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For many that have been following my story on Facebook and getting to know me through community events, it’s been a bumpy couple of months. I am deep in Year 2 of the Cycle of Transformation, which is all about shadow work. I have been working through what is called the “dark night of the soul” by some. I’m facing fears that had created monstrosities out of different parts of myself. This is the year I’m really taking my life back into my own hands.

For so many years, I had been battling a self hatred. I was doing all of the things I thought I should do. Listening as hard as I could to self help books, and diving into the teachings because it’s what I “should have” done. But something was always preventing me from diving really deep to the root of some of my issues.

It turned out to be myself.

I’ve been sitting in the fire and allowing these painful parts of myself to step forward, healing them one step at a time. I have a beautiful non-local shamanic community that are holding my feet to the fire and having me be accountable to myself with weekly emotional clearing calls and monthly check ins.

I “thought” I had been working for years on my “people pleasing” tendencies. I “thought” I wasn’t being the victim because I was a warrior. Turns out that my warrior tendencies were me pushing myself into excess because I was running away from those shadows that were inside me. I was depleting myself beyond measure because those were my coping skills since early childhood. This translated into everything I was doing and why I wasn’t going anywhere in my life. I had given away my ability to receive. It wasn’t until this year that I realized how much I turned down compliments and felt uncomfortable actually receiving people telling me how much I’ve impacted their lives. I’ve bulldozed many situations with my big energy – but I didn’t realize how much I had been treating myself like a speed bump. Self care had always been hard, but I’ve managed to take the time for me and really press the reset button within the past couple of months. That means a change to how I’m going to be running Eagle Therapies.

First of all, I’m ending my relationship with Twitter. I originally just did it because I thought it would drum up more of a following, but my attention is too scattered and I simply can’t focus on it at this time. I know there are integration apps out there, but I found that a lot of the people that are on Twitter are not the crowd I’m trying to reach. And even when I try to link my Instagram with Twitter….it just feels slutty, like I’m spreading myself too thin. And thats exactly the habit I’m trying to break.

A lot of the events that I started doing were because people were requesting them. I was trying to fill any niche or hole that I could, and it worked! I was able to experiment and find out what worked and what didn’t, and continued hosting events. I was doing anywhere between 6-12 events per month. Some of them were successful, while others were not. As a vow to myself, I’m going to reflect this slowing down that I’m doing in my personal life and allow Eagle Therapies to adapt to my personal care schedule.

One change that I’m making is that I’m saying goodbye to Drum and Song circles. There is a definite need for them in this area, but finding venues/locations/times that work for the people who want to make it are hard. And it’s also not my calling. There are several people who have this as a calling like Katy Gaughan, Kristen ArantKen Crampton, Daniel Greenberg, Hands on Drums in DC and also during the summer in DC are the drum circles at Meridian Hill Park.

Another change is that I won’t be doing the Life Compass Groups anymore. I found that I created those events because I didn’t know what was around in the area. That group rose out of a need for me to find connection within my own body, and as soon as I really allowed myself to explore the 5Rhythms and Ecstatic Dance communities, I found what I was looking for! It has been so nice for me to dive into a rich plethora of people already doing these events, and just be a participant instead of a leader. I do feel really called to the dancing path, so I am investing time, dedication, and the patience of the 5Rhythms teaching path. You can check out local event listings on 5Rhythms DC or Ecstatic Dance DC. Ann and Atticus are WONDERFUL people!

Yes, I will still be involving and incorporating dance or movement into the ceremonies and rituals. I am definitely teaching the power of movement/dance into some of the workshops or classes that I’m teaching. It’s becoming a large part of who I am because I’ve realized how disconnected from my physical body I actually was. As soon as I stepped onto the more spiritual path, I vowed not to be that ungrounded person always talking about outer space and escaping their body. But then I found out that a part of me was already doing that! Oh the discoveries we make 🙂


Self love and acceptance go a long way <3

Since I’m slowing down, I’m starting to restructure Eagle Therapies as a whole. As I’m changing and transforming as a new individual, coming more from my center instead of excess (and thinking I have all the energy!), I’m allowing only the events which are a true expression of my nature to come forward. I will be attending events as much as I am holding space for them, and I will allow things to organically grow and shift. If I don’t see you at an Eagle Therapies event, then I will most likely see you on the dance floor!

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