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This is a companion to the Energetic Health post I did back in July. For those who are interested in pursuing a guided meditation to exploring energetic health and hygiene.

It would be helpful if you were in a quiet place where no one could disturb you, with your phone on silent. It might also help to have a pen and paper ready to take down any notes right after you get out of the meditation.

This first one is an introductory, and a summary of the post mentioned above.

After listening to that one, here is where we get down to the nitty gritty! These are broken down into the three main things that are vital to an energy bucket:

1. The container – Looking at what your energetic bucket is made of, and how this impacts your ability to hold your vital life force energy

2. The contents – What is your container filled with? Is it stagnant or flowing? What type of things can refill your bucket so that you’re not running low on energy all the time?

3. Stability – What kind of ground do you have your energetic container placed on? What type of situations make you ungrounded and what can you do to protect yourself from that?

As a follow up, or in case you are already know how to journey, click this one to have the standard shamanic drum beat.

Energetic Bucket

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