are finding that our true purpose is not outside of us, but inside of us. There is beautiful movie called Moana. It’s a Disney movie about a young girl finding her life purpose, and the evolution of how she claims her power/birthright for herself, and then her people. This is the perfect teaching story, because when she feels as though she “fails”, she realizes that she wasn’t supposed to be looking outside of herself for the hero – that the ancestors and the Universe gave her the opportunity to be the hero. This is a true story of empowerment, and if you haven’t watched the movie, I politely encourage you too.

In my life, I feel like Moana right now. That I’m in the middle of the ocean finding my life’s purpose. I’m in that moment where I’m realizing that my purpose lives within me and I have the ability to bring that out into the world. It’s obviously not an easy path. When I was guided to quit my full time Veterinary job back in November, it was scary. Western Contemporary Culture, my parents, and many others gave me the warnings of not having a “real job”, and of course my inner critic was screaming that I was going to fail. By societal standards – yes I am failing. But to me and my community, I’m not. I’m finding that the stress of living a path of authenticity is tempering the steel of my blade. Stress can be turned into anxiety or excitement. There is no in-between.

You either choose love or fear.

The Old Story is based off of fear. And I’m trying my hardest to choose love. Yes, I trip every now and then. Every action I take is stirring up even more chances for that voice of fear to be prominent. To say, “get a real job”, “you’re not doing it right”, “you’re an idiot”, “you’re a failure”. But you know what? Each voice that tells me those things – I am choosing it to be the hammer strike that hits the hot metal. The hot metal is my soul, and I constantly am giving my life, spirit, and soul up to God/Spirit/the Universe right now. I am choosing to heat myself up through the dance of life and am letting these life experiences shape me into the person I truly came here to be.

I have tried searching for spiritual communities that would be accepting of me. I apprenticed under a Seminole Elder, and worked with Native American Grandmothers for close to a year. I chose to step away because I found that to not be “my path”. That time was not wasted. I deeply love and treasure the gifts, medicine, and wisdom that was bestowed upon me by that time. I am honored and humbled I had that opportunity. What I learned was to respect my elders, and to honor/acknowledge where “traditional” spiritual paths have come from. But what I bring forward into the world is not traditional by any means. What I found was that the acceptance had to come from within myself first before I sought it outside of myself.

Which is what led me to the Last Mask Community. I found Christina Pratt through my first physical reality Shamanic Teacher, Mary Tyrtle Rooker. I started listening to the Why Shamanism Now podcasts, and felt this immediate gut punch. There was this sense of what I was looking for, but didn’t know how to express it. I heard about the Cycle teachings associated with Christina through many of the podcasts, and tried to go for 3 years, but something always ended up coming up. Finally, on the third year I got in and finally went to Masks of Illusion and the Authentic Self last year. It wasn’t until the second retreat when the dots of my experiences began connecting themselves when I sat still enough to listen.

I grew up as a sensitive child in a physically abusive, neglected household. I learned how to suppress my gifts of emotional and spiritual sensitivity until it exploded out of me sideways when I was in High School. I find it to be a funny coincidence that right around the same time frame that I was in the mental institutions receiving grandiose visions of being apart of something bigger then myself, was around the same time period that the Last Mask Community came to know itself and began to form itself as a community. I knew I was looking for something, but I didn’t know it was community. We aren’t meant to do this work alone.

We are supposed to be finding others like us with similar stories, and banding together to change the stories we tell ourselves collectively as a people. To hold each other accountable for our actions and progression as people. Yes, there was that in the 2 year Shamanic Training I took with Tyrtle, however it wasn’t sustainable and all of the graduates of the program lost touch with each other. We check in every now and then, but it’s not the deep sense of intimacy that I get with opening up to a community of people that are moving through the same waters set up within a contemporary cosmology specifically crafted for this time.

Within the context of community, I learned that I contributed to the juicy energy of the community just by being me. I couldn’t have poor boundaries and depend on them to build me up. My own personal development is what matters. That’s why I found that for myself, I had to distance myself from a “real job” because I was measuring my own self worth by how much I was being paid. It wasn’t until I decided to charge sliding scale, stepping into my work full time as a local community leader/shamanic practitioner and getting paid what people could afford, that people reflected my worth to me. Not because I used their dollars as way to measure myself, but to find that what they had in their hearts was enough of a gift. Instead of looking to my clients as affirmation that I was a “good practitioner”, I instead learned to find that value within myself, and have my clients reflect a mirror to what I found I was already discovering. It wasn’t until those in my circles that kept choosing to come back to events really showed up and let me see them, that I was able to see how the groups I led helped them. To see their transformations as they grew and changed as people.

We can’t do all this deep transformational work on our own. We need witnesses to see the person that we once were and to help us become the people who were truly meant to walk this Earth. That is why I choose to step up into the public eye and share my experiences with those that choose to read. It’s scary for myself personally, but what I have to offer is a non-traditional, yet authentic set of experiences that is based off of a cosmology meant for this culture at this time. We need context in order to explore our spiritual awakenings in a way that is embracing of our true selves instead of riddled with judgement/spiritual bypass.

In order to live a life led by Spirit, it requires that you are able to clear yourself of all of the “stories” you tell yourself that keep you from living your lifes true purpose. Once we peel off the layers, living authentically is filled with ease, joy, and love. One thing about my experience right now, is that I am living very humbly. I don’t have “extra money” at this time, but my basic needs are being met. My enrichment at this time is coming from other sources rather then just monetary. People are gifting me food, offering up their houses for me to use as community spaces, paying for gas money, boots, power objects, and altar items. My son has not gone hungry, and we have always had a roof over our heads. Spiritual awakenings can be scary, but what we really need is a safe context of which to ground ourselves into as we “come online”.

Which is another motivating factor for me crafting this US Tour. I genuinely believe that we have the ability to come together and find others like us that want to either explore the beginnings of the work, or to deepen our practices together. Too long have we all fed into the lie of separation. It is now time for us to step into the story of well being, and finding or making communities that support that. Even if you’re not along the route, feel free to visit our Facebook, YouTube, or Forums to join us from a distance. We will even be live streaming certain events, so stay tuned for more adventures.

I plant this virtual blessing here, that as I continue to learn and grow about myself and my experiences, that you continue to learn and grow about yourself and your experiences. May we all take that step today that leads us closer to our authenticity and ignite that passion in our belly – the true calling of why we were born on this Earth.

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2018 US Tour Itinerary

Eagle Therapies Tour2

This page is specifically for planning purposes in being able to navigate logistics. This particular post will be updated FIRST, so stay tuned to this page to track navigation if you’re interested in following the adventures of the Eagle.

  • Lost? Read the 2018 US Tour Landing Page
  • Want to help contribute to this US Tour? Offer up event spaces, ceremonial spaces, places to sleep along this route, local elders (with their consent), or contribute monetary wise. Every dollar donated will go directly to the success of the Big Vision of the US Tour.

Keep in mind that the main intent of the majority of these Ceremonies is not to draw attention, but to draw the right people that are either willing to do the work, or that are open to learning the next steps in furthering their connection with Spirit.

If you are a local business that is open to hosting events, please reach out and I will be happy to promote/advertise for your business or local Shamanic events.

The rough track is as follows:

June 15th – Serpent Mound, Ohio
-Public Ceremony in AM. Event will be posted but will most likely remain low key
-Tenting unless someone offers a space close by

June 16th – Rileys Bay, WI
-Private Ceremony in AM, if interested message for details
-Lodging covered

June 17th – Minneapolis, MN
-Drum Circle in PM. If you know a local venue, please message
-Lodging covered

June 18th – Black Hills, SD
-Low key Private Ceremony in late evening or early morning. If you would like to camp with us overnight, you are more then welcome.
-Staying in State Park – tent camping.

June 19th-20th – Yellowstone, WY
-Have to check permits/legalities for having public Ceremonies
-Worst comes to worst, private Ceremony – message for details. You are welcome to camp with us as we do Ceremony in the evening or morning the next day
-Staying in State Park – tent camping.

June 21st – A National Forest in Montana
-C’oeur d’Alene National Forest, Flathead National Forest, or Nez-Perce – Clearwater National Forest. Need to do more divination/communication with Land Spirits before deciding on location
-Staying in State Park – tent camping.

June 22nd-29th – Portland, OR
-Several reasons in Portland, OR
-Lodging covered
-Offering Ancestral Healing Ceremonies, Heart Centered Sound Circles, and Life Compass Groups. Dates and locations to be decided.

The rest of this road trip will be carved out more as time goes on. More divination, communicating with Land Spirits, and physical reality planning/coordination needs to happen before realistic dates can be offered. Please be patient! Many moving parts!

Seattle, WA
-Several venues available but more always welcome
-Will be offering Ancestral Healing Ceremonies, Heart Centered Sound Circles, and Life Compass Groups. Dates and locations to be decided.
-Lodging covered
-Public Ceremony in Puget Sound

Stockton or Sacremento, CA
-Public Ceremony to be announced
-Have venue space to do event, dates and times to be decided
-Will be offering Ancestral Healing Ceremonies, and Life Compass Groups
-Lodging covered

Millcreek, UT
-Public Ceremony/events to be announced
-Lodging covered

Kanab, UT
-Public Ceremonies to be announced in Grand Canyon and Lake Powell
-Plan on hitting Coral Sand Dunes, maybe Grand Staircase
-Tent camping unless someone offers crash space

Sedona, AZ
-Public Ceremonies and events to be announced
-Lodging covered

Sante Fe, NM
-Public Ceremonies and events to be announced
-Lodging covered

Austin, TX
-Public Ceremonies and events to be announced
-Lodging covered

Greer Ferry Lake, AR
-Private Ceremony, message for details
-Tent camping

St. Louis, MO
-Private Ceremony at Cahokia Mounds, message for details
-Lodging covered

Heading home. Flexible with this part of route home.

At this point, this is the basic skeleton outline of the trip. US Tour subject to change based off of interaction with community members, Land Spirits, or what the moment calls for. If you happen to be along this route, feel free to email so we can begin being in communication with each other. I am still in the planning stages, so please…


Thank you all for your support! Let’s co-create and make this US Tour something our Descendants keep talking about!

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Eagle Therapies 2018 US Tour

Many contemporary people long to connect to a larger energy than themselves. We actively look for answers in community, society, and our western contemporary culture. However, the answers we are seeking in order to heal the story of separation are not going to be found in our culture. The story of interbeing will be coming from the margins.

So… Who is Eagle Therapies?

Eagle Therapies is a small business started by Stephanie Seger (me) in 2014. It was an authentic approach to me establishing myself on my Shamanic path. I have studied with Mary Tyrtle Rooker, Christina Pratt, and have taken courses with/read books by Michael Harner, Evelyn RysdykSandra Ingerman, and Betsy Bergstrom. Since the first Shamanic Journey group back in early spring of 2014, Eagle Therapies has hosted a number of different events in the Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland area. This is the main local nest, and it has grown to a robust 8-12 events a month, centered around getting people connected with their mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies in a healthy way. Most of the time it’s through fun activities like dancing, drumming, or singing (there’s at least a little each event).

What is happening? Why take this on the road?

As I come to a deeper understanding of myself as well as deepening my connection to my Spirit Guides/Helping Spirits, challenges have been posed to me. I was clearly guided by Spirit to quit my job back in November and thus began my earnest dedication to Eagle Therapies.

Some big lessons for me at this time include trust (trust in myself, trust in the Universe, trust in my guides), humility, asking for help, and faith. Honestly? I tend to be pretty hard headed, so what’s going to push me out of my comfort zone the most? Get in front of a bunch of strangers across the US with community that I have not been tending carefully over the past 4 years… No. It’s not terrifying at all.

One of the things about being a Shamanic Practitioner, is that you have to live in good relationship with the world around you. Through a Shamanic lens, you understand that everything has a Spirit, and we are all connected and interconnected to the Spirit in all things. At first I thought this was going to be a small road trip, but I was wrong. Initially, I journeyed to the Land Spirits requesting permission to travel safely across them. They brought me to the spirit of Great Grandmother Turtle of Turtle Island. She had a mission for me if I chose to accept it (cue Mission Impossible theme).

The main reason why I was given this seed of doing a road trip last year was to offer Ceremonies similar to those I hold in the DC area across the United States. Grandmother Turtle has assured me that the time is right for me to perform what she calls “Awakening” Ceremonies. This is a “Guided by Spirit” road trip, and I’m going to be as transparent as possible with this trip, making my life on the road public for all who are willing to view. I will be bringing my son with me, for he is an extension of my heart and soul. And of course because we get into the most ridiculous shenanigans together. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and sign up for the special road trip newsletter (it will be sent out once weekly and good for those who stay away from social media).

What is an Awakening Ceremony?

To be honest, I don’t know at this point. That’s just the word that came into my head as I kept trying to describe my experiences. I plan on updating this post as time goes on so that people can stay up to date as I know and understand. What I do know at this point is that my main purpose is to connect with as many people as possible.

One of my gifts is the ability to involve people in fun, engaging activities in order to embody complex concepts with ease. The innately intelligent Land Spirits are consistent in their informing me of their earnest desire for humans to connect with them more. To pause in appreciation for the clouds while walking from your car to your work place is an example of the simplicity desired. To connect with the spiritual and natural world is uncomplicated; gratitude doesn’t need to be a complex expression.

You want an opportunity to attend a relaxed, fun drum or song circle? Oh, what’s that? You feel a stirring in your heart and you laughed like you hadn’t ever before? Good! That’s our goal. Transitioning to living a healthier lifestyle with more awareness of the world around you isn’t difficult…it’s joyful. Please join us!

There will be events along the way that will be just drum and song circles, but I will also offer Ancestral Healing Circles, Heart Centered Sound Circles, Life Compass Groups, and Awakening Ceremonies. The Awakening Ceremonies are still a little fuzzy to me, but I will be doing them daily in different areas where I will be staying or traveling through. We will be visiting multiple sacred sites across the US (Serpent Mound, Cahokia Mounds, Black Hills, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, etc). There is an Itinerary Post, and it will be constantly updated so everyone can stay on the same page. Links to events on Facebook and Meetup will be created. What I do know about the Awakening Ceremonies is that they will be planned closer to the date of performance. Some of the Ceremonies will be strong and structured, while others will leave room for the Sacred to intervene.

If you wish to be a coordinator for an event and you happen to be along the route, then feel free to message and we can most likely work something out! If you are a Shamanic Practitioner along the route, then I will be happy to advertise for your local events while I’m in town. I am flexible, and if it’s meant to happen, things will happen easily and fluidly.

The main point of this road trip is to help awaken ourselves to our true potential. We should be in right relationship with the world around us, and that starts first with where we live. It can be done through the small acts of awareness or through the deep Ceremonies of connection with the Land Spirits. Join in community, bring a friend who knows nothing about Shamanism to a song and drum circle to help open their eyes with how graceful and fun filled it can be. Inside of us is the reason why we were born into this world at this time. It is time we stepped up to be the answer to the prayers our Ancestors have been praying for. If anything, I know that I personally want to leave this world better then the way I found it so that my son and his generation have something substantial to inherit.

I will be carrying local Goose Feathers dropped naturally during molting season with me throughout the whole road trip. They will be potent power objects by the end of the trip, choosing to carry the energy of this road trip as they will be on each travel altar we set up and break down to honor the spirits of the land, ancestors, and sacred beings all around. They will be available for those that choose to donate to the road trip and want to have a piece of the road trip with them or the community.

This road trip is an immense amount of trust. This is an act of Co-Creation and I wouldn’t be able to do it without your support. If the Vision of this road trip calls to you, then please consider donating. We have chosen to go with crowd funding with reward tiers because I am willing to work for donations. Every dollar you donate will go directly to the support of this Vision, and you will get personally thanked by me. If you cannot donate at this time, then spread the word about this road trip. Contact people who might be along the route and let them know these events are coming to town.

If you read it this far, then I give deep gratitude to you as a human. You chose to donate your time and read this, and I honor your heart. May our hearts connect and share that spark of connection – if only for a brief moment. Brightest blessings, and fly high.



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I am not a Shaman

The mistake has been made many times and I wanted to put the big banner somewhere that I am not a Shaman. There’s a difference between being a Shamanic Practitioner and a Shaman. This is currently a hot bed of a debate, and I don’t want to argue with people. That’s not my interest. But I do wish to clarify where I stand with this situation, and also define myself as a practitioner.

There’s this wonderful organization called the Society of Shamanic Practice that is a collection of Shamanic Practitioners. They organize different events, and have a directory of events, teachers, and practitioners organized by State. If you sign up to be a member, you might want to listen to the audio recording they released back in January of 2018 which has Lena Stevens moderating a discussion between Sandra Ingerman, Jose Stephens, and Ben Boomer. This was a very enlightening conversation between three very experienced individuals that are leaders in their field. Sandra Ingerman is world renowned for her leadership in teaching Shamanism for over thirty years. She got her start with Michael Harner and the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, and has since been on her own path of spreading her teachings that she has received through her Guides. Jose Stephens is one of the founders of the Power Path School of Shamanism and is a board member of the Society for Shamanic Practice. He has completed a ten-year apprenticeship with a Huichol Maracame in Mexico and has studied with the Shipibos of the Amazon and the Paqos of the Andes for the last thirty years. Ben Boomer was raised participating in both traditional Diné ceremony with his mother’s family and traveling to California for Christmas with his father’s side of the family. These experiences created a deep recognition of the validity and importance of the ancient ways of knowing from a spectrum of cultures. His life has created natural fusions between the modern western society and indigenous civilization.

The summary that I took away from that interview really helped clarify a lot of things for me. In order to be a Shaman, you must have a community that you belong to. A weekend workshop or a 1-2 year training program does not count. The community recognizes you as the Shaman and the Shaman recognizes the community. To use the word “Shaman” because it’s something cool and fashionable does dishonor to the role of a Shaman. In this society, there is currently a glamour around the word Shaman. It also breeds ignorance because there can be a superficial context of which to understand what exactly the role of a Shaman is. We as a Western Contemporary Society generally do not have the context for healthy community. Traditionally it would take years of apprenticeship, study, and dedication in order to follow that path. And even further still, the role of being a Shaman is gifted by the Spirits. The Spirits choose who the Shaman is, and a community recognizes and feels the vibration of that choice.

Let’s put this into perspective. In a traditional Shamanic culture, everyone would be able to communicate and talk with the Spirits. It was a daily act of cultivation to be able to interact with the sacred. The Diné have the expression to “Walk in Beauty”, because the Sacred is in everything and should be honored. That is the meaning of respect, and cultivating that respect with the world around you. It’s knowing that the world around you is connected in a great web of life, and seeing the hands of Spirit/God/The Universe reflected in all things.

However, in our culture, those who can talk to Spirits and communicate with them regularly are marginalized. There is an emergence of psychics, mediums, and other varieties that are becoming more common. Nothing is wrong with them, and they do have gifts. This should be more commonplace, to recognize the people that have true gifts. We should celebrate this instead of shame them. This would be considered “normal” and a functioning part of being in a Shamanic culture, because divination is still practiced in active Shamanic Cultures today. This is one of the reasons why I teach Shamanic Journeying (and have been for years now), because it’s a way to begin having these experiences of interacting with one trusted Helping Spirit. We as humans would do need help from the world around us. To project what we feel is “right” or “wrong” is actually imposing our will on our outside world, and is not taking into account that everything has its own Spirit.

Have you ever walked into someones house and felt nice and calm? Just started relaxing as soon as you walk in the door? And then what happens when you walk into an office building and you feel your shoulders start tensing up because of all of the stress that’s in the environment? Buildings have spirits too, and so does the land that the buildings are on. No one needs to be a Shaman to tap into that.

To be a Shamanic Practitioner means to be able to use Shamanic skills in your everyday life to interact in a healthy and respectful way with the world around you. It’s about constantly improving our language with Spirit and understand the messages we are being given. To Journey to the Spirit of the Land and give respect to the stream in your backyard by tossing some tobacco or cornmeal outside is a great way to begin cultivating the relationship with the world around us. To honor your Ancestors, the ones who have walked before you, by setting aside a little tiny plate of food at each meal to give gratitude for the food you are about to eat. These are things that (in my opinion) should be normalized to help us feel more connected to the great web of life. So many of my clients suffer because they feel the strain of loneliness, feeding into the story of separation – that they are separated from God/The Universe/Spirit. In an indigenous culture, everyone would be expected to maintain this relationship with the divine by honoring the Sacred in all things.

So in short: No, I am not a Shaman. I am a Shamanic Practitioner. I have not studied or trained with an Indigenous culture for 20+ years. Yes I’ve talked to Spirits since I was a kid and have been immersed in other books about Shamanism, following a Shamanic Path without realizing it since 2006. But I didn’t really find my path until I found Mary Tyrtle Rooker and picked up Sandra Ingermans journeying book back in 2013. I find myself a beginner on this path of Shamanism. Constantly going back to the basics and spreading the truth of what I know and what I have learned into the world. If someone calls me a Shaman, I won’t correct them because if they happen to be at one of my events then they are part of the community that’s there. The community has the right to call me a Shaman, but I myself will not call myself a Shaman. I’m just here to do my part and to spread ease, joy, love, and laughter into the world.

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Journeying at Home

This is a specific break down of protocol, songs, and links that will help one prepare for journeying at home. It doesn’t take too terribly long, but it’s a practice. If this is absolutely your first time, please read this post. This is a companion guide to make it nice and short and sweet for those that want to journey on a tight schedule and still follow protocol.

If you are tapping in to a Shamanic Journey Group, it is recommended (but not required) to prepare your space before hand by either smudging with incense, sage, singing bowl, or bells. Then tap into the energy of the group by watching the video on the forums. Actually try to engage or participate by writing down your questions as you think of them, and then after you journey, share them in the posts on the forums. These forums are here for you, and you have permission to be as inquisitive as you would like to be.

Once you are done watching the suggested journey topic, set the container by listening/singing along to this song:

The Container Song
Tune and Original Lyrics by Kellianna
Re-Written by Stephanie Seger

Facing East, I send my prayers away, away
East sky enlighten me, I pray, I pray
Air, communication, help me speak my truth
Harpy Eagle I welcome you
And give thanks for visions of peace, of peace

Facing South, I send my prayers away, away
South Sky for purity, I pray, I pray
Fire, flame of passion, help with transformation
Golden Eagle I welcome you
And give thanks for healing in peace, in peace

Facing West, I send my prayers away, away
West Sky move with me, I pray, I pray
Water, deep emotion, restore to great flow
Now bald eagle I welcome you
And give thanks for balance in peace, in peace

Facing North, I send my prayers away, away
North Sky stability, I pray, I pray
Earth, cool and dark, cradle me in your arms
Oh white eagle, I welcome you
And give thanks for teachings in peace, in peace

Mother Earth, I send you my prayers
Father Sky, I send you my prayers
Oh Great Mystery, I feel your breath in my mouth
Oh Great Mystery I welcome you
And give thanks for you in me, in peace, in peace, in peace

Then once circle is set, sing or drum for a little bit. Typically in the circle we would sing one song that repeats its lyrics. Sing and dance your own song, or you can choose any number of songs from the youtube channel (it is helpful to choose before you sing the container song so there is a flow). This is also a chance for you to call in your helping spirits to be with you, and potentially merge with them through song and dance.

Then place headphones in to begin listening to any of these Shamanic Drumming tracks:

  • 12 minute track – Has whistling in the beginning to call in protection and the ancestors by Sandra Ingerman
  • 30 minute track – Single track drumming by Michael Harner
  • 30 minute track – Single and double drumming tracks by Michael Harner
  • 30 minute track – Beautiful Taiko drumming with Nagado drums, Odaiko, and rattles by Sandra Ingerman featuring Taiko Sol

Once you receive your answer, take a few moments to write down your journey notes. It’s better to use short phrases or single words to describe things. If you write in sentences, the visions and experiences tend to slip easier from your frame of mind.

After that is done, you are set to close up circle! We give great gratitude to the Ancestors, land spirits that we stand on, and then we sing this following song:

Now you are all set! And can go about your daily business 🙂

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Bridge over the Potomac

I wish to share a private moment with you. Sit down with me as you read and join me up here as I share this moment overlooking the Nations Capital.

I currently live in Alexandria, and for most of my friends across the states and around the world, I live close enough to DC to say that I live in DC. I’m writing this tonight while sitting on a bench, on top of a bridge that goes across the Potomac river. I’m looking directly at the big penis of America (the Washington monument) and am considering the big internal process I just went through.

I came up here with doubts, fears and insecurities. I can hold myself together pretty well. But while I was up here, I decided to give humble offerings to each of the 4 directions (if you’re feeling lost, this is a perfect way to find yourself again and be your own compass). I don’t have much to give, but I caught myself saying, “I am enough” as I found items on my walk that were pretty and reminded me of the directions. I have to admit, I fell apart and cried up here on a bridge over the Potomac. Good thing I don’t wear makeup, because it was an ugly cry. I fell into my practice and I asked for help from the universe after I gave my offerings.

Right as I recovered from letting go and surrendering, I faced towards DC and noticed a plane was taking off from Reagan airport. It felt like the universe heard my plea for help, and I felt connected to the plane. I felt I was that plane. Full of vision and at the beginning of a long flight. I asked if this sign was for me, and right at that moment a ship came from the opposite direction, directly under me and heading straight for DC. For a brief moment I was simultaneously under an airplane and also over a water taxi at the same time. It felt right.

The only way to grow stronger in your faith is to break it. It is the process of losing it, and then finding it again. I came up here with all my fears, doubts, insecurities, and worries that I was failing. I spoke them out loud and I let myself go. I opened up to the bigger energies out there and got an almost immediate answer. It’s taken me years to build my own vocabulary with Spirit. To be able to see what these messages mean to me instead of looking outside of myself for the answer. Tonight I broke and I was held by the Universe in a safe context. Because I had my practice to fall back on. I did the crucial thing and instead gave time for Spirit to answer me back. I listened. It’s a conversation, not a one way street where you keep asking for stuff. I gave and spoke from my heart. And am walking away with a deeper sense of connection.

I couldn’t begin to find a way to thank Mary Tyrtle Rooker and Christina Lee Pratt enough. For giving me the foundation to really break down in a good way and build myself back up with the context of my true soul self and my authenticity.

So thank you for reading this, and thank you for joining me momentarily on this bridge over the Potomac while having this grand view of DC. Blessings for you to find the courage to break down and get back up again with a stronger sense of self.

Disclaimer: this whole post was written while sitting on the bridge with the view. So you technically did join me on the bridge.

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Singing to your food

I know it might sound ridiculous and you’re afraid people might laugh at you or judge you if they catch you doing it. However, being kind to your food actually helps you in the long run.

Sensitive people can tell the difference when someone makes them food, and they really put their love and care into that food. When we get food prepared for us (especially from a fast food restaurant), it’s disconnecting in a way. Sure, it might taste good, but somehow it doesn’t fill us up like Grandmas Apple Pie did.

We can be magical just like our Grandparents and make amazing food with depth and meaning if we just focus our attention on our food in a conscious way. Most people live to eat. We should be making the switch to eat to live. If we slowly stop overconsuming food because the food that we cook or eat has our intention cooked into it, we can become “full” even easier. Thus learning to stop overeating can become easier.

Many people that are Reiki practitioners bless their food with Reiki. Hey, if that floats your boat then cool! I actually pray by singing. I connect my intention with my voice and singing always puts me in a good mood. I intentionally connect with the food that I’m about to cook and will often sing to it. What does that mean energetically? I am blessing my own food and eating my prayers. I’m not as disconnected from my food and I feel a sense of connection to something bigger out there in the big web of life.

Even if you’re a horrible cook and can’t cook for yourself, try just humming something to your microwave dish. Make the intention to connect to your food and give gratitude for the many hands it took to get it to your table. If you’re also looking to deepen your Shamanic Practice, set a little food aside for the land spirits and ancestors in gratitude for the food that is about to nourish your body.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

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What’s with all the spiders?

As some may notice as we begin upgrading our site and constantly changing/evolving it – it is fitting into a bigger picture. This is the official webpage that we will be using to honor the spirit of technology as it was originally presented to me.

The spirit of Technology and I have had a very interesting ride so far, and the beauty of working with things in a shamanic sense is being able to have a relationship with almost everything out there in the greater web of life. It was almost a “duh” moment when I journeyed to meet the spirit of technology and found a spider. Get it? World wide web? It has the potential to weave people together.

One of the reasons for reaching out to the spirit of technology? It was part of my community work with the cycle teachings (the 4 year shamanic program I’m in) and I really began to see the potential of hosting space for a non-local shamanic community for people that wanted to authentically begin connecting with themselves on a deeper level. If you’re interested in the teachings, feel free to visit Why Shamanism Now as well as the Last Mask Center where all of the trainings are listed. I will be able to offer some of the classes/skills as an extension of the community in the years to come, but for now let us focus on what we have here with the Eagle Therapies community.

One of the things that we must realize is that when we begin interacting with different spirits that offer to help us, and us help them – they are a reflection of how we treat the wider universe. Each relationship, wether it is spiritual or in physical reality, must be treated with respect. Hence why creating an altar or shrine is a very authentic and shamanic way in building right relationship with the natural world around us.

This post will over time be gently upgraded in order to reflect my relationship with the spirit of technology. For now this is the virtual spot online, and we will keep adding to it as time goes on!

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Pre-Earth Day Celebrations and Fire Ceremony

During the month of March, in preparation for Earth Day, April 22nd, 2018, we will be hosting an array of Fire Ceremonies releasing limiting beliefs that prevent us from showing up in a good way. One of the ways we can be in right relationship with the world around us is by acknowledging our own contribution to feeding limiting beliefs. Many people use their busy life as an excuse not to focus on themselves. Well, this is an event that will be encouraging focus on the self so we can truly allow ourselves to be the stewards of change.

Let us usher in change and transformation!

There will be 3 different dates/locations in the month of March.

  • March 10th – 2-7pm in Cascades, MD. Event link on Meetup and Facebook
  • March 17th – 3-8pm in Damascus, MD. Event link on Meetup and Facebook
  • March 25th – 3-8pm in Springfield, VA. Event link on Meetup and Facebook

The one I’m most excited about? The one in Cascades, MD. It’s set in a beautiful little mountain neighborhood, and we will be picking up trash along a waterfall earlier in the day. Soolah Hoops is a fire performer with a local fire troop called Pyrophoric. We will be teaming up to combine spiritual/mental/emotional diving with practical application. Fire is a wonderful and transformative tool, and we will be provided fire spinning cord cutting on March 10th. Truly let go and allow those old beliefs and what you agreed to hold you back go up in flames! Literally! We will hold space for you.

Here is the event description and itinerary (basic outline, adjust 1 hour for those participating in Cascades) for those interested in attending:

In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, we will be laying the ground work for stepping into a new story. The stories we tell ourselves have power, and some of our old stories are rooted in old beliefs that we didn’t even know that we had. We don’t have to justify trying to “be Green” anymore. A vast majority of the population already know we need to change the way we are living because it’s not sustainable. Most people have good intentions about doing good things for the Earth, like recycling, eating green, buying organic, or using canvas grocery bags. However, good intentions aren’t enough. Typically when we are rushed or stressed, we buy food on the run, throw away trash to release the clutter instead of recycling, and forgetting the canvas grocery bags at home. It’s our human nature, and typically the story we tell ourselves is, “I don’t have enough time”, “That takes up too much energy” or “But it’s so hard to remember”. Those are all stories we tell ourselves, and they are rooted in beliefs. 

For those that don’t know, a fire ceremony can be used as a transformative tool to effectively dive down into our psyche, manifest what our old beliefs are into power objects, and then release them to the fire to be transformed. Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed – only transformed. If you are trying to create a fundamental change, but are unwilling to give things up, how can you welcome more onto your plate when your plate is already full? By being able to discuss, share space with other like minded people, and craft power objects – we will lay the groundwork for a true transformative process that involves our mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

The schedule will go as follows, but it subject to change. This is BASIC OUTLINE:

3p – Gather and begin building a community altar. Introduce ourselves with one another, and get acquainted.
3:30 – Set the container, weave the circle, and set the intention
4:00 – Explanation of what we will be doing, and go over the plan/itinerary so everyone is on the same page
4:30 – Diagnostic journeys to see what the limiting beliefs are that we will be releasing into the power object. How do we make these objects? Share and discuss if called to. Sometimes the act of sharing helps us become more concrete about our answers.
5-6:30 – Arts and crafts time! This is where we will be intentional with our crafts. There will be a space to dance, hoop, and spin if needed in order to get into our bodies and have a more clear sense of what is happening/going on. Embodiment is key!
6:30 – Sit in silence with our power objects. Now that we have manifested them into physical reality, they no longer hold power over us in our mind/emotions/spirit. Now is the opportunity to thank it for allowing us to get this far, but acknowledging that it is time to let go. Here is where we ask what the true nature of this object is, and how we can release it in a good way.
7:00 – Fire cleansing, cord cuttings, and lighting the big fire. Last minute releases before we truly allow ourselves to experience the full “release” of tossing in these power objects
7:30 – Gathering around the fire as a group and releasing our power objects into the fire one by one. We support each other, and we become sacred witnesses for those going through their process.
8:00 – Sing one last song together as a group and begin closing up our circle, releasing the energies we called forward.

Potluck after!

Things to bring:
-Journal or something to record experiences with
-Leftover crafting supplies (scissors, paint, glue gun, twine))
-Things you’ve been meaning to burn for a while (letters from an ex, old photos, *burnable* things – ie please no plastics, make it fire friendly)
-Drum, rattle, didgeridoo, sacred objects
-Food for potluck. There will be people there with food allergies or dietary restrictions, so please if possible – list the ingredients on a note card or bring the packaging.
-Ceremony run off of donation and sacred reciprocity. Suggested donation is $20-$40 to help offset costs of running Ceremony.

Things to be mindful of:
-NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL prior or during Ceremonial space, ESPECIALLY because we will be dealing with fire. Please be “clean” and try to refrain from drugs or alcohol at least a full 24 hours before. Prescription meds (especially if you need them to live) are an exception.
-Pay attention to boundaries and space. Not everyone is a hug-filled person. This Ceremony can get pretty intense, so please ask for consent or permission to give someone a hug/touch someone unless you know them well.

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Life Compass Group

What is the Life Compass Group?  No, it’s not associated with a Health Insurance Company.

CompassGroupI have found that the Internal Guidance System by Zen Debrucke, or what is also known in some circles as a “Truth Chord” is of vital importance of learning how to navigate your life in a graceful and easy flow. The Truth Chord is a skill that we can learn how to hone, and it becomes of utmost importance when we begin (or deepen) our shamanic journeying practice.

This group is something that arose out of a need for people to come together in a community to support each other as we begin to deepen our own practice. It is important for us to be within our own bodies as we live our life, because our body is what holds the wisdom of why we are here. Most don’t even know how to be in their body because their body is generally associated with pain.

When we focus too much on what is in the past because something is triggering us, or worrying about the future because we are worried what might happen – little do we realize we are not in our body. Our attention drifts to those past experiences, or the future possibilities and we get lost in that emotion/chaos of it all. When our focus drifts, that is when we are not here in the Now. This is an embodiment group where we will be able to clear the stuck or stagnant energies in our bodies so we can connect with it (typically with movement or singing), and then using that immediate clear channel of a body in order to gain insight on which direction we should be going in life.

This Meetup will only be an hour long, and schedule will go as follows:

7:00 – Gathering, setting up community altar, getting to know each other

7:10 – Weaving Circle, introducing ourselves and why we’re here

7:15 – Chakra clearing and balancing. Involves either movement or singing. Neither is required, but both encouraged.

7:45 – Going over different techniques for using the IGS, and having exercises to practice on our own or in a group

7:55 – Clean up! Saying goodbye

Bring your journal! This will be a fun and interactive group. If there is enough interest, it is possible this could be bi-weekly like the Journey Group.

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Releasing Perspectives into the Fire

Perspectives CeremonyIt turns out that when I wrote the details for this Ceremony, it was a little too long for the event description! Well, I mentioned this Ceremony in the end of December and beginning of January newsletter, and I found an awesome venue which lets me set things on fire! I mean… create sacred fire. Here are the details expanded so you can be able to expand upon some of the thoughts/mechanisms behind this Ceremony. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to call, text, or email.

New to Ceremony and don’t know what it is exactly? Read this brief introduction to Ceremony in order to get you started.

Here is a copy and paste from the Event description on Facebook, and a shortened version on Meetup:

This is an event that is specifically geared toward personal change and transformation. We ask ourselves deeply, “What is in the way of me living authentically in the world?”
Our perspective is how we view the world, and if we carry beliefs, traditions, or thought forms with us that alter our perception so that we judge ourselves or others – we come to discover that it’s holding us back and we are truly the ones standing in the way to stepping fully into our power. In this Shamanic Ceremony we will craft power objects to throw into a Ceremonial fire that will allow us to burn away those old perspectives that hold us back. Some examples would be “Not being a good enough daughter”, “Trying to fill the shoes of your older Brother”, “Feeling like I have to save the world or all the animals that are hurt/without homes”, and so many more. These items are similar to lenses that we wear that color how we look at the world. Sometimes it helps motivate us to exhaustion, or it leaves us paralyzed and scared to move forward. Whatever the feeling/perspective is, we manifest in physical reality what those blockages are and then release them in a healthy way to the fire.
Itinerary would be as follows:
3:00 pm – Showing up, getting to know other participants, helping set up the group altar as the focus
3:30 pm – Calling in directions and sharing the intention of the event with teachings about what Perspective is and how we can align our paradigm shift with the larger collective
4:00 pm – Craft time and drumming/singing!! This will take place until our power objects are complete. If you feel like you need some private time or need to join in community with song, it helps craft the right environment for releasing and letting go.
5:30 pm – The sun sets at this time, and while we go into the sunset, we give thanks for the old perspectives we had. This is where we connect with our power object in silence. We will be building the fire at this point, and we ask for quiet for participants to really sit in the stillness with what we are releasing.
6:00 pm – Releasing power objects to the fire and holding space for others while this happens.
6:30 pm – We draw the ceremony to a close, giving gratitude to the fire and begin taking things off the community altar. Feel free to have some food for grounding before getting into your car.
Things to bring:
-Journal: This is a must have, especially to record some of the experiences that we will have at this fire
-Drum or rattle: Some will be provided, but it will be helpful to have your own to connect with. Some will be available for adoption at the event
-Warm clothes: Part of this Ceremony will be taking place outside. Bring warm things and a blanket!
-Food for mini potluck at the end: If you do decide to bring something to share, please make sure it has a list of ingredients for those with food allergies attending this Ceremony.
-Suggested donation is anywhere from $20-$40, but we will not turn someone away because of money. One or two spots available for volunteer positions, please message if interested.
Support what we do here at Eagle Therapies? Feel free to sign up for our Newsletter to see what other events we will be doing:
You can also choose to subscribe to updates as they happen with Patreon. Support Eagle Therapies so that we can continue to do these transformative events.
Interested in hosting a private event or becoming a venue? Email or call/text 571.306.3197