At Home Ceremonies

These are ceremonies intended to do in the comfort of your own home. Some of them have a more detailed or elaborate setup, while others are simple. Thank you for your patience while we await their peaceful manifestation from across the veil.

All Rituals and Ceremonies here are offered freely

It is my pleasure to bring forward these lovely ceremonies in a way that is nourishing and life changing for many individuals and the web of life. This is my gift that I offer to the world. If these ceremonies have moved you in the heart, please do the most shamanic of things and allow that passion to motivate your actions. Allow these ceremonies to truly touch you, and bring that transformation into the world. That is the biggest gift I could ever ask for. Share and spread the word, but only if you feel called. Allow it to be authentic. If you wish to give back monetarily, I happily accept PayPal ( or Venmo (@Stephanie-Seger-1) donations. Please download them, share, and distribute them freely.

Ceremonies and Rituals

Please scroll through and see which one might benefit most for you!

Wolf Grief Ritual

When we have loved and lost, it creates this gap that gets filled with grief.  Grief is a large energy that we hold onto when we do not honor the things in our life which bring about a reverence for the things we have lost. To grieve means to express our lost love for the things that at one point brought us joy or peace. Once we make room within ourselves to purge the grief, it makes space within ourselves for new energy to become manifest, and attract the things we desire into our life. We can grieve lost dreams, past relationships, old careers, and places we’ve lived.

This ritual is an average of 20 minutes, and there is also a companion audio for “re-visits” in case you would like to release your grief to the cry of the wolves.

Redwood Recapitulation (coming soon)

The beautiful Redwoods of the West Coast have offered a beautiful Ceremony which allows us to slow down and feel into what a true state of “being” is. Remember, we are human BE-ings, not human DO-ings. This Ceremony is a beautiful reminder from the Redwoods, teaching us about our true nature by sharing some of their tall, strong, true nature.

When you stop chasing the things that you want but don’t need in your life, it gives the opportunities for the things you truly need to catch up to you.

Red River Ritual (coming soon)

For female empowerment, there is a rich and deep history of women claiming the power within the womb. This is for any beautiful being that has a female Spirit within them – which means all of us. It does not matter if you have a physical womb, this Ritual focuses on a Goddesses energetic womb. Men and gender fluid individuals encouraged to participate.

This ritual is about releasing the trauma that is stored within our energetic womb. The womb is a magnet. When we carry trauma that is not ours, whether its from a lover or it’s ancestral – it begins to subconsciously draw those patterns that are similar to us. Ever wonder why you attract the same type of lover? Now is the time to start releasing the trauma and heal our relationship with the divine feminine in an empowering way. We all have the ability to access the divine feminine and divine masculine within us.