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This is a specific break down of protocol, songs, and links that will help one prepare for journeying at home. It doesn’t take too terribly long, but it’s a practice. If this is absolutely your first time, please read this post. This is a companion guide to make it nice and short and sweet for those that want to journey on a tight schedule and still follow protocol.

If you are tapping in to a Shamanic Journey Group, it is recommended (but not required) to prepare your space before hand by either smudging with incense, sage, singing bowl, or bells. Then tap into the energy of the group by watching the videos in our journey group archives. Actually try to engage or participate by writing down your questions as you think of them, and then after you journey, share them in the posts on the Facebook Group, or on the blog post itself.

Once you are done watching the suggested journey topic, set the container by listening/singing along to this song:

The Container Song
Tune and Original Lyrics by Kellianna
Re-Written by Stephanie Seger

Facing East, I send my prayers away, away
East sky enlighten me, I pray, I pray
Air, communication, help me speak my truth
Harpy Eagle I welcome you
And give thanks for visions of peace, of peace

Facing South, I send my prayers away, away
South Sky for purity, I pray, I pray
Fire, flame of passion, help with transformation
Golden Eagle I welcome you
And give thanks for healing in peace, in peace

Facing West, I send my prayers away, away
West Sky move with me, I pray, I pray
Water, deep emotion, restore to great flow
Now bald eagle I welcome you
And give thanks for balance in peace, in peace

Facing North, I send my prayers away, away
North Sky stability, I pray, I pray
Earth, cool and dark, cradle me in your arms
Oh white eagle, I welcome you
And give thanks for teachings in peace, in peace

Mother Earth, I send you my prayers
Father Sky, I send you my prayers
Oh Great Mystery, I feel your breath in my mouth
Oh Great Mystery I welcome you
And give thanks for you in me, in peace, in peace, in peace

Then once circle is set, sing, drum or dance for a little bit. Typically in the circle we would sing one song that repeats its lyrics. Sing and dance your own song, or you can choose any number of songs from the youtube channel (it is helpful to choose before you sing the container song so there is a flow). This is also a chance for you to call in your helping spirits to be with you, and potentially merge with them through song and dance.

Then place headphones in to begin listening to any of these Shamanic Drumming tracks:

  • 12 minute track – Has whistling in the beginning to call in protection and the ancestors by Sandra Ingerman
  • 30 minute track – Single track drumming by Michael Harner
  • 30 minute track – Single and double drumming tracks by Michael Harner
  • 30 minute track – Beautiful Taiko drumming with Nagado drums, Odaiko, and rattles by Sandra Ingerman featuring Taiko Sol

Once you receive your answer, take a few moments to write down your journey notes. It’s better to use short phrases or single words to describe things. If you write in sentences, the visions and experiences tend to slip easier from your frame of mind.

After that is done, you are set to close up circle! We give great gratitude to the Ancestors, land spirits that we stand on, and then we sing this following song:

Now you are all set! And can go about your daily business 🙂

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