Joining the Shamanic Journey Group from a Distance – Video series

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Thank you to everyone who has participated and also shown interest in the journey group – whether online or in person. The intention behind this video series is to give people a face to face interaction on how exactly to join from a distance. There are three videos in this series, each about 10 minutes a piece. For more clarity, this is a follow up to the post Joining from a Distance, specifically talking about the Shamanic Journey Group and how to join from a distance.

The first video is a brief overview into what this video series is about, and explains the context of why we would want to join from a distance. Perhaps we do not have access to a Shamanic Journey Group in our area, and perhaps you prefer to be by yourself then with a group of people. That is fine! This series will give you a brief introduction so you can form a sense of intimacy with the group itself.

Another topic we cover in the first video is Shamanic Journeying itself if you are a beginner. For more seasoned practitioners, you can fast forward to the other videos.

So without further ado! Here is the first video 🙂

Some things I talked about in the first video:

The Second video is about the logistics of joining from a distance and the Suggested Journey Topics

Items covered in the video:

The third video is about the structure of the journey group, and goes into more detail behind the mechanics of how to join from a distance

Items covered in the video:

Thanks for tuning in! This will be updated as time allows 🙂

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    […] For those that are interested in joining us in person, feel free to explore the structure of our Fairfax Journey Group. For those that want to participate in a Non-Local Shamanic Journey group, feel free to check out our Joining from a Distance post or our video series on the Distance Journey Group. […]

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