The harpy eagle showed up to help Chenchira along her healing path and bringing healing out to the world. Harpy eagles are known for their loud voice and have the largest wingspan in the eagle family (if you’ve ever met Chenchira in person, you can tell she is larger than the average woman). These birds are large, powerful beings that have the capability of picking up an amazonian Rainforest deer within their talons. Eagles have always been animals associated with healing. They have the ability to see their prey from miles in the sky, and strike at the right moment in order to catch their prey. To see with a “birds eye view” means to bring a different perspective to the table, so we can zoom out and see the general direction of where we are really going. This allows us to ask deeper questions about where we want to go, so we can begin to develop our relationship to fulfilling our lifes true purpose.

Connect to the spiritual. Find your center. Learn and share whole body wellness.


Chenchira Stephanie Seger

seger-20seger-3Chenchira has followed her path since she first picked up “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews when she was a preteen. She has always had a gift for talking with things on the other side. From an early age, she hid this gift from others because it was “not normal”. She has always been sensitive, and because of this sensitivity – she got overloaded as she became a teenager. Due to society not understanding, she was met with medications and mental institutions. Because of the lack of support, lack of community, the feeling of isolation and no one understanding her and her gifts –  she (until 2014), could not even recall certain chunks of her life. Thankfully, a light worker who also happened to be getting a degree in clinical psychology, worked at the school as a substitute teacher. She recognized Chenchira’s state and was able to give her some semblance of structure on how to cope with the hypersensitivity. This is where her path to her spirituality took a turn for the better, and since 2003 has been deepening her study as well as her practice.

With the help of complementary/alternative medicine, education, strict meditation protocols, grounding, and other esoteric practices, she has weaned herself off of all medications over the course of several years (stubbornness helped). It was a hard struggle, but her path became fruitful and has been stable since 2006. The last medication she took for her “mental illnesses” was in 2008. Through this hardship came her motivation to help others that might be put into the same situation. Through establishing patterns of mental wellness, the path to mental illness diminished, and stability grew.

Her path has led her to become versed in many complementary and alternative medicines. Since receiving very strong messages to control her sensitivities, she developed a strong connection with some trusted guides and teachers. Graduate of Mary Tyrtle Rooker’s 2 year Shamanic Training Program, she has undergone teachings from Mary Tyrtle Rooker, Sandra Ingerman, and Christina Pratt. Shamanism has become a deep passion of hers and is currently enrolled in Christina Pratt’s four year training program through the Last Mask Center

Chenchira will try her best to assist in any way she can in order to help you achieve full mind, body, and spirit wellness. If she can’t help you, then most likely she can point you to someone who can! Feel free to approach Chenchira with any questions, she is always open and willing to help in any way she can. If you’re interested in exploring Shamanism or finding more out about teachings, click here to be guided to the resources page so you can learn more for yourself 🙂