Coast to Coast – Water Blessing Ceremonies

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WaterThis post will be continuously updated specifically for the Water Blessing Ceremonies apart of the “Coast to Coast” series as Eagle Therapies travels across the United States.

Links for more information:

Events will be live streamed using Facebook Live, and you can even participate with Zoom. Here are the events you can follow and participate in:

Water carries in it an innate ability to absorb the energy around it and sent to it. In that, it can carry our prayers and blessings. Eagle Therapies will be traveling across the United States bringing fun, laughter, and Ceremony along the way. Eagle Therapies is based out of the tri-state area, and the Potomac River is a local source of nourishment and natural source of water. It also directly feeds and nourishes Washington DC. With all the Potomac River does for us in helping cleanse the Nations Capital, we should also give back! Eagle Therapies will be taking some water from the Potomac River, infusing it with our blessings, and then taking it across the United States and into the Puget sound at Part 2 of the “Coast to Coast” series.

At Part 2 of this Ceremony Series, we will be intentionally pouring out the prayers and the blessings so that ocean can meet ocean once again through the hands of a thousand prayers. We will be keeping some water from the original Ceremony, and for Part 3, be bringing it back to the same spot and pouring all of the blessings and prayers back into the Potomac.

Across our adventures, we will be visiting many sacred spots and visiting many natural sources of water/springs. Some of which include the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Lake Powell, Serpent Mound, Cahokia Mounds, Mount Ranier, Mount Shasta, and so much more. All of the places we will visit, we will be placing this blessed water onto our altar (focal point for spiritual intention). So that means that each individual blessing or gratitude that you gift to that water will be traveling across the country and back. Wouldn’t you like to be apart of a change bigger then yourself?

Join us, either in person or via Zoom. Even if you missed the live presentation and you’re seeing the collection of this after this has all passed – you can still add your prayers! Watch the recordings and set up sacred space as if you are actually there with us. Let’s hold hands together and be the change in the world we are looking for.

Events run by donation, and your contributions help keep these events free. You can either make a 1 time donation, or choose to donate monthly for some pretty awesome perks.

Interested in participating in some of the Ceremonies? Here is a previously recorded and completed Water Blessing Ceremony done at the Takoma Park Earth Day.

Full Ceremony

Returning the Water back to the Potomac River

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