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2018 US Tour Itinerary

Eagle Therapies Tour2

This page is specifically for planning purposes in being able to navigate logistics. This particular post will be updated FIRST, so stay tuned to this page to track navigation if you’re interested in following the adventures of the Eagle.

  • Lost? Read the 2018 US Tour Landing Page
  • Want to help contribute to this US Tour? Offer up event spaces, ceremonial spaces, places to sleep along this route, local elders (with their consent), or contribute monetary wise. Every dollar donated will go directly to the success of the Big Vision of the US Tour.

Keep in mind that the main intent of the majority of these Ceremonies is not to draw attention, but to draw the right people that are either willing to do the work, or that are open to learning the next steps in furthering their connection with Spirit.

If you are a local business that is open to hosting events, please reach out and I will be happy to promote/advertise for your business or local Shamanic events.

The rough track is as follows:

June 15th – Serpent Mound, Ohio
-Public Ceremony in AM. Event will be posted but will most likely remain low key
-Tenting unless someone offers a space close by

June 16th – Rileys Bay, WI
-Private Ceremony in AM, if interested message for details
-Lodging covered

June 17th – Minneapolis, MN
-Drum Circle in PM. If you know a local venue, please message
-Lodging covered

June 18th – Black Hills, SD
-Low key Private Ceremony in late evening or early morning. If you would like to camp with us overnight, you are more then welcome.
-Staying in State Park – tent camping.

June 19th-20th – Yellowstone, WY
-Have to check permits/legalities for having public Ceremonies
-Worst comes to worst, private Ceremony – message for details. You are welcome to camp with us as we do Ceremony in the evening or morning the next day
-Staying in State Park – tent camping.

June 21st – A National Forest in Montana
-C’oeur d’Alene National Forest, Flathead National Forest, or Nez-Perce – Clearwater National Forest. Need to do more divination/communication with Land Spirits before deciding on location
-Staying in State Park – tent camping.

June 22nd-29th – Portland, OR
-Several reasons in Portland, OR
-Lodging covered
-Offering Ancestral Healing Ceremonies, Heart Centered Sound Circles, and Life Compass Groups. Dates and locations to be decided.

The rest of this road trip will be carved out more as time goes on. More divination, communicating with Land Spirits, and physical reality planning/coordination needs to happen before realistic dates can be offered. Please be patient! Many moving parts!

Seattle, WA
-Several venues available but more always welcome
-Will be offering Ancestral Healing Ceremonies, Heart Centered Sound Circles, and Life Compass Groups. Dates and locations to be decided.
-Lodging covered
-Public Ceremony in Puget Sound

Stockton or Sacremento, CA
-Public Ceremony to be announced
-Have venue space to do event, dates and times to be decided
-Will be offering Ancestral Healing Ceremonies, and Life Compass Groups
-Lodging covered

Millcreek, UT
-Public Ceremony/events to be announced
-Lodging covered

Kanab, UT
-Public Ceremonies to be announced in Grand Canyon and Lake Powell
-Plan on hitting Coral Sand Dunes, maybe Grand Staircase
-Tent camping unless someone offers crash space

Sedona, AZ
-Public Ceremonies and events to be announced
-Lodging covered

Sante Fe, NM
-Public Ceremonies and events to be announced
-Lodging covered

Austin, TX
-Public Ceremonies and events to be announced
-Lodging covered

Greer Ferry Lake, AR
-Private Ceremony, message for details
-Tent camping

St. Louis, MO
-Private Ceremony at Cahokia Mounds, message for details
-Lodging covered

Heading home. Flexible with this part of route home.

At this point, this is the basic skeleton outline of the trip. US Tour subject to change based off of interaction with community members, Land Spirits, or what the moment calls for. If you happen to be along this route, feel free to email so we can begin being in communication with each other. I am still in the planning stages, so please…


Thank you all for your support! Let’s co-create and make this US Tour something our Descendants keep talking about!

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