What is Ceremony and why does it matter

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CeremonyIf you made it to this page, that means that you must be curious about Ceremony and what type of benefits it could carry.

Usually people that are concerned about their own personal development begin to have an awareness about how their actions affect the world around them. When we begin to collect an awareness of the impact one individual can make, they move into mindfulness. These are generally the first steps to creating permanent change and transformation in a society that encourages mindless multitasking and mass consumption. When we begin to cultivate an awareness or mindfulness, we realize that form follows thought. Our thoughts motivate and control a lot of our actions. When examining the roots of our thoughts, we see that sometimes we have old beliefs or trauma’s from our past or anxiety about our future that cloud our judgement.

Think of this as the tip of the iceberg, our conscious awareness. When we dip down into Ceremony and Ritual, we are stepping out of ordinary reality into something that can create a vessel to access the subconscious. The subconscious is where we have all of those thoughts and beliefs that run on autopilot, that we sometimes have no conscious control of because it’s so automatic. When we consciously use Ceremony and Ritual with intention, we can change those aspects of ourselves that are holding on to old beliefs or trauma, and step into a mode of healing that allows us to create easier change within our everyday lives.

There are many public and private ceremonies, and they all are a certain type of container that holds a specific experience. The beautiful thing is, that a Ceremony or Ritual will meet you where you are. If you are not ready for a big change, then most likely you will not see too dramatic of a shift in your everyday life. If you pour your heart and soul into a Ceremony or Ritual, significant change can happen with consistency, practice, and showing up.

Ritual is something that you perform to hold a status quo, to honor the fact that you are repeating it over and over. Many people have a night time ritual that signifies to their subconscious that they are preparing to sleep. And if some people get off track of their “night time ritual”, then they find that they have a more difficult time getting to sleep. Ceremony is typically something that instigates change. You want something in your life to change or transform, so you use Ceremony as a tool to step up and ask Spirit for that change. Spirit/God/Goddess/The Universe tends to listen, and if the Ceremony is set up the right way with the right intention, the patterns you are asking for relief from will be temporarily be lifted out of your life. Your only job at that point is to hold the line with some of the changes you asked for. If you revert back to your old patterns and ways thinking that there is no work involved with a Ceremony, then that means you’re giving permission for Spirit/God/Goddess/The Universe to lay those patterns right down on you. That’s why many people hold fast to the New Years Resolution as a type of Ceremony. They make goals, and they may or may not follow through with things… but if they don’t change anything in their daily lives, they don’t notice a difference.

Personal development is work, progress, and consistency. When you learn to show up for yourself and create a stronger sense of integrity, you realize the gifts of abundance that are around you.

Happy Ceremony 🙂

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