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THIS POST IS CURRENTLY OUTDATED AS OF SUMMER OF 2021. This is still up as archival history of what we have done in the past.

If you have made it to this page, that means you’re interested in actively practicing Shamanic Journeying with a non-local community. Congratulations on these big steps to feeling connected and a part of something bigger. Keep in mind that whatever you put into it, is what you get out of it, and participation is voluntary.

There are a few ways to join from a distance.

  • One is marking yourself as “interested” on the Facebook event, so that when we go live you will get notified and you can watch in real time. This option won’t allow you to participate, but you can view what is happening. After we stop the recording, you can participate on your own at home and look for the blog post which will be posted within a day or two so you can post your journey results.
  • The second is to join with a teleconferencing app that can be installed on your computer, smart device or phone called Zoom. This allows you to interact with us, and you can dance, journey, and share your journey with us. PLEASE MESSAGE if you would like to participate live.
  • If you are not able to make it live, then you can view the recordings in the archives of our blog. You can post or share your journey results if you choose to.

We are currently restructuring how we organize the previous journey groups, it’s coming soon! But the most easiest way to participate is from watching for our newsletters, Facebook event feed or Meetup events.

If you consider yourself a beginner journeyer, I would recommend taking a look at the Journeying at Home page to help you prepare yourself as well as your space. I have a project that I am working on for a Journeying CD to accompany this “preparation” to allow one easier access to altered states of consciousness. If you would like to provide your own music, a drum, rattle, or tapping on your body can help produce the trance like state we are seeking. If you are unsure about doing that, then you can follow this simple layout with accompanying journey tracks.

Here is a helpful video by Sandra Ingerman about journeying, and here is a link to her book, “Basics of Shamanic Journeying”. If you would like further instruction, there is typically a class about journeying right before the monthly journey group (with no suggested journey topic) for practice. Variation may range based on the month, however you can stay in touch with our events via our newsletter archive, signing up for our monthly newsletter, or looking at our Facebook or Meetup pages. If you wish to deepen your studies, there are several courses offered through Sounds True, the Shift Network and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

If you have trouble journeying, or have tried several times to journey, please do not fret. Sometimes it just takes practice. Going into an altered state of consciousness at will is a learned skill. It’s like a muscle. You cannot expect to go right into the gym for the first time to bench press 100 lbs. Some people might be surprised to find out they can, while other people struggle to even lift up the bar. Everyone is different, with different experiences and skill sets. Some may have a problem concentrating because their imagination runs wild, so they have wild vivid journeys but they make no sense. While at the same time, others might struggle to release the thoughts of their day and keep thinking about things they have to do – thus feeling blank for the journey itself. It all varies, but the only way to keep gaining experience is to do it and see what happens.

If there still seems to be trouble and there are certain blockages that are hindering your progress, it is possible that a shamanic healing might be in order. Sometimes with the amount of disconnection our society is in, vital pieces of ourselves might be missing due to soul loss, or trauma from our past. Shamanic healing sessions can be done either in group ceremonies or in one-on-one sessions. The group ceremonies tend to be done by donation, while the private sessions (either private or you can invite other people to witness) are done by sliding scale. More information can be found on the List of Services tab.

Feel free to contact us by email at chenchira@eagletherapies.com or call/text 571.306.3197 if there are any questions or concerns. Don’t be shy! And happy journeying, everyone.

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    […] There is a bi-weekly Shamanic Journey Group that meets every other week at the Intuitive Wellness Center on the border of Burke and Fairfax,VA. There are some people that wish to practice their journeying skills with others, and this is the perfect way to do so – whether in person or at a distance. The Journey Group has been running steadily since 2014, so there is a solid structure to hold people as they engage in the “Journey Tracks” that are posted as we find explore a topic to journey about together. For a link to an in-depth explanation for the structure and format, click here. […]

    […] Thank you to everyone who has participated and also shown interest in the journey group – whether online or in person. The intention behind this video series is to give people a face to face interaction on how exactly to join from a distance. There are three videos in this series, each about 10 minutes a piece. For more clarity, this is a follow up to the post Joining from a Distance, specifically talking about the Shamanic Journey Group and how to join from a distance. […]

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