What’s with all the spiders?

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As some may notice as we begin upgrading our site and constantly changing/evolving it – it is fitting into a bigger picture. This is the official webpage that we will be using to honor the spirit of technology as it was originally presented to me.

The spirit of Technology and I have had a very interesting ride so far, and the beauty of working with things in a shamanic sense is being able to have a relationship with almost everything out there in the greater web of life. It was almost a “duh” moment when I journeyed to meet the spirit of technology and found a spider. Get it? World wide web? It has the potential to weave people together.

One of the reasons for reaching out to the spirit of technology? It was part of my community work with the cycle teachings (the 4 year shamanic program I’m in) and I really began to see the potential of hosting space for a non-local shamanic community for people that wanted to authentically begin connecting with themselves on a deeper level. If you’re interested in the teachings, feel free to visit Why Shamanism Now as well as the Last Mask Center where all of the trainings are listed. I will be able to offer some of the classes/skills as an extension of the community in the years to come, but for now let us focus on what we have here with the Eagle Therapies community.

One of the things that we must realize is that when we begin interacting with different spirits that offer to help us, and us help them – they are a reflection of how we treat the wider universe. Each relationship, wether it is spiritual or in physical reality, must be treated with respect. Hence why creating an altar or shrine is a very authentic and shamanic way in building right relationship with the natural world around us.

This post will over time be gently upgraded in order to reflect my relationship with the spirit of technology. For now this is the virtual spot online, and we will keep adding to it as time goes on!

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