November 2016 Outline

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IMG_6897Oh dear, here we go into holiday season. As we do, please understand that there is no “necessity” to be at any of the journey groups to understand what is going on. All of the topics that we bring up at the journey group are “suggested journey group topics” and can be stand alone. Based on who is there, we break down topics that are relate-able to everyone there, which is why I don’t explain as much online because it’s all customize-able to fit the group that shows up. I know the later half of the month people will most likely be out for holiday – and that’s okay. But the journey group will still stand for the days listed. Yes, we are still at the Cardinal Center for Mondays at 6:00pm.

In case you do want to follow along with the greater “structure” or flow of the month, please visit the Quarterly Outline to see the outlines for the Open Heart Path. This month we will be exploring the relationship we have with our inner teacher. Some people really identify with being a teacher, while for others it makes them uncomfortable and shift in their seat when they have to try and explain things to others. This month is about exploring what makes us uncomfortable, and instead lean into our discomfort to see the bigger picture.

What does a teacher stand for?  There will always be times when life calls on us to be a teacher – but are we willing to stand up and take ownership of that power. Some of the questions we ask ourselves when the teacher takes a more prominent role – is not “Why is this happening to me”, but more of a “What can I learn from this situation? Where is my power now in this situation?” Life happens, and most of the time things are out of our control. We lose power when we think we are powerless. It’s not what happens to us that matters, but how we react to it.

With that being said, what will we be discussing this month? Good question! Let’s look at the calendar 🙂

Monday November 7th – NO JOURNEY GROUP (will be in New Orleans for a conference)

Sunday November 13th – Heart Centered Sound Circle, ancestor rendition (No journeying will be done, but it’s an extended version of the ceremony before the journey group).

Monday November 14th – What is a story? Stories are something that we tell ourselves, and these can be very similar to many “screens” open on a computer. If we think of ourselves as an computer, do we have too many screens open at the same time? Do we sometimes have too many applications open at the same time and we get overwhelmed? This is the week where we explore what stories are constantly running in the background. Which stories empower us, and which stories rob us of our power. Some stories we get autoprogrammed from when we are kids and when we “outgrow” these stories, we don’t throw them away. Some examples of stories might be the story of Being a good daughter, Being a good husband, the story that you Shouldn’t speak out of turn because it’s not good – things like that. Let’s break down these stories and really examine them.

Monday November 21st – Trust, Balance, Wholeness, Perspective. What do all of these things mean? How does our perspective color the way we look at the world. Here is where we explore basic foundations of how we interact with the world around us. This journey group is where we examine our inner relationship with trust, balance, and doing things that help us feel whole and apart of something bigger then ourselves. This is the group where we ask ourselves what is out of balance, and what can be done to restore us to a state of balance.

Monday November 28th – There’s always a “Shadow” meeting. If something stands in the light, there is a shadow of it that is either seen or ignored. The shadow aspects of the Teacher include the righteous zealot, the judge, and the controller. This is where we examine where we can be positional/inflexible, where we feel like we’re not in control subconsciously so we try to control everything in our environment so we feel safe, or where we pass criticism on ourselves or others because the result of what we were working so hard to do – turned out nothing like what we thought it would.

That’s going to be it for this month! If you have any questions about the group, how it’s structured, or are following along at home and want to share with us, feel free to email, text, or call.

Brightest of blessings! Everyone enjoy the time with your families over the coming holidays! Prepare and make sure to take care of yourselves.

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