Awakening the Seed – Stockton, CA

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Apart of the Eagle Therapies US Tour. You can visit our Ceremony Page for other recorded Ceremonies or songs.

We had a beautiful Ceremony that took place in Stockton, CA. Eagle Therapies has been gathering with people in National Parks to be able to offer ceremonies to the public, however last night we had a beautiful Ceremony in someones home. This next half of the trip will be a lot more spaced out and not as rushed, so we will be offering more “in home” experiences rather then just public ceremonies.

The Spirits of the Land wanted us to do what are known as “Awakening” Ceremonies, and this is the first one in the trip. It is to help us crack open that seed within us and allow our authenticity to come out naturally. Join us virtually! Forum post will be coming soon. I apologize for the video being tilted. As soon as I get access to a computer again I’ll switch the video around.

If you would like to download the video or watch it on google drive, click here.

These Ceremonies and interactions are run off of donation. I have taken a chance and have opened myself up to receiving the kindness of strangers. If you feel called to donate, you can either Venmo (preferred) to @stephanie-seger-1 or paypal Every dollar matters and helps ensure that these Ceremonies continue in a blessed and reciprocal way.

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Participating in recorded Ceremonies and want more? Consider the Soul Compass Path where you can learn basic Shamanic Skills and be able to heal the wounds of community through our own personal healing.

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