Personalized Shamanic Art

Many people have come to me for pieces of individualized art. The conceptions that I dream up are personalized to the individual in the form of “commissions”. I can do things ranging from sticks, canvas, and paper. The most popular thing right now is personalizing drums for people. Through the technique of Shamanic Journeying, as well as discussing with the person in ordinary reality, I begin to get a sense of what would like to be manifested. Once I am able to pull in a tangible sense, I begin creating.

The purpose of the art is to have people connect to their more spiritual aspect of themselves. Art can be a portal or a doorway to accessing parts of ourselves that are otherwise hidden. Sometimes we choose to honor these different aspects of ourselves or we choose to honor something that we wish to become more like. This is why I do individualized art pieces and will rarely have pieces ready at the drop of a hat.

I can do large scale hand made art pieces such as the labyrinth down below which adds considerably to the time, however the average turn around time is about 1-2 weeks. Examples of the work are seen below:


Earth in the middle, surrounded by the rays of the sun. Moon cycles on the outside. The abstract pieces in the middle connect the lunar and solar energies.


“Ancestor Drum”


Ancestral tree that is also a dual meaning between the tree used to journey to either the upper or lower worlds. Many deep symbols it represents, changes on the person that looks at it.


“Walks With Many” – Drum for another Shamanic Practitioner who has Wolf as a power animal. Silver paint sometimes looks invisible and you can just see the black paw print in the background. When light hits it right you can see the wolf pack bright and clear.


Another synthetic head drum in its different stages of painting. Power animals were wolf and eagle.


Watercolor painting given to an individual after a strong power animal retrieval


Traditional 7 circuit labyrinth done with rainbow duct tape. It’s walkable and 18′ x 20′. Individual labyrinths can be made to any size (7 circuit not guaranteed) for in home use. Have made one that was for outdoor use in a backyard (Canvas attached to tarp). Turn around time for customized piece is 3-4 weeks.

I will be adding more as time goes on, however if you’re interested in having a customized art piece done, please feel free to reach out. All prices are sliding scale and based off of how many hours would go into it.

Average drum price – $60 – $150

Average artwork price – $40 – $150

Average labyrinth price – $200 – $400

People have paid more then suggested as well as less, that is why case by case basis is discussed. Barter is also an option.

Call/text 571.306.3197


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