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If you would like more clarification of what a Power Object is, follow this link.

As most know, Eagle Therapies is going across the United States for the 2018 US Tour. We will be visiting many sacred spots across the Country, and as part of my practice I will have a traveling altar with me that I will set up and break down at every location. Some items are personal, which represent my personal connection to the world around me.  The other category of items that will be on my travel altar are specifically meant for other people and communities.

I’ve already got a good number of people that are willing to contribute their own personal prayers to this traveling altar. I recognize that this US Tour is not just about me. I’m not doing this for self pleasure. I have legitimately been called by Spirit to make a pilgrimage across the United States, and I am asking for your help. I can’t do this alone, because for me to do this alone dictates my Ego being the one driving/motivating this US Tour.

One way that you can participate, is that there will be three events held in Alexandria, VA on June 9th and 10th.

On the 9th, we will be doing a class/discussion about being a crucible of transformation. How does a Shamanic way of life fit into Contemporary times, and how can we go about doing that in community. Join us in Alexandria for Eagle Therapies US Tour – Crucible of Transformation at Soul Space Solutions.

On the 10th, we will have an afternoon Water Blessing Ceremony – Coast to Coast Part 1 of 3 at the Potomac at Jones Point Park. This will be the first part of 3 for a “Coast to Coast” Ceremony series, of tracking water blessings and their movement from the East Coast to the West Coast. Here’s your chance to put your prayers into the water that will be carried across to the Pacific Ocean and back.

Then on the evening of the 10th we have the Ancestral Healing Circle in Alexandria. We will be focused on connecting in with the Great Spirits of the land, as well as asking how we can live a life of legend. What stands in our way? And how do we clear out what stands in our way?

All three events will invite distance participants via Zoom. Feel free to speak your blessings to the Water that we will be collecting from the Potomac River. This water will turn into a power object that will reside on my traveling altar for the duration of the trip. Here is the main page for tracking the Water Blessings as we travel across the United States. Even if you are reading this after June 10th, feel free to still participate in the Ceremony since it will be recorded.

If speaking prayers and holding intentions in the water isn’t enough and you feel drawn to craft a power object, know that I am holding space for that across the United States. Again, this US Tour is not just about me, it’s about humanity and humanities connection to the environment. One of the reasons why I’m doing these “Awakening” Ceremonies is to help ground the transition from the Old Story into the New Story. I am apart of a Non-Local Shamanic community that is global, and we are a student community dedicated to bring forward this change in a good way.

If you are a community leader and you wish to have your community infused with this change/transformation, journey to the spirit of your community over-soul and ask to craft a power object that can be taken on the road with us. Please keep in mind that it should be a small power object. Perhaps a crystal or a feather since I will be carrying a lot of these across the states. A drum is fine or rattle is fine as long as it knows that it will be used/played by many hands. I will also take pictures of your power objects in certain power spots if requested.

If you cannot make it to one of those live events, feel free to mail your Power Objects to me. Email info@eagletherapies.com for the address, or call/text 571.306.3197. Please leave a message if you call.

Please keep in mind that this US Tour is going to take a lot of resources. I am readily accepting one time donations or monthly donations. I am also still seeing clients on the road, and am making myself available to do diagnostic journeys and divinations for people. Every contribution that is made goes directly to the success of this US Tour, ensuring safe travel of myself, my son, and these power objects as we visit different communities as well as these Sacred Sites.

Hope to see you either digitally or in person at one of the many events taking place this Summer!

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    […] Power Objects for US Tour […]

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