The Smoking Mountain

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Mount Saint Helens is an active volcano that erupted twice in the 1980’s, spilling layers of ash across many states. Traditionally she is known as Loowit. I was blessed with some members of the Last Mask Community as we journeyed together on the mountain, doing this very special Ceremony with this special volcano. There is still hot magma that bubbles up from the volcano’s center, and the major message had to do with abrupt change/transformation. Listen and feel some of the messages in this video below.

Apart of the Eagle Therapies US Tour. You can visit our Ceremony Page for other recorded Ceremonies or songs.

These Ceremonies and interactions are run off of donation. I have taken a chance and have opened myself up to receiving the kindness of strangers. If you feel called to donate, you can either Venmo (preferred) to @stephanie-seger-1 or paypal Every dollar matters and helps ensure that these Ceremonies continue in a blessed and reciprocal way.

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Participating in recorded Ceremonies and want more? Consider the Soul Compass Path where you can learn basic Shamanic Skills and be able to heal the wounds of community through our own personal healing.

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