Visioning and our Capacity for Dreams

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I am very excited to participate and cocreate with the beautiful Laura Durbin of The Belly Woman and April Rameé of Antler Alchemy to bring you the Red Tent Community Steams! These events have been getting increasingly popular, and I’m so blessed by the community that is beginning to form around it. It’s a beautiful way for female identifying Goddesses to gather in circle and begin healing the wounds of marginalization, alienation, and separation.

The next topic for our April 14th Red Tent event is around the concept of Visioning. So often has the female spirit been so nurturing and care taking that we have been taught by our culture to take care of others besides ourself. Where have we been seduced by the dreams of others and have supported other people reaching their dreams at the sacrifice of our own dreams? This particular Red Tent Community Steam, we will consciously sweat out those patterns and release the need to people please so we can chase our own dreams.

Join us for 4 hours of Ceremony and Prayer on April 14th, as we sing, sweat, and share in community. Share as little or as much as you feel like sharing, because this will be a group of safe women that you can share with.

This is also NOT a sweat lodge or a traditional Inipi. We use a contemporary shamanic cosmology to create the sacred space. This is indoors and we use a tent with electric pots of boiling water to steam herbs. Many traditions across the world do saunas, and the herbs in this particular style are from traditional Thai folk medicine. The herbs are specially formulated to make you sweat, hence why they are called “community steams”.

Other details about the event:

We are offering a community space for women to connect and heal. This is a full body sensory spa experience from a Traditional Thai herbal steam sauna, to self massage, to herbal tea, to handmade traditional medicinal oils.

How Does a Full Body Herbal Steam Sauna Work?

There will be pots of medicinal boiling herbs inside the sauna tent. The aromatic medicinal herbs are transformed into the subtle medium of steam, opening up the pores and delivering the therapeutic benefit of the herbs into your entire body. This whole body treatment is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. The sauna combined with the herbs are wonderful for general health, pain relief, cleansing of the skin, soft tissue injuries, detoxification, melting away knots and tension, releasing fascia, fatigue, headaches, colds, respiratory complaints, emotional distress, deep ailment, and postpartum care.

What Can I expect?

You can expect to:

  • Experience a full body herbal sauna and learn how to do this for yourself at home.
  • A sacred ceremony space.
  • Tea will be served.

Traditional Thai Oils will be available for putting on your body before entering the sauna and inside the sauna.

The opportunity for 2 sauna rounds of 20 minutes each. And 2 rest rounds of 20 minutes each. Your rest rounds can be used for journaling, stretching, self massage, breathing, and rest.

A sacred space for getting in touch with your body and emotions

Connecting in community with other women.

What should I bring?

  • Bathing suit (optional)
  • 2 towels ( you will sweat a lot!)
  • Water Bottle
  • Snacks
  • Journal and pen
  • Warm clothes, scarves, and hats for the journey home
  • Mug or travel mug for tea

Full Body Steam Sauna Contraindications:

  • Pregnancy
  • Fever
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Heart Disease


  • Immediately dry off.
  • Shower the next day to allow the herbs to continue to sink into your skin.
  • If you can, allow some rest and integration time following this event. Your body will thank you.
  • Go home bundled up with scarves and hats. ♥

Event Details:

  • Event located in Washington DC at a private home
  • Tickets are sliding scale ($70-$150)
  • 13 tickets available
  • You MUST pre-purchase a ticket.
  • MAKE PAYMENTS to VENMO ( Laura-Durbin-2) or to PAYPAL (
  • Tickets are nonrefundable.


Due to flow of the evening, safety, and keeping a safe and sacred space doors will close at 4:30. Latecomers will not be able to enter the event so please arrive early or on time.

You must fill out a waiver if you would like to attend.

Address will be given to those who fill out the intake form and purchase a ticket.

Interested in future events? Join our Red Tent Community Steaming Facebook group.

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