Class 6: Realm of the West

Well hello beautiful people! Here are the different links for our recordings in class:

Here are the recordings from the 2 week check in! Dove, Katie and I had a great conversation and check in. I recorded the check in with Dove, so feel free to listen in if it fits your fancy.

The next class is happening on December 15th at Doves House! We will see you there and start calling in at 9:30 🙂

These are the podcasts you should have listened to, ones to listen to as homework now, and suggested ones for the future. Remember, I wanted to give you more class time experience with these teachers, so the “teachings” are from Christina, explaining more about these teachers in depth.



North (don’t have to listen yet)

East (don’t have to listen yet)

Optional listens

Super excited to chat with you all after the holidays!

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