September 2016 Outline

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It’s the Month of September and we are heading right into fall! The first day of Fall is Sept 22nd, so make sure you get your last bits of Summer in.

As I’ve outlined in the quarterly planner for the Journey Group, the next four months are going to be diving into what I call the “Open Heart Path” medicine. This has been taught to me by one of my teachers that I will be studying with in person beginning next year (I’m very excited). If you are at a distance and would like to journey at home, you are more then welcome to use these guides to help create structure for yourself to follow at home if you can’t make it to the Shamanic Journey Group. If you’re new to Shamanism and don’t know what journeying is, then no worries – click here to begin on this path.

The Open Heart Path is something I always delve into once a year, and it’s good for old timers to repeat/deepen their practice. I don’t believe in superficiality, there are always more layers to be unfolded, and everything that unfolds always unfolds as it needs to. Trust in what you’re receiving. Funny thing, Trust is something we will be talking about this month 😉

The Open Heart is made up of four chambers, and we will be exploring each chamber in depth every month. For those that are busy and can’t commit to a long term lay out – that’s okay! Every topic is a stand alone and is completely okay with walk ins. For those that choose to see the bigger picture and grasp a greater understanding, this is the full month’s outline so you can follow along in your own practice, whether you choose to do it in person or in spirit with us.

Outline for September! Hyperlinked to the date is the corresponding Meetup or Facebook event

September 4th – Sound Circle in Fairfax, VA. For those that wish to just participate in embodiment and practice being in their heart space instead of in their heads, this event is the event that’s for you.

September 5th – NO JOURNEY GROUP (Labor Day)

September 11th – Sound Circle in Brandywine, MD. For those that wish to come to the earlier circle but either can’t or they’re too far away.

September 11th – Shamanic Journeying Basics: The class that’s the introduction to Shamanic Journeying in case you need a refresher or in case you’re completely new to it.

September 12th – What does the Open Heart Path mean in today’s society? How does working with archetypes factor into how we view the world? How does our perspective color how we interact with the world? What’s stopping us from healing ourselves? Your healing should be an excuse to live your life more fully, your life shouldn’t be an excuse for you not to heal.

September 19th – Roles and vehicles: Many people confuse their life purpose with their job title. No, you’re not “just” a parent, school teacher, engineer, etc. What is a lifes purpose and what does all of this manifestation mumbo jumbo mean? What happens when we identify ourselves as our job title instead of who we really are as people?

September 26th – Shadow aspect of the Healer: The Martyr and the Addict. We will begin exploring the concept of the shadow archetype, what it means in this cosmology, and how to begin working with these concepts in a way that’s applicable for you.

See you guys in circle! Whether digitally, in person, or in spirit <3 If you are doing this at a distance, I would love to hear from you and how this has impacted you. I secretly love receiving those emails and will respond just as genuinely as you sent them. Please remember that all of the events that Eagle Therapies runs is done by donation and are free to the public or anyone that wishes to try and enjoy.

Fly high, everyone.

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