Dates for 2022

Sliding Scale Pricing – $75 – $200 per class
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Due to the pandemic, we will be hosting classes socially distanced with masks on for the duration of the class. There will also be a distance option for those who cannot attend in person.

All classes will be from 9:30am to 4:30 pm Eastern time on the Third Saturday of the month, unless otherwise noted. If more people from the West Coast join, we can renegotiate start time.

We will be opening up a new office in Richmond, where we plan to host a majority of the classes there. However, it is possible that different locations will be picked based off of the needs of the ceremony. Those who are in the class will received updated addresses at least a week before the event. Online participation is always an option for those who either cannot travel or are in a different state. If showing symptoms of COVID, please participate online.

Orientation: Friday, March 18th, 6-8pm
Orientation and first class considered “one class” for payment purposes

Part 1: Foundations

Class 1: March 19th
The Basics of Living Well

Class 2: April 23rd
Restoring Your Birthright

Class 3: May 21st
Shamanic Tools and Techniques: Navigating altered states

Class 4: June 18th
Your Bodies Toolkit: Honing psychic skills with clarity and discernment

Part 2: Coming Home

Class 5: July 23rd
Relationship with the Body

Class 6: August 20th
Relationship with our Humanity

Class 7: September 17th
Relationship with the Land

Class 8: October 15th
Relationship with our Dreams

Class 9: November 19th
Relationship with the Past and Future

If you are interested in pursuing the Souls Compass Path, please note that attendance is mandatory at the open house/orientation (either in person or distance). If you are participating from a distance, you will be expected to accommodate to the full learning day. This program is meant for people dedicated to their own self healing so that they can truly peel away the layers to eventually reveal their authentic self and step into their gifts and power with sovereignty and integrity.

The dates listed above are the committed dates to this program. If you find that you cannot make one or more of these dates, please communicate with the instructor as soon as possible so that at home work can be prepared for catching up. If that homework is not followed through, or if a class has been missed and not been properly communicated beforehand, this will dictate being immediately dropped from the course and access to the recordings will no longer be optional.

For any questions, please email