October 2016 Outline

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Hey guys! So I admit, I’m a little behind the 8-ball this month. With that being said, a few announcements for the people that follow me on Facebook and Meet-up. I’m taking a mini-break because this is my graduation month. I’m graduating from a two year shamanic training program, and for those that aren’t familiar with shamanic initiations… well, let’s just say I’m having a “turbulent” time. This makes me smile, because even though it’s hard and it’s chaotic, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m glad and grateful for the challenges being brought my way.

That being said, I’ve decided not to host the satellite spot for the year of ceremony this month as a public event. And also for next month, the Heart Centered Sound Circle is pushed back a week to November 13th since I will be in New Orleans for an event.

There is this really awesome event called the 1000 Goddess Gathering! I will be holding space at the air altar all day for ritual, and I will also be leading some chants on stage for beginning ceremony. Come be with us on the National Mall on October 22nd 🙂

Now that logistics have been taken care of, we move on to the Journey topic of the month! Which is the Warrior energy. We’ve been exploring the archetypes of the Open Heart Path, and all of us have these energies in us. They are the energies of the warrior, healer, teacher, and visionary. These represent archetypes, and the purpose of these journey groups this month is to hold space to explore our relationship with our inner warrior. Prior knowledge about the archetypes is not needed, just come with an open mind. Is this your first time journeying with us? Follow this link for more information about journeying, or follow this link for the structure of our journey group.

October 3rd – No Journey Group

October 10th – What exactly is a warrior and what does it mean? This journey group we explore the energy of the warrior and trace it back through different cultures and histories. How can we bring about the warrior energy in our daily lives and what does our relationship with the warrior look like?

October 17th – Here we explore our relationship with the Warrior energy. This week, we dive into standing up for our boundaries. This week we explore who we are, what we stand for, and why do we stand for it. A lot of these questions we will be asking ourselves, but the true role of the warrior is to be fully present in the moment with just our experiences/training in hand. If we are stuck in the past or thinking about the future, that can sometimes blur what we see in the moment.

October 24th – Every month we always have to talk about the shadow. The shadow is that aspect of us that tries to do good, but it is that part of ourselves that is operating out of fear. Today we explore some shadow patterns of the warrior, and what happens when we try to stand in full warriorship but instead fall short and into these patterns. We explore the rebel, disciple, the victim, and discuss invisibility.

October 31st – No Journey Group – Blessed Samhain!

Have a great month you guys! And see you at some of the wonderful events going on! Newsletter will be coming out this week.

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