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I am absolutely over the moon and happy to announce that I landed myself a dream job position at a non-profit! Several weeks ago, I was invited to go to Mexico to participate in some podcast recordings by the beach. One thing led to another and here I am, hired as Special Programs Faculty at Restore Forward! So much deep gratitude to Farah Tanis for the introduction and happy to do my part to elevate the work of Black Women’s Blueprint❤️

This couldn’t come at a more perfect time, because I’ll be able to do remote work, get paid to travel, and prepare myself for moving across the country! I’m quickly re-discovering my passion is supporting the Cycle Teachings at the Last Mask Center because they are central to my foundations, and I’ve witnessed so many people engage with these classes and be transformed. I relocate in June after the end of Sweet Potato season at Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, to live in the Pacific Northwest! I found a good farming community a short distance away from Portland, so things are definitely coming together <3

So here’s to organizing classes on permaculture, organic farming, seed keeping, and teaching classes on earth based practices that help us restore broken ecosystems. Both spiritual and physical 😉

There are two major classes that I would like to announce. One is Energy Body Mastery that I will be starting on April 11th, and the second one is the Intentional Communities Primer course that was originally starting on the same day, but we decided to postpone it until May 2023.

More details soon to come! For now, enjoy the ocean!

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