December Journey Group Outline

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I am so blessed to have the friends and community that I am surrounded with! The artist that created the work above painted my main three power animals (although they are not my only ones) and I will start using them for the Journey Group events on Facebook! It also matches one of my songs I sing to “Power Up” to honor my Bear, Eagle, and Otter. If anyone has interacted with me for any duration of time, those personality traits are obvious in me haha. Thank you so much K. Hansen! You and your farm are an inspiration 🙂

Announcement! The Journey groups are now digital! I have officially figured out through trial and error, and MANY MANY wonderfully compassionate (and patient) people. I feel like we have comfortably worked out some of the major kinks as well as the technology learning curve that I had. Please bare with me as we continue down this venture. Personal thank you and gratitude go out to Laura K., Melissa F., Julie F., both Ashleys (In New York and Baltimore), Nancy F., and Lisa B.! I’m sure I’m missing people, but know you’re in my hearts <3

If this is the first time you are clicking on this and are just being introduced to the concepts of journeying, please visit this page for more information. If you have not been to one of the journey groups and are interested in finding out about the structure, click here. Since now this is digital, I look forward to seeing more people online for those who resonate with these teachings.

Now let’s dive into the nitty gritty!!! The topic for the four months we are currently in are inspired by the lovely Angeles Arrien. She wrote a book called “The Four Fold Way” and if these teachings resonate with you, please read the book – it is much more extensive and can help broaden your senses. This has quickly become apart of my cosmology and has made mine a more complex cosmology with deeper symbology.

Last month we talked about the love of the healer and how we figure out what is in our path to discovering our own self healing – eliminating what stands in our way of being who we truly are. This month is about the warrior and about how we stand up for who we are, what we believe in, and take our experiences to turn them into wisdom. Join us this month as we explore what the warrior means to us.

For a more in depth summary and support structure for more information on the Warrior, click here.

For right now the journey groups are run by donation. Suggested donation is $5-$10 per person. I have made the decision that starting in January I will begin charging for them. More information to come, and if you feel these journey groups would really help, then I will not turn away people based off of price – Please reach out to discuss bartering. To be discussed on a case by case basis.

December 7th – Exploration of the basics of the warrior, and the warrior archetype

December 14th – The Shadow aspect of the warrior, and do we recognize when we’re living out the shadow?

December 21st – This is the Pagan holiday of Yule! Bring your own journey question, but the theme will be based off of the Winter Solstice and what the longest night of the year means to us.

December 28th – Addictions and the need to know – What are we addicted to? How to overcome addictions and how to feed or nourish ourselves in a healthier and more holistic way.

As always: any questions or concerns, or to suggest journey topics for the next month, please call/text 571.306.3197 or email

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