Shamanism Without Borders

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What is Shamanism Without Borders? It is a global rapid response team that responds to the needs of our time. With all the natural disasters, shootings, mass extinctions, and rising pollution, shamanic practitioners all over the world are responding with Ceremonies to help us combat this on a Spiritual and Emotional level.

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Eagle Therapies Shamanism Without Borders Archive

  • April 3rd, 2019Lungs of the Earth. This Shamanism Without Borders call was for the huge atrocities happening in South America. The one that sparked this call was the dam breaking in Brazil, drowning a fairly large town with water, silt, and mud. Stephanie felt pulled to do this Ceremony for the land spirits in South America, and found that the spirit of the Amazon Rainforest wanted to step forward to remind us how to breathe again. In this virtual ceremony, we connect with the rainforest within ourselves, as we listen to the lungs of the earth and hear what message they have for us.
  • January 24th, 2018Virtual Ceremony for Plastic Pollution. It can be terrifying to live in today’s time with the amount of awareness we have about how much we (as humans) are trashing the planet. Sometimes we can feel hopeless about the amount that one person can do, and it can feel insignificant compared to the work that needs to be done. Take heart, and put your energy and contribution to things that can create change. It’s one step at a time, and creating/participating in Ceremony around these topics that are heart-wrenching is a way to be able to use your power and motivate yourself into action. The first place we can start is by tending to the land and sea where there is a very high concentration of plastics already there, and also the future spot where there is going to be the site of the worlds largest plastic plant.
  • November 20th, 2017Virtual Ceremony for the South Dakota Oil Spill. This Ceremony was done around the year anniversary of when the Standing Rock protesters got sprayed with water. The Dakota Access Pipeline leaked thousands of gallons of oil, and this call was to help support the surrounding land with healing.