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Find your center. Connect to the spiritual. Learn and share whole body wellness.

The premise of Eagle Therapies is about foundationally rebuilding yourself as a person. It’s about awakening yourself and coming into your own power, as well as your life’s true purpose. Sometimes it can be hard for us to alter the course of a community or a society – but what we can effect within our circle of influence, always begins with ourselves.

We came born into this world with a specific purpose. A majority of the time, we become wrapped up in the physical life and fall into routine habits (like going to school, having a job, etc.). But what happens to fulfill our spiritual life? Don’t live your life in a way where life is your excuse not to heal. Your life is meant to be lived in the moment, not dwelling in the past or worrying about the future. Join in community activities or classes, or set up an appointment for a one-on-one session.

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For more events and updates, sign up for our newsletter or look in the Newsletter Archives . There are links to online events on occasion in the newsletters. By working on ourselves and establishing a core base of personal development through different techniques, we change the way we interact with the world. Establish a foundation of mental wellness by working on your mind, heart, body, and spirit.

If you are interested in shamanic journeying, you can feel free to connect with the Journey Track Outline to help assist with at home journeying. Don’t have a journey group in your area? The Shamanic Journey Group is non-local and can be accessed through the archives for the year or two that we were recording them. Have access to virtual ceremonies, suggested journey topics, and connect with other like minded people to feel a stronger sense of community. You are not alone in this world. There are other people out there doing this work, and you can take this journey with us.

Wound up here by accident or are you curious about finding out more? If you would like to pursue more education about Shamanic Healing, or find out what all of this mumbo jumbo is all about, feel free to visit the Resources page.

Like what we do here at Eagle Therapies? We do charge a minimal fee for classes, but group events are run off of donation. We don’t want to limit the access of these events to the public due to financial constraints. If you love the events or really support this idea, you can contribute with a one time donation.

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