SJG: Standing in the face of adversity

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Our topic for this meeting was “Standing in the face of adversity” so that we can step more fully into being agents of change amidst chaos. We talk about communal energies and how we can get swept away in the bigness of energies that are bigger then ourselves. The March last Friday was amazing! I attended the rally until about 1pm, and I was glad that I did! They had many wonderful speakers that day.

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South West Blessings

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In a previous post, I described my overarching year or two of personal healing as I’ve been taking more and more breaks from the breakneck speed I was moving through the world. Canyon de chellyTo summarize it, I’ve gotten involved in a charity project where we will be going to both the Navajo and Hopi reservations to install durable solar kits for about 50 families, homesteads, and businesses. Because of that, I am offering up a special!

A majority of my time will be spent near Canyon De Chelley, Chaco Canyon, and other sacred sites. We will be staying with elders, and many people who have opened up their land for us to humbly camp during the really cold and snowy South West January and February. I would love to offer some blessings, journeys, or mini shamanic healings for $50 a session!

How it works

I know what you’re thinking, how is that going to work? The reservations barely have cell service, and it’s almost impossible to have internet out there (unless you have a mobile hotspot, which is also pretty spotty). Talk about being off the grid!!

Well it’s simple! If you’ve got a particular issue, challenge, or something that’s really been bugging you, all you do is send an email to with your question and a picture of you. I will then journey on your behalf while I’m on the reservations, and then record said journey. Next time I happen to be by an internet source or within cell service, I will send you the recording as well as a detailed email (I would expect a 1-2 week turn around). The $50 also covers a phone conversation to go over the results of the journey or healing. If you feel called to offer more then that, then feel free to donate more to the cause. All of the proceeds from this will go directly to supporting me while I help the Hopi and the Navajo.

In addition to offering journeys and healings, I can also simply offer a South West blessing towards you or a friend/family member of your choice (with their consent) for a suggested fee of $30. I would just need a picture of the person receiving the blessing. This can be done in the same way, where I will record the blessing in either a song form or just explain what the blessing is and send you the recording with a detailed email about what was received.

Interested? Sign up for one through email ( or Facebook messenger. Payment can be accepted through PayPal ( or Venmo (@Stephanie-Seger-1).

Looking forward to working with you!

Living Energy Lights

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Wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere is the time for dreaming, resting, and planning for the next year ahead. As many have noticed and commented, I have been hard core going within. My adventure has taken me deep within my own cocoon of personal development. Since I’m in this 5 year shamanic training program with the Last Mask Community, I have hard core discovered that I was an addict to suffering and a chronic “over do-er”. I consistently pushed myself to exhaustion, fitting thing after thing into my busy schedule. I over planned and even managed to double book my “self care” times. Eagle Therapies is an extension of me, because it is my business. It’s been a reflection of my own personal progress as just 2 years ago I was offering anywhere between 6-12 events per month. It also lent itself to a huge US Tour that was quite an adventure! But it was stressful financially, and a great experiment of trust in Spirit. Overproduction much?

It’s a really sad thing, because our society rewards multitasking and pushing yourself to the extent of martyrdom. I can’t rightly see clients when I don’t practice what I preach, so I have been following the advice that I had been gifting out like candy.

Slow down.

I couldn’t hear my own song. And gradually over the last year, my life has taken an incredible turn. I moved to an intentional community called Living Energy Farm back in September.

Me in Hat.jpg
Me chopping firewood with a purple axe 🙂

I got involved with organic farming, open pollinated, non-GMO, USDA organic crop growing and an off the grid lifestyle. Talk about slowing down! I have been living very simply, and taking a minimal amount of clients (thank the gods for distance sessions and mobile internet!).

But my favorite thing? Well, you see in the 5 year program, the first year is all about our relationship with our authentic self, the second year is all about our relationship with shadow repressed/shamed aspects of self, and the third year is all about our relationship with power. In my third year in the cycle, I’ve gotten involved in this huge project that Living Energy Farm is putting forth. In addition to successfully living off grid for about a decade, they are passionate about sharing this renewable energy model with other people. Their big donation project is all about installing 50 battery boxes with solar panels in Navajo and Hopi territory. The four hubs we will be working with are the Tsaile/Wheatfields Dineh Water Users, The Diné College, Rez Refuge, and the Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture Institute.

That’s right. In my shamanic training year where it’s all about relationship to power, I synchronously got involved in a project of returning power to people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to power.

It’s still sad to know that there are people here in the United States that do not have access to electricity or running water. Many kids move away as they grow up because there aren’t any big paying jobs on the reservations. When they make money, they either send money back to their parents, or they purchase mass produced solar equipment that’s based off of the consumerist model. Unfortunately the solar models that are out on the market at the moment are built similarly to regular electricity running through a house, and are operated with materials that break down within a few years so you have to go back to these companies to replace the parts (which means more money for these companies). There’s thousands of dollars of melted inverters, solar panels, and dead batteries all over reservations in the South West.

Living Energy Farm has an alternative, and is offering an opportunity for people who also want to help people who don’t have access to power or running water. We’re looking for desk lamps that have regular screw in light bulbs. We will be re-wiring them so that they can be used in this donation project. If you’re in the Northern VA/DC/MD area, I can definitely stop by before I go. I’ll be up in the DC area on January 14th+15th. You can also feel free to drop off lamps at the Intuitive Wellness Center or bring them to the Journey Group on the 14th.

Xander Lamp.jpg
My son holding a recently converted lamp

Don’t have a lamp? We will happily accept donations! There are three people from the farm going out to AZ and NM to install these solar kits who will be using these donations for food, lodging, and other travel expenses. If you’re looking to gift a larger donation that is tax deductible,you can use this link. After we complete the Arizona project with the Hopi and the Navajo, we also have some installations we will be doing in Ghana, and also some eco-villages in Costa Rica.

Curious about what makes this system different then the conventional solar kits that are on the market? We will be expanding after this big donation project and have begun mass producing this DC Microgrid system and will start selling them beginning in February. Find out more on our sister project site Living Energy Lights (this is our for profit site) where a portion of each battery purchase will go towards funding these charitable adventures.


In order to support myself while I am out there, I will be offering distance journeys and mini shamanic healings for $50. This will include a detailed email with what I discovered on my journey or healing, and will give practical next steps for your healing process. This package deal also includes a recording and a phone call to go over the results. The best part? I’ll be doing this in-between these installations and on the reservations, close to powerful sacred and ceremonial places. Receive the juju and blessings of the South West in this magical opportunity!

I am unsure what events I will be offering when I get back from this big month long install as we help out 50 families/institutions get these DC Microgrids. I definitely know that I will still be continuing the Shamanic Journey Groups. My passion has really come out whenever I offer dance ceremonies, so perhaps I will do more of those! But we shall see 🙂

Thank you to all who have been supporting me while I incubate in my cocoon! The support that I feel as I go inward has been immense and has dropped me to my knees in gratitude more often then I can count. I can’t wait to unfold into the person I was born here to be!

Hope to see you around the fire, in the dream world, or around the sacred circle soon. Many blessings to you and your loved ones.

A Teaching of Water

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My elemental home is water, which means my spirit aligns more with the element of water. This easily shows when I am dancing. I flow from one movement to the next, and allow my bones and muscles to be like water until it feels like I AM the water.

Water holds the shape of whatever container it’s in. If it’s in a round bowl, the water will effortlessly flow to fill the round bowl. If it’s in a tall glass, it will easily take the shape of that glass. In a way, Water mimics the shape of whatever container that it’s in, and I found this to fill me with gratitude for the boundary of containers. I emulate this in the dance by standing next to, or in front of other dancers and mimic their movements. It’s something that allows me to feel connected to their movements, their heart, by honoring their movements as sacred and joining with them, just as water effortlessly takes up shape after shape as it flows downstream.

This weekend during the dance, I noticed how sludgy I felt as I was beginning. Then after the dance picked up momentum, even though I was feeling sludgy, I started mimicking other people during the dance. I was surprised, because I still found joy in being like water, mimicking others. But I also noticed that I emulated another property of water, which was its cleansing property. I noticed that as I mimicked the other dancers, my water inside got a bit murkier. I still felt joy because I was embodying the true nature of water.

Then I asked myself, “Well… if cleansing is a gift of water, how does water clean itself?”

The answer came so abruptly that it startled me. “It doesn’t…”

I got images in my minds eye of the sand on the riverbank, and how when the water flows from underneath the earth, it gets cleansed by the sand. The water doesn’t clean itself, the element of Earth acts as a filter. I was being water to the point of disconnection, feeling the swirling of water with no boundaries. A river cannot be a river without the banks of the river to hold it. As soon as i remembered the “earth” of my body, I felt myself getting filtered and being cleansed. Water is the blood that flows in our veins, but earth is our flesh, our muscles, our tissue.

Where was I allowing the flow of my own emotions to get stuck because I had the expectation that my emotions cleansed themselves? Where was I not allowing the wisdom of the body to come in and filter out my emotions? The trick is to feel and allow it to move. Once an emotion is truly felt, it becomes water, changes shape, and flows. But it has to be felt in the body, not held onto – or else it gets stuck, there to surface another day.

Water taught me about emBODYment, what it meant to have a body, and to work with both my emotions and physical body. May you find the wisdom of the ground beneath your feet today. May you feel the flow once you rise from your feet. Blessings to you on this day!

Dandelion Seed

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It’s honestly been a pretty rough week. A lot has been happening in my personal life. Most, good! But others send me for an emotional tail spin.

I made a big post about dancing for the mental illness in my family line a week or so ago. As if my Mother heard me, her health and living situation rapidly declined. Please don’t ask about specifics, because you don’t need to know. I share because this is a connecting post for anyone who has watched a parent decline, unsure when their last days might be.

It’s been impacting me in many different ways. It’s challenging for me to be present for my mother when I had such a dysfunctional upbringing. Many times I catch myself either shutting down or getting very emotional whenever I’m around her. These trainings I’m undertaking are so mind blowingly helpful for me to be present as an adult instead of a wounded child.

As I was processing this transition, I openly cried many times during a 5Rhythms dance with Ann Kite. I practiced letting go, and acknowledging the grief that’s in my heart from seeing my mom this way. I danced my broken heartedness as I danced the knowing that I’m not the only person going through this situation. This grief stretched my heart and deepened my capacity for love as I picked up the pieces of myself along the way.

A strange thought occurred to me during the dance. There’s this part in 5Rhythms called “lyrical”. I’ve been trying to feel what lyrical is like in my body and I just didn’t get it. How could one be light and airy but at the same time be grounded? I danced, and breathed, connecting with my feet. And that’s when the image of a dandelion seed came to mind. I danced until I became the dandelion seed, floating through the air on a big puff ball. And I asked the dandelion seed how it was grounded.

It was startling, because I just felt all my attention go to my hips. It took me a while to understand it (mostly because dandelion seeds don’t speak in English), but the seed just felt so confident in itself. It knew who it was. It was a fucking dandelion. And it knew it’s purpose, which was to grow into a dandelion. And in that purpose, it was connected to the web of life.

I was trying to find meaning and purpose in the fluff. Not the seed. The seed is the groundedness even though it’s not touching the ground. The seed knows who it is, and it knows what it came here to do. It’s that simple. How many times have I doubted who I am? How many times have I second guessed myself and have been ungrounded while flying through the air panicking?

This was when I asked what i was made of. What is the true nature of my own seed? As the music transitioned to stillness, I recognized that one of the reasons why I have been so deeply upset by seeing my mother this way, is because deep down I have a fear that I am crazy. That one day I will lose all my bearings on reality and just detach. Part of my grounding in lyrical and stillness was all about viscerally understanding and FEELING in my body that I am not my mother. I am not her mental illness. That even if I was born of her, that doesn’t make me responsible for what she does in life, or even how it might potentially end. I need to focus on being a dandelion, and not worry so much about the dandelion that sprouted the seed. I do what I can for her, and am able to do – but no more guilt trips. No more taking on responsibility that’s not mine. Time to focus on my seed and what I came here to do, not distract myself with the fluff and forget who I am.

Part of the floating in the air while being grounded, is being so connected to my purpose that I trust the winds to bring me wherever I’m needed. That’s the true essence of letting go and surrendering.

A deep gratitude goes out to my dance family, my shamanic family, and my farm family. The talks and the space for ugly crying has been invaluable. And a thank you to you whose reading this. May you have a beautiful week.

Bloom where you are planted.

Photo credit: Martin Konz

SJG: Integrating Passion

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The suggested journey topic for this recorded session is “integrating passion”. Many people attempt to live lives of passion, but passion has so often been dissected away from what we do. Passion is like the blood in our veins – it what makes our heart pump! We simply shouldn’t be “aiming” to live a life of passion, we should be DOING it! Passion should be a part of our every motivation and action, just as effortless as it takes our heart to pump blood through our veins. The real question is, where is passion NOT flowing in our lives and what can we do about it?

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Some helpful references:

Since this came up in discussion, here is a great link to find out more about a new ancestral course that Christina Pratt will be teaching in combination with Shift Network. There is also this Ancestral journey topic from around this time last year. Looking forward to hearing from you!

2019-09-24 - Integrating Passion

SJG: Finding the Hunger for life

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Our suggested journey topic for the this recorded meeting is all about finding that aspect of ourselves that is hungry for life. Many people are drifting through life on autopilot, doing the next thing, participating in the rat race and living by our “to-do list”. Where is that part of ourselves that is HUNGRY for life and not just focused on surviving? Once we really bring this hungry part of ourselves online, passion naturally arises and we will feel this want transform into a NEED as we truly devote our energy to living our medicine instead of getting in our own way. Trust me, the world needs our medicine, so let’s find that hungry part of ourselves who NEED to express our gifts out in the world!

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Some helpful references:

2019-08-23 - Finding the hunger for life

SJG: Healing Self Sabotage

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Our suggested journey topic for this meeting is “healing self sabotage”. Many of us have times of our life when we don’t realize how much we are in our own way. This meeting, we discussed compassion, curiosity, and if you’re brave enough – we will connect in with marginalized aspects of ourselves that feel like it’s their job to tear us down. We must realize that this was born out of survival and we learned how to do this to ourselves.

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Some helpful references:

2019-08-13 - Healing Self Sabotage

SWB: Healing the Isolation

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This is an affiliation with the Shamanism Without Borders program as run by the Society for Shamanic Practice. This is a recorded ceremony of a Shamanism Without Borders call that we have completed in the past. If you’re interested in viewing the archives, click below.

There is a feeling of isolation that is becoming more apparent during these fast paced times. People we thought we knew well turn out to be surprising us – and sometimes not in the good way. Inspired by the most recent shootings in Dayton, OH, this Virtual Ceremony will focus on how we isolate ourselves without meaning too.

As Sandra Ingerman says, the microcosm reflects the macrocosm. That which is within us is reflected out in our environment, and vice versa. Many can often either feel numbed out or overwhelmed by the events of today’s time. How do we move forward with integrity while keeping our hearts open without collapsing in on itself due to compassion fatigue? This is a very real question that we must ask ourselves as we move forward as a culture. As we process the grief of the human beings lost in these mass shootings, may we ask the deeper question of, “Who in me feels isolated”? The people behind the guns are still people, and often the feeling of isolation contributes to them performing these violent acts. As we come together in community, may we see this aspect of ourselves rise in this situation so we may do what is necessary to heal these cultural wounds by exploring them on an individual level through this hour long virtual ceremony.

This ceremony can be taken as many times as you feel as necessary. It’s recorded for a reason 🙂

Here is the audio so you may listen “on the go” by downloading the google drive app onto your mobile device

Here is the video so you may watch and participate <3

Don’t forget to either wash your hands, take a spiritual bath, or spiritual shower to help seal in this work physically. As you wash, imagine your emotional body being cleansed of this grief, and allowing it to flow back to source.

If you feel like more grief needs to move, feel free to use this at home grief ritual. This is where you will find a recorded mp3 with wolf howls spliced in.

Click these links for further information about the Last Mask Community, Langston Kahn, and Christina Pratt. Very excited about Langstons new book coming out!

Many blessings to you! And thank you for doing the work! Or at least being interested in it 🙂

SWB - Healing the Isolation

SWB: Lungs of the Earth

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This is an affiliation with the Shamanism Without Borders program as run by the Society for Shamanic Practice. This is a recorded ceremony of a Shamanism Without Borders call that we have completed in the past. If you’re interested in viewing the archives, click below.

This is an online ceremonial event dedicated towards the Amazon rainforest. A lot of atrocities have been happening in South America, and it is bringing to light the awareness of how much we need to be protecting and advocating for our environment.

Join us for an hour of prayer as we lead us through a drum guided healing ceremony to help us connect with the rainforest within ourselves. Captivated by some of the stories of the chaos, deforestation, dam breaks, and taking of indigenous lands – there was a strong need for action. When Journeying to the Spirits of the Land to ask for what they needed in support, the mighty Amazon Rainforest stepped forward and asked for the humans to remember how to breathe.

It has been estimated that the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest has slowed in recent years, but 20% of the rainforest has been cleared within the past 30 years. Thats 770,000km, which is larger then the state of Texas. Within the rainforest live the people who still caretake and live in partnership with the land. There are beautiful medicines that have yet to be uncovered. Which means that there are beautiful medicines we have not uncovered within ourselves as individuals.

In a shamanic cosmology, there is a common belief that stretches across a vast majority of First Nations people’s. The belief that we are all one. If we do harm to another person or being, we harm ourselves. The rainforest is helping us to reconnect to the parts of ourselves we have destroyed. We will release grief, and make room in our lungs for us to breathe deeply again.

Here is the audio so you may listen “on the go” by downloading the google drive app onto your mobile device

Here is the video so you may watch and flow along with us.

SWB - Lungs of the Earth.jpg

SWB: Plastics Pollution Call

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This is an affiliation with the Shamanism Without Borders program as run by the Society for Shamanic Practice. This is a recorded ceremony of a Shamanism Without Borders call that we have completed in the past. If you’re interested in viewing the archives, click below.

It can be terrifying to live in today’s time with the amount of awareness we have about how much we (as humans) are trashing the planet. Sometimes we can feel hopeless about the amount that one person can do, and it can feel insignificant compared to the work that needs to be done. Take heart, and put your energy and contribution to things that can create change. It’s one step at a time, and creating/participating in Ceremony around these topics that are heart-wrenching is a way to be able to use your power and motivate yourself into action. Let’s come together, and be the answer to the prayer for bringing things back into balance. It takes a lot of courage to move forward in an empowered way without tipping the balance into extremist activism.

The first place we can start is by tending to the land and sea where there is a very high concentration of plastics already there, and also the future spot where there is going to be the site of the worlds largest plastic plant.

Join Eagle Therapies via Conference Call as we lead our second recorded virtual Ceremony for Shamanism Without Borders. Even if you don’t know how to journey or know shamanic healing, sometimes just being apart of the container and being open to the experience, shining our authentic/true selves is enough.

SWB - Healing Plastics