Why would one want to go back to school just to figure out how to live life?

Because we as a Western Contemporary Culture have forgotten how to live.

There is little to no need to explain to people that the world we are living in now is not sustainable. More and more people are feeling as though the lives they are living are not “good enough”, or there is this sneaking suspicion they could be doing something better with their life. Something that makes their soul sing and feeling fulfilled at the end of the day, not drained.

This 9 month course is not meant to teach people how to be Shamans, but how to be the people who can meet the challenges of their time. We will address such things as feeling “triggered” or attacked, and address better ways of coping rather then running away or distracting ourselves with our addictions like Facebook, overeating, or Netflix. This has been extremely difficult lately due to the pandemic. More and more people are seeking how to live a life that nourishes them. This is the fundamental principle on which this nearly year long course was built.

With such teachers as Mary Tyrtle Rooker, Christina Pratt, Sandra Ingerman, and Betsy Bergstrom – Chenchira Seger has deepened herself as a practitioner and has done deep extensive work to provide to you the basic skills necessary to engage with your own wounds in a good way. Graduate of Mary Tyrtle Rooker’s 2 year Shamanic Healers Program and current student of Christina Pratt and the Cycle of Transformation (a 4 year program), she understands the value of constantly learning in order to be a good teacher. In this, she holds to the promise that she will constantly be learning and growing herself as she continues to provide these teachings.

Many of us have fallen out of alignment with what resonates as true for us. Do you even know what your own truth is? What has the song your soul has been trying to sing for years (possibly decades) but you have chosen to ignore it. Not by conscious choice, but by the accumulated actions of yourself as well as your family of origin. This program delves into and explores Ancestral Healing, Soul Retrieval, curse unraveling, and true fundamental transformation to become the person you were born in this world to be. This program is meant for people who simply know that “Something must change in me now”.

Let us be the people who can step up and create change in this world through a contemporary Shamanic Cosmology divined for us at this time by Christina Pratt, Shaman, Author of the Encyclopedia of Shamanism, and director of the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing. As Sandra Ingerman always says, the Macrocosm reflects the Microcosm. If we see a pain or trauma outside of ourselves, we must find that aspect of ourselves within that is contributing to that externalized wound, recalling our projections. By delving into deep and rich personal transformation, we become the people who can carry our gifts out into the world and create change simply by being ourselves.

The time is now. Your soul is calling you.

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