Class 7: Earth, Teacher, and Trickster

Beautiful class, everyone! Thank you all for participating so robustly <3

Here are the recordings for the class:

Here are some of the dance prompts from our dances today

First dance

  1. Dance of reclaiming power. Dancing by a river with feeling the presence of Teacher around you.
  2. Dancing yin and yang, but feeling the fighting and internalized war. How much are you fighting yourself instead of allowing these energies to be the true energies they actually are.
  3. What parts of you are still judging yourself? Where in your body is judgement stored?
  4. Feeling into the river of unclaimed power and feeling claiming it inside of your body.


  • Crystal matrix expansion. Expand into truth and what the element of earth has to offer. Connect in with your grounding cord, and then feel the root system. Root system turns into a web, step back into crystal and plug into web of life. Feel expansiveness. Trace back to body and bringing sense of expansion into your body.

Second dance

  1. Shaking and dancing off any sleepiness or false yin that prevents us from accessing our power, teacher, or trickster.
  2. Meeting teacher and dancing with teacher.
  3. What is my heart missing so I can stand in my own power.
  4. Dance that missing energy so you can feel into its essence.
  5. Find the power that you have been hiding from yourself and then dance it.
  6. Trickster steps in and dances with you!
  7. Deflated energy – who in you wants you to stay small. Who doesn’t want you to pick up your power. Dance it.
  8. Feel into the expansion from earlier, and then offer that to this wounded part of your self.

The song that people wanted was “Caveman” by Omnia

The audio that I mentioned that would be a good companion is this interview about protection with Betsy Bergstrom. Encountering Evil is also a good one. I really like her approach, because she comes from a buddhist background.

I also stumbled on these podcasts that would be helpful to listen to, and it’s pretty much just a two part series that goes into what I covered last month.



North (don’t have to listen yet)

East (don’t have to listen yet)

Optional listens

Big Love, you guys!

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