What are the Four Main Wisdom Bodies?

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The four main wisdom bodies are a simple way for me to describe the four planes of energetic/physical reality. It means different things to different people, but in the context of this website/blog I’ll provide a short definition so you can understand my colloquialism.

The four main wisdom bodies are:

The Physical Body

The Mental Body

The Emotional Body

The Spiritual Body

The physical body is what we use to access our physical reality, while the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies I tend to lump together into the “energetic body”. The senses we experience in the physical body are tied to the energetic body. The process of getting more in touch with our energetic body allows us to have conscious connection to

  • Sacred sight: clairvoyance – the ability to consciously dream or have visions
  • Sacred hearing: clairaudience – hearing the voices of spirit, or hearing the thoughts between the words
  • Inner knowing: claircognisance – that unexplained experience of “knowing” something as it drops into your awareness
  • Sacred touch: clairkinesthetic – where we feel things happening to our body as if in physical reality
  • Sacred smell: clairolfactory – sometimes smells can be associated with certain experiences or spirits. For example smelling fear in someone, or thinking of old aunt Maybelle and smelling her perfume
  • Sacred taste:  clairgustance – this is less common, but it happens in some spiritual experience where we can “have a bad taste in our mouth”

Here are some links to some other blog posts which talk about energetic basics to get a more well rounded understanding of how they play into a whole system.

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